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fozen mousse


The Diet Guy
When you make a pack it must be eaten within 15 minutes to preserve the vitamins and minerals that have a short life once activated.

Therefore it wouldn't have time to freeze so by all means chill it for 15 mins in the freezer but don't leave it in there.

I love a frozen one every now and then, and if you make it with ice cold water and pop in the freezer for 15 mins you do get a kind of lumpy ice cream texture- I always make with a bit more water than normal too as it thickens up more when really cold and so it all lasts much longer- YUM! I love the fruity ones done this way.
I mix my butterscotch shakes in my magic bullet with water and about 10 icecubes and it comes out very creamy and slush like, its lovely!!!

Nikki x


Gone fishing
:clap: :clap: Well done for spelling mousse correctly! Doesn't happen very often. You wouldn't believe how many people eat mice :D

Frozen has an 'r' BTW :D :D
Frozen tetras are fab too!!!


Gone fishing
lol I know, I was in a rush to post the thread lol please not i wrote it right when I asked about it lol
:D Do it all the time myself. Just gave me a giggle as I noticed the correct spelling of mousse...then saw the fozen. Guessed it was a typing error. Made me smile though :D

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