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Friday 14th Sept - HOUR BY HOUR!

Morning everyone.

I managed 4.5 litres of water yesterday :tear_drop::tear_drop: which is good for me, so I need to aim for that again today. I was only up once in the night too, so where did it all go? :eek:

Hope everyone has a good CD day and ..

GOOD LUCK PAULA on day one of restart :D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning all
Off to work this morning...feeling really good today..It must be Friday!

Good luck with any weigh ins today (mine tomorrow).
Just going to guzzle some water before I leave, hoping to do another 5 today.

Have a good one
Take Care


finding my way again !
hi all,
hope everyone has a good day, i'm just off to bed.
got my 3 litres in yesterday, but keep nibblin at work :(, being at home over the weekend will be better for me
xx :)
PS good luck Paula
Morning All

I'm feeling abit tired this morning - had another really bad nights sleep. I keep waking up all the time and can't get back to sleep - its so annoying.

Little one off to nursery today and my day off so getting my hair done, doing abit of shopping and then cleaning the house (only did the kitchen yesterday!)

Tonight is the opening of my husband's new bar/niteclub so will probably pop over there for a few hours if i can.

Here is to a positive day and those pounds just dropping off us all!

Good morning everyone,

Cheryl, have a good sleep hun,
Jodie hope you enjoy your day off,and ds has a good time at nursary,

I have weigh-in this afternoon so fingers crossed,am going to go for a swim before i have w/i managed to do 20 lenths on wednesday when i went :) , i managed 3 ltrs:tear_drop: yesterday so hopefully will do better today as have felt like i have suffered the last couple of wks not doing my normal 4-5 ltrs.

Good luck to any one else with weigh-in
morning all.

Enjoy your day off Jodie - you'll have to post a pic of your new hairdo when you get back.

Good luck to those with WI today.

Im really tired this morning as DD1 had a restless night and was up twice. Im off out for my birthday meal tonight and really looking forward to it.
Hey, Hope you are all ok ?
This CD is new to me and only started today as my mum and I went to our first meeting last night.
Had a Choco Orange drink this morning, was better than i imagined it would be lol just hope i can stick to it while at work.
I go on holiday in 4 weeks so hoping to loose some weight by then so i can get a new summer wardrobe.
Catch u soon
Lorna x
Yeah quite a bit, since my car crash i have put on 3 stone at least and i need to shift that.
At the momment i am 16.09, i nearlly died when she told me so got a long way to go. I will happy when i can get into size 14 clothes.
Have you got a way to go paula ??
Hiya Everyone!!

I've just got back from my WI - I gained 1lb!! :booboo: I have had a crap week...was AAM week and it made me feel awful..was picking while at work and I had such bad mood swings. My poor boyfriend lives on the other side of the world and had to put up with my ranting over the phone haha :sign0007:

Feeling so much better today though and a lot more positive!! Thank god for being back on SS!! Also reading Skinny *****...it's hilarious!! Has put me in the right frame of mind for when I start eating again!! Plus looks like I'll be giving up my Coke Zero now!!
Deprived of food and pop...oh dear...I think my nearest and dearest better prepare themselves for a p*ssed off SpanglyRainbow!! hahaha:party0027:

Good luck with the WI's, restarts, and just generally getting through the day!! :)

It was last year and still waiting to have all clear on my back ..... bloody male bmw drivers lol
Yeah we will have to help each other ... i think i am going to need all the help i can get lol

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