For women, is it harder to diet once a month?



In the past when I've dieted, I've found it difficult to stick to it during my period.

I'm in week 3 now and again I'm finding it hard. I'm eating stupidly then feeling guilty and then the guilt is making me feel like I can't do this and want to give up.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a medical explanation? What do you do to combat it?


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Just Peachy

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Well obviously hormones affect your moods and what not so resisting the temptation might be harder than usual. What I found discouraging when I used to go to Fit for Life meetings and we would weigh in is that men tend to lose more weight in terms of numbers which can be discouraging. Otherwise I don't believe there would be a reason other than hormones and being perhaps more emotional than men dare I say it. Maybe women are less rational about food than men are?


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I used to find it harder during periods but somewhere along the line that changed. Wish I could be helpful and identify why.

One option is to plan a completely unhealthy (but low calorie) diet for the danger days. Make your day up out of weight watchers ice cream and puddings and low fat crisps but keep under the 2000 calories. That way you can have a pig out but not wreck the diet (although you may stay static rather than lose).


Thanks for the replies.

Just peachy, I've found since I had my kids that hormones have been RAGING at that time and this is one output of that along with the emotional ups and downs and all the physical pain etc. I agree it definitely is an issue when doing a weigh in and I'd forgotten that. That has helped me prepare for Monday's weigh in - I was thinking previously that if I'd stayed the same, then it was because I'd overeaten (which in fairness is not really the case). I think it might be a combination of that and hormones etc so at least I won't be so down if things go badly. Thanks for the tip.

Spannerwanner, that's a great idea- again I'd never thought of that. To eat what I want for those few days but eat the healthier versions of the "bold" stuff e.g. ice cream. I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

Thanks for the advice