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Friday's hour by hour thread

Morning, thank goodness its FRIDAY!!! yipee for the weekend! Good luck everyone who's getting weighed today, good luck with glugging more water nessa, i think i'm drinking enough, got up 3 times in the night for the loo!!! what a nightmare, all i wanted to do was sleep! Have a good morning all x
Good Morning!!
I lost another pound!! Yippeee!!!
I seem to be limping through the final stone, but I am getting there! Slow and steady wins the race and all that!!!
Am glugging for Britain today now!! Woo hoo!!
Have a fabby day all!!
Thanks Maz,
Am surprised really after having a lousy week and being out of ketosis for most of it, heres hoping I shift those last few pounds before CDC training! Now that WOULD be fantastic! I have till 19th September to do it!!!
Thanks Maz,
Am surprised really after having a lousy week and being out of ketosis for most of it, heres hoping I shift those last few pounds before CDC training! Now that WOULD be fantastic! I have till 19th September to do it!!!
I'm thinking of applying to be CDC, my CDC said she will sponsor me? whatever that means. I go away in 2 weeks so hope to apply when i get back, let me know how you get on. Good luck with the last few pounds of your journey x
Good morming girls,
Well thankgoodness at 5 am this morrning totm fairy arrived after making me sufferfor days!!!,so ok am gonna feel crappy for the next few days but at least i should hopefully feel better than i did yesterday!! well i a girl can dream!! lol.
Anyway i get weighed today at 1.15pm not expecting a good loss today but anything would be good.
Nina-thanks for reply last night i'm not gonna feel bad about it it happend & thats that, as for the wedding i need to pull my finger out & get but in gear as we not got long :eek:. Hows yours going?
Lots of :vibes::vibes: to evertone today and keep glugging :tear_drop::tear_drop:
Morning everyone!

Woke up feeling absolutely terrible but gradually feeling better now. Had a stonking headache so taken a couple of painkillers. Last night I was asleep by 10pm which is really early for me. My legs ached, my tummy kept gurgling, all in all I just felt awful.:(

I'd managed to drink 4 litres as well but perhaps it was a shock to my system! I don't know.

Just dropped my little one off at nursery and one of the mums said to me "have you lost weight?":D I was really pleased as not many people have commented yet!

Nessa - good luck with the glugging!

Saff - hope you are not suffering too much hun xx

Going to have a black coffee now and then get on with the housework.

Have a good day all
forgot to say well done nicky - wow you are REALLY close now!:D
Morning Guys...

I'm with you Maz - thank God's it's Friday... (have you used your new shampoo yet?) :)

Nessa - hope you've got that water on drip today.... get glugging girly - you know it's a "mean" fat busting machine... :)

Spooky - you really are fantastic - I think you're so motivated and determined and I think you're going to make a great CDC - really good luck with your training etc. You'll be helping people before long become a "new" them...

Saff - hope you're feeling better soon sweetheart... Good luck with your WI this afternoon - let us know how you get on :)

JJJ - I'm wondering have you started the housework yet or are you still on here...??? Minimins so addictive :D I felt very "fuzzy" this morning - was walking round in a daze at 7am. Really wanted to curl up on the sofa and snooze all morning. I sometimes put it down to the atmospherics but my TOTM looming so not sure really... Hope your tablets kick in soon sweet... :)

I'm one lovely warm Tetra down already and just starting to glugg the water so no doubt the heater under my desk will go on shortly..

Got busy morning in front of me by the looks of my desk and lots of Mother Funkers stuff to finalise today - what a contrast my day will be... from roof windows and loft ladders to disco dancing for mums... can't say life's not exciting...!!!!!

Have a good one everyone..
sorted the toys out but back on here now! You are so right Hannah - this thing is addictive! Infact, now food is no longer my addiction i seem to have developed others! Online shopping has been my favourite recently - lots of new bits and pieces from Next for the house. Once I am at goal I have a feeling clothes shopping may be my next addiction! Haven't bought any nice new clothes in SO long. I dont know about anybody else but when I'm big I don't feel like buying clothes so I am looking forward to that changing.

Hannah - are you going to give up your "day" job when you start mother funkers? How exciting now that its all coming together. My husband is currently refurbishing one of our bars/clubs so he is like you getting flyers together, menus etc. It makes it all abit more real doesnt it?

I am hoping to start my own business next year but will have to wait and see. I'm a lawyer and although I only have to work 2 days per week it's not really what I want to do with my life any longer. Feel like a complete change!

Well, I am rambling on as usual - sorry guys!:p

Going to get in the shower now
Lots of love to you all
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Morning all

Still no sign of the sun down here but hey it's Friday which is always good!! Off to see Joseph and his Amazing doo da tonight so that should keep me out of trouble this evening, I'm armed with my Tetra but will have to stop drinking early otherwise it could be embarrassing!!

Nessa - get drinking girl!

Well done Spooky, a 1lb is still a 1lb in the right direction and you are so near goal now!!

Saff, just had my TOTM so know how you are feeling, look after yourself and a lovely hot water bottle works wonders.

Size 16 Sam, you lucky devil it must feel fabulous.

Hope everyone else has a great day, good luck for any WIs and keep glugging the water!!

oooooooooooooo Georgie I'm going to see Joseph in 2 weeks - let me know how it is. I can't wait! Have a great time........go go go joseph u know what they say.....la la la
Joseph sounds great, i hope you enjoy it Georgie and Jodie!
I've just booked to see Mama Mia in New York when i go in November and can't wait! They are all feel good musicals and you can't help coming out in a fab mood! Have a great time both of you x

I'm only on 2nd litre of water and am still knackered!! Its only 11.30 so not even half way through the day :( I think i'm going to try and use some of my banked hours and nip off early :) might try and get my nails done :)

hope you are all having a lovely day and all feel positive for the 3 day weekend!! YIPEE!!!!! Have a good afternoon x
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Must admit I am quite looking forward to a good sing song, I am always singing away in the office !!

I saw Joseph years ago with Aled Jones in it, it was fab !!!! enjoy it.
I may have to put my Joseph cd on later and have a boogie lol
Struggling to get the water down today and even the cat food smells good today ??????? lol

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