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Free Samples!


Feeling great in 2012!
I received some free samples in the post this morning out of the blue of all 4 new flavours, with a note from Rob saying he hopes that I enjoy the new flavours. So thank you Rob! Now I can join in with the rest of you when you have discussions about the new flavours. I still have a stack of shakes in the old premium flavours which will take me right through to Xmas but at least I will know whether I like the new flavours when I reorder.

So which one to try first? :)
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Feeling great in 2012!
I haven't tried any yet as I wanted to potentially try some of them hot and I'm rubbish at making up the soups so wanted to get some advice re making them up hot. Do you mix cold and microwave, or add boiling water to start with? I assume you don't 'shake' them hot? I tried that with a soup once and it ended up blowing the top off the shaker bottle. :D And how much water? Less or more than the older variety? It says 250ml on the packet but I tend to add about 400ml to my strawberry / banana shakes and find them fine. Is that too much for the new ones? I've only got 1 of each so don't want to spoil them :)

And is it just the cafe au lait that's good hot? I was potentially thinking caramel too. Mmm.
I don't know about any other shakes hot yet as I haven't tried them yet, only chic and the cafe one.
I use a £4.99 hand blender for my soups I only put the min water in so they are thicker and blend/ buzz for only about 10 seconds as that's enough.
And I fi d the shakes the colder the better x x let me know how the caramel one goes
I use a Kenwood frothie maker as it heats and mixes at the same time
I tried a free sample of the cafe au lait today and unfortunately found it too sweet for me. I made it with 250 ml of boiling water and used my hand blender and it was lovely and frothy.
I don't normally have sugar in hot drinks and normally have a Lipotrim vanilla shake hot and just add spoon of coffee so S&S cafe au lait is not for me. Bought hazelnut and caramel ones to try so need advice on these - are they ok hot or best cold? Are they very sweet?

I love the spag bol and the cottage pie as well as the banana, choc truffa and lemon bars so combine these with Lipotrim.
Excellent sevice from S&S too!


Feeling great in 2012!
I haven't tried any of the new flavours yet so can't answer your question, I just wanted to say how well you are doing. I did Lipotrim in 2005 and lost 5 stone (plus another 2 when I was refeeding). I don't think I could do it again with just shakes though and I couldn't stand the chicken soup. Mixing it up with S&S products like you are doing is a good idea as I think the extra variety definitely helps.

I think that the S&S shakes do tend to be quite sweet. I'm surprised I like them actually as I don't take sugar in tea or coffee. On that basis maybe I won't like the cafe au lait one but when I try it I'll try to ensure that my head says that it's not a coffee, it's a shake :).
Aw thanks Borders girl that is so sweet of you to say. I have not found it nearly as hard as I thought I would and this forum is fab - very supportive - especially the Lipotrim forum.
Here's to us all getting to our goals! x

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