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****Friday Hour by Hour****

Good morning one and all and happy Friday.

I'm not in work today (yippee) - off with hubby to do our Christmas shopping, that'll be fun and it will put me in the festive mood which is handy cos me and my son are planning on putting the tree etc up tomorrow.

On my scales this morning I've dropped into the 17's so that made me happy and was a good start to the day.

Hope everyone has a good day xxx
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Morning Katie!

I'm supposed to be off today as well but my work have called me in for overtime! Hopefully I'll only be a couple of hours though!

I'm on day 5 now and going really well, can't stop scale hoping though, this morning the scales said I was down 9lbs! but i'l wait til my official weigh in before getting too excited!! Need to up my water today too as didn't drink loads yesterday.

Have fun xmas shopping!



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Hiya everyone,

Like you Lisa I am on day 5 and down 9lbs I am so chuffed and it definitely spurs me on to keep at it :D a bit worried about the weekend but just going to try and keep myself busy....

Have a great day all

Bev x
My last day off till I'm back at work on monday (I don't count weekends)
I feel so cold, I didn't drink much yesterday either, it must be the weather. I bet in the summer it's easier to drink all the water(hopefully we get a hot summer next year)
I am trying to drink 4L a day, next week I want to up it to 4.5L and then the next week stop at 5L - I am convinced the more I drink (within reason) the more I will lose!!!
I normally drink loads, but loads of "pure" fruit juices I used to drink 6L a day (I looked at the amount of calories the other day in a 2L carton & I was shocked!!!!!) So with the amount of chocolate, crisps, burgers, pizzas etc I was eating I really must have been eating myself to death.

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Morning! Working from home today and I really need to get my bum in gear as I have been surfing a lot of the morning:eek: Like most of you I need to get drinking today, didn't do to bad yesterday, I seem to find drinking easier in the afternoon evening rather then the morning.....strange but true.

Have a great day!


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I wonder if anyone can help me, I have added a ticker to my signature but it seems that I am not allowed to display it for some reason, do you have to have a certain amount of posts or is there some other reason?

Thanks in advance

ha ha ha just edited to say it's there now so pointless post!!! sorry
Hi folks. I woke up late this morning (almost afternoon lol) so have had 1 choc shake and 2 cups peppermint tea. 1 glass water...bad me lol.

Bevy, I think you need about 50 posts to put a siggy in, get onto the word association threads to add your posts up.:)
Hmmm, had porridge, tetra and half a bar already! That only leaves my SS+ meal and half a bar for this evening! Only drunk a litre of water so working on that now. I definitely find it impossible to drink water in the morning.

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Hi there! Yep as normal my drinking ups in the afternoon...it's all very odd! I have the ironing to look forward to this evening....joy of joys!

Sylvie - were you at Uni today? how did you get on?
Hi Rambler. I was at Uni in the morning. Other than the horrible weather all is well. Can't wait till we break up for X-mas, I need the break. How are you? You know you are not too far from me, i.e. Nottingham.

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Size 14 Here I Come!
No Sylvie Nottingham not to far away....

Wannabeskinny - I hope the time flies so that you are home soon!
I work from home, so I am grateful I don't have to commute these mornings. Got a bit of work finished, still a little more to do before I can finish for the weekend -- the joys of working from home! Cannot wait until end of next week when I can finish for Christmas. Never before have I been so looking forward to some time off over Christmas. It has been a very busy year for me, workwise.
Had a good day shopping, it was all pretty relaxing really, no mad crowds or anything.

Went to the pub for lunch, hubby had a one course and I had two -- he had this gourmet burger with chips and salad .... I had a coffee and a water, spoilt I am :)

Now looking forward to a nice relaxing evening.
hey all!

I've had two ice cold choc mint shakes yummy and a strawberry tetra! So far drank 3.5 litres of water and think i'l do one more b4 bed time! I defo drink more in the afternoon! how odd! i wonder if some1 very clever will come along and tell us why!

well im jst sitting in tonight doing a bit of xmas shopping online, altho i end up spending more than i would at the shops as it doesnt feel like real shopping!!

Working all weekend, felt a bit wobbly an hour ago when i cam home and my hubby2be had made a homemade curry (he's a chef) and left it in the fridge. but i fought it and had my shake and feel much better for it!! jst cant stop thinking about how i need to get into this dress!!

have a good night all, sorry for rambling on a bit!


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