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from fat to flat hopefully

This diary is mainly to give myself that kick up the ...... when I need it most. But please feel free to do it for me when I forget to.
My weight journey started at a nice 8 stone and crept up when I had an accident aged 18 I spent 12 month unable to walk.before this I was a sports freak running swimming trampolining 7 days a week. where my body needed about 6000 cal a day. So I continued eating as I always had but wasnt exercising before I knew it I was 12 st.
Next came my 1st child and with him a few extra lbs but then with each year came more weight. until...
on 21/01/09 I walked through the doors of a SW meeting weighing 18st 5 1/2
within 1 month I lost 1st :D
things started to slow down with a healthy steady weight loss and by 21/1/10 I was down to 15st 1lb. :D
then life came crashing down and my injury came back and over the last year I have struggled with bouts of being bed bound to being just able to walk about. and to be honest I think I just got out of the habit of going to SW
well about 6 weeks ago I decided to quit smoking :D
during another 3 month stint in bed unable to move.
This week I am now mobile and have decided to go back to SW.
I was surprised when I stepped on the scales on 22/6/11 to find my weight was 15st 0 1/2lb :) so the countdown begins....

I am going to try Extra easy ( please feel free to keep me right as I have only done green and red before not sure about the superfree is it ok to have that as fruit for pudding if theres not a lot in the main dish)

breakfast: mullerlite, 2 satsumas
Lunch: jacket potato cottage cheese and chives
dinner: chicken pasta bake (homepride cook in sauce 26 for jar serves 4) fresh fruit cocktail
snacks peach, plum, nectarine
HEX 125ml semi skimmed and 28g low fat cheddar
Syns 7

Breakfast: mullerlite, grapes
Lunch small portion of leftover pasta bake (about 3 syns worth)
dinner:soup,(4)Lasagne,(6) fruit cocktail
snacks:Doritos (10),vodka(15)
HEX 1/2 milk 1/2 cheese and olive oil
Syns 38

Breakfast:mulerlite 2 satsumas
Lunch: 1nectarine 10 grapes 10 cherrys 2 plums
Dinner Fish and chips(27)
snacks lots of fresh fruit cocktail
HEX milk
Syns 27
OMG am I on self destruct on day 2 and 3. well no Friday went to a friends house warming dinner and Sat a day out with mum decided this was small sacrifice considering I have been stuck in bed for last 4 month and not seen or visited most friends (no i'm not making excuses for myself) I didnt have pudding on sat and i did opt for the healthy pud on fri night.
Back on plan with a vengeance on sunday will try to salvage whats left of the week.had 72 syns so far got to keep them low for the rest of the week 33 syns in 4 days is achievable.
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Good luck sharon , and well done on your weight loss so far, its not easy but im sure youl get there :O)
well perhaps I am being a bit optimistic thinking i can go straight back on plan the week I am able to walk, everyone wants a piece of me. been visiting non stop been really good though , kept the coffee to a minimum and never touched a single biscuit or cake offered oooh how hard those french fancies are to resist.
Breakfast bowl mixed fresh fruit
Lunch: roast pork, mash, cauliflower, broccoli, parsnip( roast in olive oil HEXB) carrot yorkshire(6)
supper Cheese(HEXA) toastie (bread 6)
Syns 16

breakfast apple kiwi
Lunch: Ham sandwich (bread HEXB laughing cow as spread HEXA)
Dinner, Cod,SW chips, mushrooms, onions parsnip lemon lime
snack Vodka(3)
sYNS 3

well sunday lunch 10 and a toastie 6 could have done better but monday quite proud of myself because the only fish I have ever eaten is from the chip shop oozing in batter. But cooked it myself in the oven marinated in lemon and lime juice delish. Upto 90 syns now when i was following plan last time i stuck to my 70 a week syns rigidly so with today and tommorrow to go till weigh in if i can maintain the same weight I will be happy.
I need to find something syn free to suck on since i gave up smoking in the last couple months i didnt realise how much i had been using toffees and mints as a replacement. Although I haven't had any this week the urge to smoke has been greater. havent given in yet. Am I being to optimistic to try both quitting smoking and optomising at the same time?
think I might try making the SW KFC for tea that might cheer me up
I haven't posted for a few days and can't remember my exact diet already handed in my food diary for Tuesday but I remember I made the SW KFC it was delish :D took some to class on Wed and noone had ever heard of it so it was a big hit and everyone wants the recipe now. any way back to food diary

