For Those Just About To Start!


Hello there, I know there are lots of you going to start in the new year, and I thought I would post a message for you!

100 days seems like a lifetime, but its really not! I am on day 93 and I can't believe how quickly it has gone. I have been one of the slower 'losers' in my class but it still looks like I will crack the 3 stone come day 100, one lady in my class has lost 5 stone. What I am saying is don't be put off by the timescale, you will be shocked at how quickly you can see a difference and how quickly the time passes! And don't be discouraged if your losses are slower than anybody elses, this is a personal journey and theres not much you can do to speed it up, some people are just lucky and their bodies react in such a way the weight comes off quicker.

Stick to the plan, drink your water and the weight WILL move. Sometimes it will annoy you and you will find you have stayed the same or lost only a little for a few weeks, then all of a sudden you will catch up and have a few really good weeks, it all balances out in the end.

As has been mentioned before the first days can be really hard, but look ahead, within a week it should all be much easier!

These diets really really work, and with a good counsellor can really change your life.

the dvd's you see at the classes to be honest are a bit of a chore, but meeting with a good counsellor and the other ladies (or men) in your classes is invaluable. Our class has really bonded even though we are a real mixed bunch.

I have gone from a size 18 (probably 18-20) to a loose 14 in 93 days having lost 39 pounds. I feel great although I still feel fat lol. I am moving into developement next week as I want to shift another couple of stones yet before I will be properly healthy.

So, go ahead, have your 'last supper' then go to your first LL class with confidence that within a matter of weeks you will notice the changes!

Good Luck everybody!

here's to a happy and healthier 2007 for all of us!

xxx:) :) :p
Thanks so much Mags for your words of encouragement. I start LL on 9th January and am really looking forward to it.
I know it will be hard but I keep thinking that I can be a lovely size 10 or 12 by the summer instead of 18 or 20 which I am now.
The summer is plenty of time to lose 66 lbs!

Best of luck, but don't worry because you don't need it!