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*** Friday....Hour by Hour ***


Trying to stay healthy!
Morning everyone!! in the office again today, planned on meeting friend for coffee in my lunchhour today so that should be nice!

being a bit slow on the water this morning so far, 3 coffees already!!

Have a great day all!



Proper Little Madam
Good morning all :), feeling a tad ropey this morning. My first shake has made me feel a little sickly (but I shall persist), I want the super, duper results. I am going on a day trip to Malton today, hopefully we will be avoiding the foodie places and I will be taking a packed lunch. Which consists of a shake, a bottle of water and a bag of mixed lettuce leaves (ooer I am spoiling myself). The lettuce leaves are something to chew to get rid of this horrible coated taste I have in my mouth.
Anyway folks, have a fabulous day...keep guzzling water and keep focused on your new super slim selves.

Gaynor x

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
Morning, started on the water and will have my first shake in a bit, working from home today, looks blinking chilly out there brrrrr
Was supposed to be going ice skating at Somerset House this evening, but my friend has called off because she has a stonking sore throat. Maybe next Friday. Managed 3 litres yesterday, so aiming for that again today.

There is one CD rule I don't think I ever really follow. It is when you have a bar you are supposed to have a extra glass of water. How can you have an "extra" glass of water when you are ready sipping all day, morning to night?
I had my first ever CD meal :) it was porridge and it was kind of gross but not too bad, I think I am going to have to get some nutmeg and cinnamon. I am having porridge for lunch too today and then I'm getting a strawberry tetra for dinner.
I'm just sitting her doing maths revision, we'll will be starting soon :(
Put a spoonful of Toffee&Walnut shake in the porridge and mix it in before you microwave it. This really makes a difference. It is gorgeous! Also, you really can change the whole taste and texture of the porridge by giving it a whizz with a hand blender before you microwave.


I will get into that wedding dress!
have had my morning shake and a litre of water (well 2 500ml bottles) am finding it easier to drink it in them!! 1000ml is a litre isnt it??????
will have half my lunchtime shake at about 3.30 and then chicken & mushroom soup for tea and then my other half shake as a treat! he he if you can call it that!!! hope everyone is well!!!!!!
My date has cancelled for tonight !!! Plonker lol.
Dont know why but last night he messaged me and said that he couldnt make it. I'm not going to try to understand why, coz i'm not bothered enough really, and cant be doing with all the angst that happens in relationships. Bloody Men lol.
Lynne x


I will get into that wedding dress!
oh lyn im sorry to hear that!! still get a dvd a bottle of fat busting juice (water, but im going to market that thanks to lib!) and a girlie DVD!!
lol. i should do some housework, ive been a slothernly slob for a month while i was poorley. so I will have to tidy up, and I had a manic episode where I cleared out my wardrobes the other week and I have got allsorts of clothes that need chucking away all in different piles on the floor lol.
I took 4 bags to the charity shop, black bin bags full. And my wardrobes are still bursting. Was nice to get rid of the clothes though. the ones that are on the floor for chucking are the ones that I wore till they fell to bits.
Going to my mum and dads in a min to make their dinners.
Have a good day all xx
Lynne x

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