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FRIDAY - POETS DAY "Lets do it hour by hour"

I know that feeling about the alarm, so it will be to bed early tonight. Almost back to normal, that old chatter box inside has been working overtime, that why I think I couldnt sleep. At least I know I have one now and how it distructive it can be sometimes.

Its amazing how we go through life, talking to ourselves, but not knowing the damage we could be doing.

Well today and I gonna try and up the water to make up for yesterday, and as I am up early stand a very good chance of achieving this.

Should be doing some housework, but I live in a bungalow and can just imaging the other two when I start the hoover etc at 5.50 am - LOL - nearly as bad as that alarm clock.
I was thinking the same thing abot bbeing up early! I am half a glass away from my 1st litre so thats a plus!!! I am going to try for 5 litres if I can! glug glug.

And yes Lady - nothing worse then chatter in your head when you lay down. I hope you have a better night tonight love.

Well I just finally finished reading all the threads I have missed, my you lot have been busy. I think our little group is getting on really well.

Heres to everyone.

Good morning ladies :) I'm a bit earlier than usual this morning so I've got time for a post or three before I set off to work.

Sorry you had a restless night Lady but it's great to have you back! :)

BL - I think physically kicking hubby out of bed would have burned you some calories, you missed a golden opportunity there :doh:

I'm almost 1/2 litre down but that's all I ever drink before going to work as it's a 50 minute drive and I don't want to be caught short LOL
lol - I will remember that Katie! If only it was that easy thogh - when my husband is asleep - he is ASLEEP!!! I could kick him for England and he's probably just murmer, roll over and wrap the duvet around him tighter and be just as asleep then as after the 15th kick!! lol

I am one litre down already - so there is something to this getting up early lark!!

Have a good day!!

Right I'm off, hoping to finish at around 2 today so should be home for 3 so will try post this afternoon - have a good day everyone and keep on glugging that water down.
Hello again! At work now, and 2 litres down! I am going to be floating today I think!!!

Does anyone know about how many times a week we can make crisps? I noticed the CD only reccomends it once a week I think because it alters the vitamins or something?

Also, with the time it takes to make and cool, it's weel outside the 15 minuties.

Um, maybe I just answered my questions? lol

I made chicken ones last night - burnt a couple! I crumbles some of them up and put in my Thai soup like croutons. lol - amazing how good our imaginations can be when we really need them to be!

Morning BL, I have crisps practically every day! no one told me any different! I is doing good (apart from the sinusitis!) on it so I think it's ok :) (I actually make a popadom and this only takes a few mins to cool so you still have it within 15 mins)
Hi BL...

I have the crisps everyday and usually use two packs!!!!! I did the same the last time i was on this diet and was never told any different!!!! also I rember my LLC telling to make them if we were going out for the day so they must be ok! Hope that helps!!!

Hi Lady, glad to see you back! Hope you are ok....... x

Well I am on my first Litre.... I struggled this morning as i got up late and its knocked me out!!!! problem with this diet is I am not tired at night.. so stay up later and then in the morning i am knackered!!!! Im usuall in bed for 10 but since this diet i don't got till 11.30 -12........ and even them i am wide awake!LOL
Thanks for that! Good to know we are OK with crisps whenever - nice to have something crunchy!!

I just noticed walking down the hall at work (where EVERYONE is eating a full English Breakfast!!) that my arms hang more normally! Lovely that! Its a start!!!

GOtta go - boss is yelling! LOL

2.5 Litres already!

Yes i haven't lost loads yet, but put a top on today and it feels different!!!!!!!! really weird, doesn't feel tight and i don't feel that fat in it! still fat but not to fat (if that makes sense) I still have a long way to go but feels better...
OMG after getting up at a stupid hour, went back to bed just for a little rest, fell asleep and only just woke up.
Had to call in with with a sicky "Pinnocio" -:sick0019:. I usually have Fridays off so the other two went out not thinking. Better start glugging now.

My first attempt at crisps werent successful they were doughy, do you think I put too much water in?
I keep putting mine back in until the doughiness goes away - just check every 6 or 7 seconds they are not burning. Last night I tried less water, they cooked faster but were not as nice....when I make them the way I like them, they are a bit wek, but hold their shape when I tap them on to the paper.....you may have had jst a wee bit to much water, or just need to cook longer.


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Day 4 and struggling

Hi All,

i felt fantastic this morning but as the day has progressed so has my downward spiral. I am having these arguments with myself and its all so senseless. I am doing this because its the one thing I want more than anything else. But still that little devil is on my shoulder telling me all sorts today. Had to set up a sandwich lunch for a meeting and nearly cried. I made one of the other girls stand with me just to make sure I did not sneak something.

On the positive side I have had just hit the 3l mark with my water.

Sorry to moan.

Hang in there Tange!! It gets easier, and there will always be those days where we struggle! But we are strong, and we are more powerful and mighty then the little voices on our shoulders! <donning my super power outfit> :D

Sorry it was hard, those moments are tiough - but just remember, they are just moments, and they pass....rremain strong and you can do it and you will win!!!

Good job on the water. Keep going girl!!!


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