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? for the ladies....o/t


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Hey all, sorry not been about very much, started new job last week and have been coming in and crashing out most nights and doing nothing! Feeling a bit better this week i guess its just coz i havent worked full time in so long and have Alex to look after now too as well!
Anyway! back to my off topic question!
i go on holiday in 2 weeks and unfortunately i wll have my totm. It wouldnt usually bother me however since i started CD my periods have been a lot lot heavier and have lasted a lot longer.
I seem to remember about 5 years ago a girl i know going on holiday at the same time as her period but she went to the doctor and was able to take a tablet to suspend her period? Am i right? does this excist or hav i dreamt it?? Any answers much appreciated!!
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I take the contraceptive pill continuosly and so i never have a period!
yeh hun its true my friend gets it every time she goes on holiday if its her totm.

just make an appointment at gps and explain it to them and they should give u it best do it soon though.hope that helps xx


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yeah you can get a pill from the docs that stops it for about a month, not sure what its called though you'll have to check! my friend used it, but said her periods were even more irregular afterwards but soon got back to normal, have a gd holiday when you go xxx


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I do it once and a while hun its not recommened to do it every month but i do it if im going on holiday or got a night planed with the boyf ha haha


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thanku so much! i'l make an appointment with doc asap!

i have the coil will that matter?


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It's called Norethisterone. My doctor gave it to me when I had reallybad heavy bleeding last year. It acts like a contraceptive in a way. But taken under normal circumstances, it does do the job and delays any menstruation


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Not sure tbh as thats a contreceptive aint it?? Might not let you have 2 buttttttttttt id check anyway x

Lisa Marie

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I was given Norethisterone by my GP last year as I was going on holiday and suffer from endometriosis whcih makes TOTM a nightmare any way I stopped taking whilst away I didn't sleep a wink for days. When I looked a t the side effects it causes insomnia.


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Hi it's Norihistorone (?) My doctor gives it to me no problem. Take 3 a day and your period will stop and stay away. As soon as you stop taking it you period will return in a day or so. It's a godsend!

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You need to get to your GP asap as you need to start taking it in good time before you are due on I believe.
Also, depends what type of coil you have. I got the mirena, and am too sensitive to extra hormones to have any sort of medication (other than the progesterone the mirena gives me). But, i suppose im lucky as on the mirena i dont get periods - woohoo!

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