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** From Flab to Fab - For the last time **


Proud to be a LOSER :)

Welcome to my new food diary/rant blog/life story/fitness diary - basically the ins and outs of my weight loss journey.

About me:

I am 22, currently at University studying a PGCE to be a primary school teacher. It's intense! Which is why I think I'm a bit mad to be going on such a health kick while trying to do it BUT if I don't do it now.. when WILL be the ''right'' time??

Diet history:
I've done most things to be honest. From the age of 12 I've been on Atkins (lost 14lbs in 2 weeks!) and on and off slimming world. When I start uni in 2008 my weight rocketed in my first semester - 12st 4lbs after Christmas! Managed to get that down to around 10st 7lbs across 10 months thanks to slimming world.
After a while, my weight fluctuated again. In May 2011, I was 11st 4lbs, and decided enough was enough! For the first time I attended a SW class (well, I went weekly to weigh in and then left lol!) and managed to lose about 11lbs in a over month.... then I began working at a summer camp in London with italian children for 4 weeks. Pasta, Pizza, Starbucks, Cakes, Pastry GALORE!! Diet was a no-go! When I came back home I had gained 7lbs and - despite trying my hardest - the weight would not shift!!

Exercise History:
I don't tend to exercise. I think I'm allergic lol! I joined a gym once... but ended up only going once a week and used to drive there and drive back - i'd have saved £20 a month if I just walked there and back and didn't go inside!
In Sept 2011, I bought some kettlebells after seeing the fantastic results on this website - I did the 6 week workout, but i did not see the results and my weight loss was non-existent!!
At the same time, Uni was becoming more stressful and it all got too much.
For the first time I've made a real commitment - I've joined a gym. Aiming to go 3-5 times a week for swimming, spinning, zumba, gym equipment, and maybe kettlebells too. I am at Uni 5 days a week, 9-4 and it takes about an hour and a half to get there and back so am really hoping that after a long day at Uni, that I will have the energy to go to the gym at about 7pm and weekends! Hence why I've joined with my OH (who is not overweight, but wants to look like an Abercrombie and Fitch model lol) so we can motivate and drag eachothers lazy bums there!

Plus - with university 5 days a week and a heavy work load, and my OH being cabin crew and so out of the country alot - exercise was a constant battle between whether to do it or see my OH - Now I can do both at once :)

I weighed myself last week and - after months of bars of chocolates, pizzas, sweets, eating out - I had only gained about 4lbs. But that's still in the wrong direction.

Today, 1st January 2011, my boyfriend and I joined Virgin Active gym And I am going to continue Slimming World again (though won't be attending classes as I do not have the funds). Hopefully, by his birthday and our anniversary in March we will be on our way to looking exactly how we want. Then by June, when I finish my teaching degree, I will be fine.

I weigh about 11st 2lb (I'm assuming I have put on at least 1.5lb over xmas lol) and I want to get down to 10st and maybe even 9 and a half stone one day. But 10st puts me in a healthy BMI - Something I haven't been in for years!!

So... that's me blabbering on - if you've managed to read without getting bored then thank you :)

Will try to post my food diaries online too. As well as before/during/after pictures.

Happy new year everybody!
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Lots of luck :) I finished my primary PGCE in June (last year) so know how hard it is!! I'm just starting Slimming World too.. need to stop snacking whilst planning and avoid staff room temptations hehe!


Proud to be a LOSER :)
I know what you mean, I just finished my first placement (6 weeks) and I thought I'd be fine to be on slimming world - bring my own lunch would be fine. But, especially coming up to xmas - the staff room was always full of cakes, biscuits or snacks! Bad times!

Best of luck with slimming world!! With a bit of willpower it works wonders - I just need to keep the willpower lol! xx


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Bit annoyed today.

Have been going to the gym the last 2 weeks, and for a week have stuck to slimming world - well as much as possible - and have lost 1lb. Now some may say this is good, others (like my mother) says I need to try harder. Has made me feel pretty crap tbh.

Yes, i could have stuck to SW much better but this week was my first week at Uni again, had a presentation on Monday which I was stressing about and have been tired from uni too!

Kicking myself cos with SW (when I first joined the classes in May) I lost 3lb and 4lb in the first two weeks... and now I can barely even muster up a 1lb!

I need help - cannot afford classes though as money is very VERY tight!

Just feel very low - I tried to think "1lb is 1lb and a step in the right direction!" That if I lost only 1lb a week in 14 weeks I'd have lost a stone! But especially since the comments from my mother, i dont feel very successful :( :( :(