frans food diaries - extra easy


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erm ok so you'll tend to find my meals are really heavy and laden with stodge but i have a weird psyhocholigal issue with food and seem to have more energy with heavy meals and have still lost weight so it is possible with me.. I am following the EE plan and am definately open to comments if i've done summat wrong!!


brekkie: magic porridge

snack: mugshot, 2 standard sized pitta
bread with homemade humous

lunch: new pot salad with chix, lettuce, 2 tblspoon salad cream light, cherry toms

dinner: potato wedges with garam masala and beans mmm

15 syns already with the pitta bread...3 syns with the salad cream eeek:break_diet:


brekkie: 1 800g wholemeal slice, beans, 2 pork cumberland sausages, 3 fried eggs

snack: rhubard mullerlight

lunch: wholemeal pasta with fried mushrooms,onion, garlic, half tin of tuna and chilli mixed in with tinned tomatoes

for dinner im going to have jacket spud with beans

exercise dvd time

snack: fried banana with sweetener which will be synned.

1 glass of 250ml milk as hea
syns are sausages alltogether 9 syns and banana fried 4.5 syns
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Well the one thing that jumps out is the almost complete lack of superfree foods. It's perfectly fine to eat the pasta, potatoes, beans ect but you really need to make sure you're getting the superfree at every meal otherwise you're not doing EE.

For example for brekkie this morning have your fry up but also have a big pile of mushrooms and fried tomatoes. And for your evening meal have some veg on the side and follow it with maybe a fruit salad?


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oh my gosh. ok brill thanks for that x


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still trying to get my head round it hehe