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Forced Refeed week!lol


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So I had Exante delivered to my mini shop last week. Instead of bringing them home I have been taking packs out of them each day.

Today I left my soup pack!!!!

I have been distraught!!lol

Then I realised it is my 5th week, I can refeed, so I am going to have my refeed week (well 5 days). I actually now feel ok with this :)

Actually, I am quite excited. Just hope I can remain controlled. Luckily I have chicken in the freezer and broccoli. I have to check if I have.

So thats me, miss going through to week 12 - now on my refeed week, luckily on the suggested week...so no cheating!lol
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Thanks chick :)

Checked and can have chicken and broccoli so looking forward to having low carb meals this week in the evenings. May make me want to go on working solutions next week though :( lol


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good luck, whats refeed week ? Diet kitty what is cauliflower rice sounds yummy ! Im not stupid just havent done my research hehe:)


Rebel without a calorie
You either grate or bung some cauliflower in a food mixer then microwave for about 4 mins. Thats all there is too it.
They recommend you add a 400 cal meal in week 5 and 13 from the foods listed on page 16 of the book. This is refeed and you do the same 1st week after you reach goal.


Rebel without a calorie
The only reason I can see is that you're supposed to have medical supervision to do VLCD for more than 12 straight weeks. On LL I had to get a doctors signature after every 4 weeks.


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Thanks ladies.

I wish I could answer that for you Rose. I don't understand the why's. I assumed it was for digestion reasons. but if you are under a dcotor, you can go to week 13 without a refeed I think I read somewhere x
I did a thread about it, I'll dig about and see if I can find it.

Actually the book is misleading, it's not every 5 and 13 weeks. The recommendation is that you do an add-a-meal week each 5th week if you are not dieting under medical supervision, or every 13th if you are.

This is to ensure that the diet meets the NICE guidelines - I believe Cambridge has also just changed to recommend AAM every 5 weeks as well. :)



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aaahh!!! That makes a lot more sense to me now! Thank you :) That is great!x


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Is it still week 8 as well?

I was thinking week 5 then 4 weeks in between, then another refeed week. Have I got that wrong?
I've replied on the other thread. :)


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My laptop was telling me it wasn't posting lol



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Nice but feel a little bloated!

I had a small amount of broccoli. actually had less than the little I put on my plate. My two year old is a broccoli addict. I factored this in by giving him his own. But he wolfed that down and then moved on to mine lol

I had about 2 thighs worth of skinless chicken thigh meat. It was all gorgeous. I ate it slowly. But I am now having my first tummy ache in over 4 weeks. I guess it is to be expected really :)

Thanks for all the info in this thread and in the refeed thread yambabe. You have helped me a lot!
No problem. :)

If something I have already experienced can make the whole thing easier for someone else I'm only too pleased to share it.

Particularly as Exante doesn't have consultants and their customer service people, although nice, are basically there to sell the product and have most likely never actually done the diet, I think it's important to a) learn as much as I can about the whole VLCD thing so that I can make informed choices and make it work for me and b) pass what I have learned onto others so they can too.


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You do a great job at helping :)


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My stomach hurts sooo bad this morning. Made it very hard to even sit up and get out of bed. I think it is lucky I am doing my refeed week now, as obviously my digestive system was already starting to falter. I am pleased I left that sachet now, or I would have gone to week 13 with my hair falling out and a digestive system that had failed a long time ago x
It sounds like you are conpletely in control of this decision and i know it will work out fine for you! what id do for chicken and brocolli right now....i so cant wait to get away on holiday so i can have somethign to eat lol x

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