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freezing shakes?


getting slimmer
hello all!
freezing the shakes sounds like a wonderful idea.....how do i go about it?
make up a powder one and freeze it in bowls?
get some ice lolly trays and freeze them in there?
sounds like they would be lovely in the warm weather.
also nice to enjoy with my son, while he's having his "real" one!!
maria xxx
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Only freeze the ready made cartons powders must be consumed within 15 minutes of making as they lose nutritional value, it takes far longer than 15mins to freeze.


getting slimmer
ok, thanks.
shall i freeze them jst in the carton and snip off the top or........?? x
people have diff ways of freezing them. Personally I pour the tetra into a bowl and then freeze (easier than trying to get the paper of it!!) and leave it approx 3 3.5 hours and it should be frozen by then

becky x

I tried freezing in a bowl, but I am too impatient (read: greedy!) to wait until it was defrosted enough to eat when I took it out of the freezer, so I tried using icelolly moulds (?sp), and I can get 3 tetra lollies from one carton. They are nicer (in my opinion!), and slightly easier to eat. If you use your imagination, the banana ones are like mini milk lollies. I dont always have all 3 as one tetra equivalent, but have them frozen for munchie emergencies. I reckon 1/3 of a tetra extra per day is better than giving in and eating.

I also tried using the water flavouring for lollies,as have many other members. The sunshine orange one is my favourite. Strangly tastes lemony to me - like those lemonade lollies you used to get from the icecream van. Only icier!

Good luck experimenting - every litle helps to stick with it!
i just pop my tetras in the freezer whole - but remember to life the flaps on either end of them to allow a bit of room when they freeze and expand. my fave is the choc one!


getting slimmer
thanks for the tips!
my hardest bit on this diet is the no snacking, so i'll try thoses ideas for in the evening when i'm at my snackiest!
i pu my bars in the freezer too, they don't actually freeze, just go really chewy so take even longer to eat!
thanks again.xx

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
If you like to snack, or nibble, try cutting the bars into slices before freezing, and freeze one tetra in a clean ice-cube tray, to make flat cubes. Even if you don't want to nibble them, the small cubes melt in a bowl almost immediately - if you're impatient like I am, and way too messy to scoop out a frozen carton with a teaspoon...


getting slimmer
great idea lesly - thanks! x

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