Wednesdsay Original
Breakfast: cooked breakfast of eggs bacon low syn sausage(1) tomato mushrooms:drool:
Lunch fruit and jelly
Dinner mixed grill (1)
Snacks HEXA laughing cow / milk HEXB wholemeal bread jelly nat yog and crushed merangue(1 1/2)
Syns 3 1/2
well impressed ages since I had mixed grill. had a bit of a rough night kittens decided to play stalk and pounce on my bed so locked them out and they played jump on and off the stairlift setting it going each time didn't get much sleep.
WI day 2 1/2 off not too shabby considering self destruct at begining of week.

Thursday EE
Breakfast mushroom omelet
Lunch quiche
Dinner home made burger and SW chips mushrooms and coleslaw
Snacks mullerlite merangue shell (1 1/2) vodka (5)

Syns 6 1/2
well been quite good this week tried quite a few recipes this week made the donnermeat and yes a defo must. tried the cola bottles another great idea especially helpful when the cigarette cravings start no more grabbing for toffees or midget gems.
did have a trip to the coast with fish and chips but I syned them and still come in at 70 syns for the week so fingers crossed.
WI tomorrow will see then.
WI t oday 1lb off not too thrilled but hey its in the right direction. had a chat with my consultant Katie because although I had a couple of treats well within my sins only 66 for the week. A couple of factors star week? not sure the way things have been the last few months with me stuck in bed the weeks just seemed to run into each other so haven't been keeping a check. and HEX B I tend to skip these without realising in fact the only time I actualy use them is if I fancy a snack late at night I grab ryvita minis. really bad in the and motions dept too but thats normal for me due to medication lucky if I go once a week. think I need to be doing scan bran or something to help with the fibre side.
Good luck on your weightloss, I'm trying to get back to my pre pregnancy weight of 8st. My little boy is 1 in a couple weeks and I'm 8lbs off 8stone but being 5ft1 it doesn't look like it! I put nearly 3stone on when I was pregnant so I'm glad with my weightloss so far. I'm on the extra easy so we can help each other x
oooh had quite a good day 2day went to a matalan with a friend and they had quite a big selection of the store as a bargain section and all the clothes in there were £1 bought a load of stuff next size or two down because I know that it wont be too long before these clothes will fit but dont want to spend fortunes on clothes that I dont plan on staying in for long (heres hoping anyway).
I have decided to try more red n green days and try to eat 2 HEXBs I will try to force 1 down for breakfast ( usually superfree fruit and yog, gonna try forcing toast or cereal into myself. Dont usually eat bread or cereal even before SW only time I ate bread was when I had a sandwich on the go and never ate cereal even as a child not even chocco pops.
feeling a little more positive now and really chuffed for my mate whom I persuaded to come to SW with me two weeks ago got her 1/2 stone award tonight in only 2 weeks and shes loving it she has managed to convert her whole family including her kids the 8 years old never ate chips didn't like them but loves SW chips n burger.
I bought a 2nd fridge freezer yesterday because my fridge was quite small just a little under the bench thing. so gonna go fod shopping and fill it with just stuff for SW loads of fruit yogs and lucky enough to have a butcher that sells SW meats locally so gonna fill the freezer with minces sausages and burgers and try a lot of red days.
and tonight I am going to try and get some sleep 7am before I nodded off last night well this morning was on here just browsing dont know why
Good luck on your weightloss, I'm trying to get back to my pre pregnancy weight of 8st. My little boy is 1 in a couple weeks and I'm 8lbs off 8stone but being 5ft1 it doesn't look like it! I put nearly 3stone on when I was pregnant so I'm glad with my weightloss so far. I'm on the extra easy so we can help each other x
well done on your weight loss the last 1/2 stone is always the hardest. and congrats on your baby they are lovely at that age. not quite into too much mischief and still actually stopping when you say no lol.
extra easy is quite new to me. when I first started SW I always did red or green it is quite hard to get my head around the fact I can have both meat and potato I think it might be the 1/3 superfree im getting wrong or mis judging the size.
well another bad night last night even had tpo take Morphine in the middle of the night and I haven't needed any of that for a few weeks now. Still I am up and about and mobile so its not as bad as it has been.
Poor kitten got locked in the wet room last night by accident crept in when hubby getting his night wash and he didn't notice her. and unusually my Siamese didn't come and meow at me which she normally does if the kitten gets locked anywhere.
