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Free Treats?

Hi Everyone :)
I wanted to ask if any of you had any great ideas for free treats?
Im joining a class when iget bk frm my holidays on June 8th!
Im trying to gey myself in a positive frame of mind at the min
I know i have to lose weight!!And i know i have alot to lose :sigh:
I like sweet things,i wanted to ask if the sugar free jelly is free?And the Hartleys 1?
Im giving myself to Christmas to lose 3stone!! Really need to lose 5!!:eek:
But 3 would be a great help!!
Thanks so much xx Ro
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Devon Dolce

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Hello and welcome!

At this time of year for free treats - blueberries, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, crudites (cucumber, carrots, celery) with syn free garlic dip made with Quark (free) and garlic!

Am sure they'll be plenty more ideas coming up xxx
  • Use your hexb to have 2 Alpen Lights,
  • use hexb 6 Savour Bakes (from Aldi & like ryvita) with quark & sweetner/quark & fruit/quark & jam/just yoghurt
  • meringue (2 syns I think) with low fat yoghurt & fruit
  • rice pudding either made with water or your hexa milk, add sweetner & fruit
  • polenta porridge, add sweetner & fruit
  • 2 ryvita crunch - hexb
Thats all I can think of for now.

Enjoy your holiday:D


From Fat to Fab!
The packs of sugar free jelly are only 1 and a 1/2 syn a sachet made up. For a great treat if you make up 200ml of jellymix, stir in 2 mullerlights yogurts (any flavour -Im a big fan of strawberry jelly with Cran&Rasp mullerlights) and leave it set for hour odd it makes a great a jelly/mousse, divide it into 3 bowls thats only 1/2 syn each.


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Only the stuff you buy already made up, if you buy the grain & make up as on the packet its free:D
Is it really? Wow I didn't know that!!!
Will be adding some to my shopping list this week now! Thanks!
Daft thing is though that you could make it up the same as in the ready made packets and eat it free! How does that work? lol
I like to eat frozen fruit while it's still frozen, they're like little boiled sweets.
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Only the stuff you buy already made up, if you buy the grain & make up as on the packet its free:D

Are you sure polenta (as a grain and not ready made) is free?
I've noticed on another thread


that someone says it's synned now which is what I thought was the case. Also I'm sure it says it's synned in my directory although I don't have it to hand now so can't check.
Anyone know????
I love frozen muller lights, chickpea dahl from asda and broad beans!
I will dfinately be trying the muller lights and jelly combo, sounds delicious!
I'm having rice pudding tonight made with muller yoghurt, cinnamon and I'm going to add a banana!

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