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For those doing bodyoptimise...

Hi - I only joined it a couple of weeks ago for the initial 3 months, but I am being offered a further 3 months for £45 (ie extending until Feb 2011). I don't know if that helps. I've not taken them up on it yet. I want to see how I go before I commit myself. Hope the offer is still there if I want to continue after November.
Maybe the offer will come closer to the time of your renewal time ?
Gingery - the offer hasn't been emailed to me and it isn't very easy to find on the site. I click on My Body Optimise, then Click Here to view your current account status (under Update your payent details) and there is a bit about extending my membership and saving up to £99. There are 3 offers: 3 months for £45, 6 Months for £80 and 12 months for £99.
That sounds pretty good Pudnpie ! Are you going for one of the offers ? Do you find it worth the money/userfriendly/helpful ?

Any ideas what happens when you reach target ? Do you still pay ? I guess so. If I get close to target I'd be keen to go to class to get rid of the last few pounds and then become a target member (free lifelong membership!).

Anyone have any more experiences with body optimise ? I'm now very tempted, especially with the offers that are about too.
Hi - I don't think there is any provision for target members which is a concern because I don't know if I would want to pay for the rest of my life. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it LOL. I have only joined a few weeks ago. I have only lost half a pound so far but that is down to me rather than them :). I have my next weigh in tomorrow and I am also due on so feel like a house today so not holding my breath for a high loss tomorrow. I find the site is quite good. There are more features and recipes and stuff than there is on the class one. I was going to class but I didn't particularly enjoy them and that combined with being tired after work made me keep making excuses not to go. So I prefer Body Optimise. Just need to pull my finger out a bit.
Hi there

I initially joined online for the 3 months and then took up the offer to extend, I chose to extend for 6 months for £80, and now on my account I still get the offer to extend for 3/6/12 months on the offer,,,
Oh Pudnpie good luck for your weigh in :)

Capricorn thanks for that info, definitely some good offers to extend!

I took the plunge and joined myself last night, just finding my way around and finding new things on there at the moment.... I really like the days meal planner ;)

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