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From CD to Atkins?!?!?


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Hi and good evening to everyone. Another exciting Saturday night in for us eh! Thank goodness for minimins:)
I have finally told a friend of mine about my diet previously only two people knew I was doing CD. She said that when she did the Atkins diet she went into Ketosis and so I was just wondering in MANY months time when I have reached goal should I switch to the Atkins diet to maintain my weight loss. My friend lent me her Atkins book and I have been reading it tonight and I feel that it would be a good way of eating after I have finished CD. From the literature that I have about CD though it seems that a low GI diet is what is advised. Has anybody any views or opinions on this?
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My personal opinion is that whilst Atkins works on Ketosis it works in a different way to Cambridge and isn't a particularly healthy way of eating on a long term basis as it is high in fat. I would go with GI or some other form of healthy balanced diet.



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My husband lost quite a bit of weight on Atkins a few years ago- he is a meataholic & enjoyed it immensly! :p I think one has to be careful about the saturated fat intake though- he would eat piles of red meat & full fat cheese plus cream in his coffee, & though the weight certainly came off him, his cholestral did go up, so he landed up stopping it. :) Having said that I think it is possible to do it in a healthy way though! ;)


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low fat version of atkins is slimming world red days ?


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I've done the Atkins diet and you can eat healthy foods. You dont have to do high fat. It works by ketosis the same as Cambridge/lipotrim etc, but I'm not sure if you can stay in ketosis for very long periods......your best getting advise on that. I used to have lots of meat and salad or green veg....then every now and then for a treat i'd make myself a steak in a mushroom peppercorn creamy sauce (every now and then). You can have eggs, bacon etc so a fry up is no problem. My struggle was lunches.......I couldnt figure out a quick healthy lunch on the go and when you are in town or somewhere it is tough to eat out. (I often had a double cheeseburger from mccdonalds and not eat the bread.......not very nutritious!!!) Not sure you'd be able to do it long term.......but if you've been ssing then it sounds like heaven. :(


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You can do atkins long term, i was on it for 5 years, full of energy perfectly healthy, I played for a 2nd division rugby team during that time my cholesterol was perfectly fine and so was blood pressure etc. (and my weight gain was due to me binging after several dreadful personal circumstances all happening at once).

You do not have to eat tonns of meat and fat, as you have read the book you will know that. You start off with a low carb allowance to loose weight but increase it considerably until you find the level that you maintain at.
You eat veg, fruit etc and can include higher carb food like potatoes on maintanance but it highlights them as trigger foods and the ones to have less of.

TBH if i had control over my food intake i would have done atkins again in a second, its only cause i dont trust myself with any food atm that i am doing a VLCD.

For lunches i used to have salads with tuna, egg, or chicken
For dinners i quite often had a stir fry (dry cooked) or an omlette
For snacks i had berries

You do not have to fry everything

If you do decide to do Atkins of another low carb diet i can pm you a wonderful diet support site (very few on here seem to do low carb) just let me know



S: 16st4lb C: 16st4lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for the advice

Thankyou for your advice on Atkins its really useful to get other peoples opinions especially those who have already done the Atkins diet. As you will see from my ticker I'm not ready to start any other diet other than CD for the moment but I just want to start planning ahead and getting my brain in gear for the sort of food I will need to be eating! I'm hoping my ticker will go down tomorrow as its my WI and its been over two weeks since my last one (my choice for 2 wk weighs ins). It is also my AAM week I can't wait I have been dying for some chicken all week, strange how I no longer crave chocolate and Chinese!! Hope everyone has had a good wkend:D


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Hi there iwditt

Just sent you an email... :)