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FREE burgers for tea tonight :-)

Yum yum yum - must say I am sooo looking forward to these after my WI tonight!

Extra lean beef mince, grated red onion, soy sauce and a little chopped chilli mixed together and made into patties :)

Topped with bacon and homemade salsa (red onion, chopped chilli, tomato, red pepper), served on a HUGE bed of rocket, tomato, cucumber, red onion and sweetcorn and served with savoury rice :drool:
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I LOVE homemade burgers! Even before I started SW, we always had homemade ones on the BBQ, yum! Have never tried putting soy sauce in though, might try that next time!
I've never tried to make my own burgers but I'm thinking about giving it a go! Stupid question though... how do you get them to stay together? I always imagined they would fall apart
You can buy realy good cheap burger presses on ebay and they come with the wax paper discs as well so ideal for freezing, think there made by kitchen craft. Id be lost without mine.
Some people say they add an egg to bind the mixture together. Have tried this once and it just made my burgers really sloppy - had to add breadcrumbs to 'thicken' them back up but then they weren't free.

I tend to find mine stick perfectly fine. Just roll them into little meatballs and then flatten into a patty :)


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I made some yesterday with Turkey mince, finely chopped red onion, curry powder and chopped fresh coriander. I used an egg yolk to bind it together. Made 4 burgers and baked then in the oven for 30mins. They were lovely!
We took a load of home made burgers to a BBQ party and they went down a storm. No one actually knew they were syn free!

Just popped a couple packs of extra lean mince in a bowl. We added paprika, mixed herbs, marjoram garlic, salt and pepper. Get a little messy and use your hands to break it all up. Simply mould a handful into a disk shape (as big or small as you wish) and pop them in the oven. We don't measure the spices out as we like to experiment :D nice flavourful burgers!

Also we place a small amount of cheese as part of healthy extras into the middle of the burgers before placing in the oven...gorgeous!!!

One tip...male the burgers fairly flat as the have the habit of raising in the oven...our first attempt was more like eating oversized meatballs than burgers :)


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My favourite way to eat the syn free burgers is to half and toast a wholemeal roll (hexb), top each half with a grilled flat mushroom, preferably portobello, a burger, cheese slice (hexa), large slice of tomatoe and some raw onion rings and voila, two massive burgers for the syn value of one bun!
i had burgers last night, lean minced beef, finely chopped red onion, salt and pepper and sliced a mini babybel light in half (length ways, if that makes sense) and popped it in the middle of the burger and grilled it on my george foreman mmm if i had more mince i'd have them again tonight lol, tried them on the grill and in the oven before and as moroda above says they do tend to go more in to a meatball shape, so either make them as flat as possible or use the george
I love burgers!! I usually just go for the Malcolm Allan extra lean burgers they are amazing
I make pork burgers at least once a week as its such a quick easy tea. I use
Pork mince lean
Chilli powder
Chilli flakes
Garlic salt
Mix it a together, shape into patties and dry fry.
I used to make homemade burgers and not sure why I stopped. I do love spicy bean burgers too so hopefully can find a low syn recipe for them. If anyone has a recipe, please can you post, thanks x
Thanks guys!!! I've been inspired to cook burgers for tea. I've used extra lean minced beef, red onion, soy sauce, garlic granules and paprika. Mine look "rustic" :D . Got sw chips in actifry and large salad on plate ready. Sadly I've not got any gherkins left. Lurv them!
My hubby and I love Man Vs Food and like to see if I can make anything SW friendly and have them still taste good - the burgers were a hit...!!!

Get a pack of extra lean mince and season with salt and pepper and a little sprinkle of garlic granules. Thinly slice (I use my mandolin on the thinnest setting) a yellow onion into whole rings and set aside... grab a handful of the mince and press it into a med/hot frying pan with a spatula to flatten then put a handful of the thinly sliced onion on the top and press again.. when brown flip over and cook the onion side until crispy (this gives crispy onions on the outside and sweet soft onions in the middle) I toast 2 slices of brown bread from a 400g loaf add some lettuce leaves and mayo/mustard mix (1 syns worth) Grill some bacon and when the Burgers are nearly cooked put a slice of cheese (hexA) on each burger and cover the pan with the heat off.. after 2 mins put the bugers on top of the lettuce leaves and add the bacon - this gives a massive stacked burger with the other slice of bread topping it.

I usually have this with SW chips or celeriac chips if i'm on a red day.

Super Super Yummy and you would never think this is a diet meal :)

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