From LL to CD

Hi everyone, its been absolutely ages since I've been on here so thought I'd turn over a new leaf and start a posting.

Brief history - I'm 45 and before LL was 16 stones, separated and my blood pressure was going through the roof. I read a LL magazine and decided I would try it. After 3 months I was 3 stone lighter and had gone from a size 22 to 14. I switched to maintenance as I had a lot of travel coming up and I was really missing food. I lost another 1/2 stone on Maintenance.

Then I went on holiday and came under a lot of stress at work and found myself putting on about 10lbs. The size 14's were getting extremely tight and I was determined that I wasn't going into 16's!!!

I looked up CD and got the name of my local counsellor, rang her up and booked an appointment for last Friday and here I am back on the straight and narrow again :)

Debbie, my counsellor is lovely she had also done LL at the same place I had and so did her husband who is also a counsellor - both lovely couple. I told Debbie that I hope to become a CD counsellor too next year - hopefully about May.

In the meantime I need to get to my goal - a comfortable size 12 - not so interested in what weight this will be (but guess at around 11 stone - although going just under that barrier will be psychologically better!).

Saturday was day 1 on CD and as everyone says the taste of the packs are 100% better than LL - I wondered with only having 3 a day whether I would miss the 4th one I was used to with LL but no - felt good all day. I had the Cappucino, Chicken & Mushroom and then Vegetable yesterday. Drank about 6 pints of water.

Sunday - still can't lay off jumping on the scales every morning - and hey hey this morning 13 st 5 - yippee.
Had toffee and walnut for brekkie mmm delish then mushroom for lunch. Still haven't had the 3rd one - will have a shake I think in a mo.

Had bags of energy today, cleaned through the house, been xmas shopping, ironed, done some exercises and still going strong!!

Well gotta go, will add to this tomorrow.
I've just swapped

I've just moved over from LL to CD - I'm enjoying the packs too, specially the shakes xxx
Hi guys, good luck to you all too

Day 3 - Monday.

Jumped on the scales this morning and 13st 5 - thats 5 off since Saturday yippee.

Was a bit nervous about going to work today cos its been ages since I was on abstinence at work and wondered how I'd do. Shouldn't have worried - was as busy as hell and had to remind myself to have shakes!!! Got my toffee and walnut at about 09:30 and chicken and mushroom at about 13:00.

Got home about 6ish and had a hot cappacino - yummy!!

So far so good. Managed to get out of going to a free night out on Thursday which would have meant food and booze - got my weigh in on Thursday night so was a good girl and refused the invite.

Just heard from one of my mates who has moved out to Tenerife and is ok for me to go out for a week so trying to decide whether to go the first week in December or go out around the 16th to the 22nd just before I go up to the frozen north (Scotland) to see my folks over xmas and new year. Would mean I'd be off work ages and ages which sounds good :) 2nd option would also give me chance to get a bit more off for the old bikini - although our office xmas party is on the 15th..... mmm maybe I should go in January instead.... oh boy decisions decisions......

Catch yous all later.

Day 4

Brekki - 10:30 Strawberry shake.
Lunch - Mushroom soup
Tea - Toffee and Walnut - mmmmm

Lost 5 lbs already yippeee.

I'm surprised how easy its been this week to tell the truth thought it would be much harder the 2nd time around.

Even cooked steak and chips for my son and his mates tonight - what's that all about!! ??

Off to bed soon as got an early start and a busy day at work tomoz.
Hi There well done for the transfer over and sticking to it,Im restarting CD tomorrow 790 plan I was doing LL but it was a wee bit too expensive :( ...........I hope to shift 7lbs by Christmas.
Hi C,

Good for you - sure you'll do it.

Day 5

Brekki Strawberry.

Then all hell broke out at work and didn't get lunch til about 3 pm!!! Had a soup which was desparate for but I must admit to also having 3 cherry tomatoes with it.

Tea - Butterscotch

As I only got in at 7pm tonight gonna do nothing all evening and go to bed early, after downing a few pints of water too.

Pre CD loss : 3 stones
Starting Weight : 13 st 9lbs
Today's Weight : 13st 3lbs
CD loss to date: 6lbs