well tried the scan bran last night for supper managed 3 bits with laughing cow god it tastes like cardboard but it did the trick been to the loo twice today.
went to Asda tonight got a lot of bargains on meat bought quite a bit of lamb gonna mince it myself for the donner recipe that is yummy/
had a red day today full English breakfast fruit for lunch and meatballs and salad for dinner couldn't face the scan bran tonight so having snack a jacks and scan ran tomorrow.
mmmmm bought some curly whirlys cut them into 6 bits and put em in the freezer thought when they are frozen I would just have I piece at a time 1 Syn and should get rid of the choccy craving.
transferred all my SW recipes onto my Kindle much easier to carry round with me got all the ingredients I need at a glance when shopping and when my mates or someone at group asks for a recipe I can give them it straight away. (people keep asking me how I make this and that and can never remember what I put in off the top of my head and always forget to print stuff off to take to group ).
Wish I was fully recovered well as good as I get because the mess in the house is getting me down. doesn't feel like its been tidy since Christmas. but it's getting there just the new skirting to go on in the living room and that's finished , dinning room is done and Den took up the floor in the utility room yesterday so looks like that's the next job. wet room is complete and stairlift is in so quite a lot completed this past 6 month.
another sore day more morphine and quite a bit bed rest. OH made a lush roast beef dinner so pretty stuffed apart from that all i have had is fruit 1 piece of frozen curly whirley 1 syn thinking of having 1 alpen and 2 scan bran for a HEXB and some laughing cow triangles only had 1 cup of coffee today so not used my hexa have put some mullerlites in freezer tho looking forward to trying those.
pleased with diet today just unhappy at pain
Feeling slightly better today think I need to call in physio to manipulate my spine as the pins and needles and numbness has come back into my legs.
Diet had a good day today had mullerlite and pear for breakfast, Roast beef and plums ,nectarine and apple for lunch, for dinner had mixed grill followed by quick cheesecake !st time I made it and it was soooo yummy had 1/4 which was 1 syn and 1/4 HEXB went back for some more for supper and OH has ate it all he says its Yummy too and neither of us like quark by itself. will defo make again so have to buy more quark and options never really had options in the house as we don,t like hot choc also had 1/6 frozen curley wurley mmmm and 1 vodka n diet coke feel very full but forced 2 scan bran and 2 laughing cow down try to help with the loo thing.
had quite a restful day. no visitors for lunch today thats a first.
had Mullerlite for breakfast and a Sunday lunch with chicken. dens veg patch is ready so having real fresh cabbage caulli and pots. you can really taste the difference. I am really trying to eat more veg even had fresh cooked carrots today.
for tea had some of that scrummy cheesecake only a 1/4 portion though feel quite full. been drinkung NAS squash with boiling water whenever a cuppa being made so cut out the coffee and milk it very refreshing dunno why I didnt do it sooner.
i am taking an alpen light to bed with me for later HEXb but havent had any HEXa today nevermind if I am peckish later will 1/2 HEXB scan bran n laughing cow
been extra good all week syns 50 and at WI SS so quite sad.
came home decided to have a blow week so wed night had 4 hi fi bars :break_diet:
and thurs night fish and chips from the chippy still took all the batter off the fish so it was free and after only 6 chips didn't want anymore
then ate two packets of these little fruit sweet things I got at garage when filling up the car came back Syns 2 1/2 per packet so naughty girl me as follows

red day
breakfast fruit and coffee with splash of milk
lunch fruit and speed soup
dinner mixed grill 1 syn for sausage
hex b hi fi bar
Syns 3 hifi bars 18
total syns 19

breakfast fruit incl strawberry grapes peach
lunch alpen 1/2 HEXb omelet mushroom bacon onion mozzarella HEXA
dinner fish chips only had about 6 so gonna syn them at 15
snacks 2 fruit sweet things from garage 5
will have other alpen bar 2night
Syns 20
Syns total 39 :cry:
Don't beat yourself up so much....at least you've kept track & it seems you know the reason why you did it. I also really difficult to stay positive & on plan after a disappointment, but the important thing is to draw a line underneath it & see the next day as a new day. I hope that things are going well for you since then.

Best of luck :)
hi hun welcome to minimins good luck losing the lbs x

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