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Freakin out

this is totally non-exante related but its stressin me out so much i had to vent somewhere!

basically i used to work for the jobcentre, but then things happened etc and i was signed off with stress. sooooo. i gets a letter last months sayin they had paid me off from the 28th of may but woul give me 5 weeks notice so id officially be finished up on the 2nd of july but wouldnt have to work the notice.

Dilemma is....i always get a payslip the day before payday and today i didnt get one....instead i got my p45 (haha). Im confused now cos i know im entitled to a full months pay plus my holiday entitlements and all my bills come out tomorrow so i need it!

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Apparently they can hun cos i was on a fixed term contract. Ive already enquired about it. Boo. Being sacked i just about dealt with, but i need my pay. Oh my, i need to calm down lol


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well if u have a letter giving u 5 weeks notice they should pay u, have u checked yr bank see if it has been paid? if not i would cal them and ask why when they say 5 weeks notice. u have it in black n white surely they can;t argue.


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weigh in tomorro

it is sooooooooooo silly i know, but i am nervous about my weigh in tomoro. I am sooooooo hoping it will be at least 3 to get my stone. I have never felt so stupid about weigh in, i know there is no presssure but i think its because i have to answer to all my new found friends, and although we stick thro thick and thin, isn't it nice when u can say u had a good loss. i was so gutted last week and hope it is working for me as for once in my life, i have control over food, it is so nice not to stress about binging and the guilt i suffer later when i over eat.
Oh well i thought i would just post how i am feeling. wish me luck x
You will do good tomorrow, i just feel it! But u knowwhat hun your doing great anyway (it doesnt make u feel any better hearin it, i know that personally too) but really dotn be too hard n yourself :) Keep positive (oh and wear leggings and a vest top to get weighed haha....its all in the mind but it works for me lol)

I contacted the bank but they cant tell me whats been paid til the day im due to get it...so i guess i'll see tomorrow but i have such a bad feeling about it. My P45 states my last working day as the 28th of May....even tho the letter i got said my notice wasnt up til 2nd of July...furious!


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i always weigh in pyjams b4 dressing lol.
and it don;t loook like they paid ya if it got may for ya date on then it look like they stitched u up, so u best call them and say why when they stated 2nd july. sorry can;t help hun x
Aw i know it a bi mess. I go on holiday next week and between my months wage and my 3 weeks holiday entitlement im relyin n it....grr

We shall see what tomorrow brings! thanks for listening to me rant lol x


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hi mandy hope you get it sorted soon , its horrible when things dont go to plan.
shirley i bet you have a good loss im hoping for a good loss too :)


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Good Morning Mandy, I hope you got paid and you have right to rant and stress about it, money is important. If you did not get paid today and you definately have it in writing that you would be paid until 2nd July then you need go and speak to the job centre and if they wont listen you need to get advice on how to take it further. They cannot do this to you if it was in writing. When was you last wroking day, was it the 28th May or before that? I am very sorry i missed last nights chat because there a lot of questions I could have answered for you.

These letters could be very very easily misunderstood.

Anyway, I hope you did get paid.
PHEW, well luckily i did get paid, just my months wage, not my holiday pay, but im getting that next month. There was a system problem so they couldnt print out my payslip....huge sigh of relief here lol xx
Aw thanks, yeah so relieved. Ps, yours on way too hehe, i just caught the post office as was runnin late so wont be tomorrow but next day u get :D xxx

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