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Freaking out now!!!

So I thought I'd treat myself to a chicken salad tonight, I'm not planning on it every night, just a one night stand!
My problem is threefold: I ate too much chicken (greedy), too much salad and I had balsamic vinegar which I thought was ok but now I realise I'm not allowed it til stage 2.
Is this going to knock me out of ketosis???
Am I going to die??
Ok a tad dramatic maybe.
Someone make me feel better please........ xx
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Ok, and breathe.....LOL!!

I never weigh my chicken...I know I bought a 2kg one the other day and I've eaten all of it myself in two days....still losing and the low losses this week are due to drinking red wine since hols!

I've now gone on to 4 packs to get myself away from the food/wine for a week or so!

Oh, and I have had balsamic vinegar on my chicken in the early days before I discovered full fat mayo is fine. The only thing that I don't really have is the salad, but I can't imagine that you've overdone the carbs there too much.

Honestly, this diet is harder to ruin than you think, especially if you stick to protein binges mainly! ;)


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how is it that full fat mayo is ok Poppysparkle? since you said it a while ago i have been whisking it into my eggs to make my omelette thicker and it has been fab! :)
Hold on one cotton picking minute - full fat Mayo is fine??
Hold on one cotton picking minute - full fat Mayo is fine??
LOL girls!! Well, it's not officially fine, but it makes my chicken taste great, or my eggs/tuna for that matter, and it doesn't bring me out of ketosis. There are no carbs in it if it's full fat - don't be frightened of the fat! I don't overdo it, but I have enough to enjoy my plate of chicken every day. I have great losses - last few - as I said due to the BBQs and wine on hols!

Anyway, I was very stick to the rules, all or nothing and believed that was the way I was made when doing LL. I've decided to be a little bit more flexible this time. I'm not labelling myself, as I've still done really well - a bit slower, but I definitely feel I've also had less side effects this time too.
Thanks for that bit of info, didn't realise full fat had no carbs :)
Full fat is better because when something is low fat, it usually has loads of sugar to make it more palatable! Hence loads of carbs ;)
Thanks guys, I feel a bit better now.
Drama Queen moment diverted, I can eat my bar without a heavy heart x
I might even dip it in Mayo. Ha ha!

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