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From Obese to Outstanding....(Hopefully)

Good evening. I thought it was about time that I kept a diary, an honest and frank one about my food, exercise and lifestyle changing journey.

Right, a wee bit about me. I understand that you might not want/need to know all of this but tough!

I started my weight loss journey at the end of April this year and am still on it. This in itself is an achievement. I can't remember the last time that I attempted to lose weight and actually stuck to it for more than about 3 days (Chocolate or wine always gets in the way) Anyways, so far I have lost 16lbs, which averages at just over a lb a week so I won't beat myself up about it at the moment. As my marvelous little ticker tells me, I still have 45lbs to go :eek:

So actually about me; 24 years old, 5ft 3 inches (ridiculously short to weigh in at nearly 14 stone on my first night, mind you I can't REALLY blame my height, I think it was the chocolate consumption). I own and run an Independent pharmacy on a wee island off the coast of Scotland, it commands about 70 hours a week of my time. I also have two cats, a puppy and a partner/bf who all like to have every other spare minute that I have. In between these two, I like to exercise and sleep. It's not exactly the most exciting existence but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Oh and as far as SW goes, I'm always EE days and go to a weekly class :flirt2:

Anywho, the main reason that I have decided to start writing this, is that I'm feeling decidedly crappy (not sick, just fed up :wave_cry:) today. I've always been told that writing is therapeutic and who better to write to than people who are currently complete strangers.

My food consumption/devouring stands at
Breakfast- banana, strawberries, muller light yogurt
Lunch- turkey steak with bbq seasoning, steamed broccoli and carrots, small jacket potato
Dinner- smash pizza, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, spring onion, button mushrooms, lean bacon and rf cheese(hexa)

Snacks- options hot choc (2 syns)
fibre plus bars x 2 (hexb and 6 syns)

I also did 45minutes of Zumba dvd this morning before work. I have come to the conclusion that I look and sound like a fairy elephant when doing this, so I just keep the curtains closed so that I'm the only one that knows lol.

So as I said feeling crappy BUT and it's a massive BUT (almost the size of my own), I haven't touched the box of wine in my fridge or the massive bag of bf's choccies.

So hopefully tomorrow's entry will be cheerier, until then, hope anyone reading has a lovely Friday night :D Cat xx
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Zumba quite energetic. You seem to be sorted on the exercise front. Diary the key to losing more and truly listing everything consumed.

I try not to start the day with high sugar foods as consume even more during the day.

You seem to be doing well as steady loss.

be proud of yourself


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Great opening post - very similar to my own in a "I don't care if you aren't interested, I'm telling you anyway cos it's therapeutic!" I think it's a great way to write a diary!!

As for the people you are writing to currently being strangers - if you stick around here long enough you will soon have your own followers who will encourage you and pick you up when you are feeling down - this place is perfect for days when you are losing motivation, someone always has the right words and can put it into perspective. Trust me, they will soon feel like your best friends and not strangers ;) x
Thanks for your kind words. I am proud of myself for what I have achieved so far. Unfortunately for me, if I consider myself too proud then my mindset changes and my eating habits become a disaster.

Soooooo....I have decided that SW has ruined my drinking threshold. Last night, for the first time in a loooong time, OH and I were invited out for drinks. Because of our extremely lacking social lives, we jumped at the chance lol. I decided to allow myself 50 syns for the night as I would be drinking wine. So as of midnight last night, my food and drink stands at;

Breakfast- muller light yog, strawberries and banana
Lunch- marinated beef strips(soy sauce, chinese 5 spice, artificial sweetener) and a baked potato, random but tasty combination
Dinner-grilled salmon, mushrooms, peppers, mangetout, baby corn, sweetcorn, egg

Snacks- 2 fibre plus bars (hexb and 6 syns), 1 hi-fi bar (6 syns)

Drinks- usual of diet coke and nas squash
4 glasses of white wine (175mls)- 24 syns:eek:

Yesterday's exercise was a 2 mile fast walk.

Really really really hoping that my night out doesn't ruin my WI for this week. I really want to hit my Club 10 this week which means I need 3lbs off. Well I better get off my butt and out of my pjs, I have a dog to walk and housework to do, wohoo!! Happy Sunday everyone ;)


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Sounds like you did great if you ask me :) If I set myself 50 syns I would most certainly have used them. We have to let ourselves go sometimes, stressing about a diet does the exact same thing as starving yourself, locks you in diet mode and slows your progress. We are human, and humans are not perfect. Besides, you're doing fabulously anyway :D



One day at a time
Hiya Choco

Just read through your diary, I think your doing really well. Going out every now and again is fine on this plan, also congrats on nearing your club 10, can't wait to get mine! Hope your day is going well Boo xx
Well I got off my butt and did what I needed to, obviously sitting back on it now mind you.

Breakfast- blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, muller light yog and short grain rice

Lunch- tomato pasta n sauce, lean sliced ham, tinned mushrooms and red pepper

Dinner-sw chips, steak, babycorn, mangetout, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes

Snacks- 3 x thorntons brownie bites (12 syns total) hi-fi bar(hexB)

Why oh why, did I ruin my day with the brownies?! I was doing so well as well. To anyone that happens to be reading, does this count as a 100% SW day?! I didn't go above 15 syns and did my 1/3 superfree, but feel as though I have 'misbehaved'

Oh we also went along the beach, with the dog, not the most taxing of exercise but at least it was something :rolleyes:


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Hun, you didn't ruin your day - that's what syns are for. You are still within your limit. Don't beat yourself up for sticking to plan!!
I just panic that using them is going to affect my weightloss especially seen as I flexi-synned last night. I had originally intended on being syn free today but some family came round for coffee and brought them, I just didn't have the willpower to say no today.
Hey dont beat yourself up about it!!! thats why we have syns so we dont have to deprive ourselves. You were under your 15 per day and you have filled right up on free foods so whats the worry, enjoy them brownies u deserve them!
Back to Monday, can't believe how quick the weeks are flying in! No exercise today but food has been acceptable, I think.

Breakfast- black, ras and straw-berries, muller light yogurt
Lunch- steamed broccoli, carrots, co-op chicken tikka chunks
Dinner- a weird concoction from the fridge as it is food shop tomorrow :( turkey mince, mushrooms, spring onions, baked beans and cajun spices, with a measured portion of rice (1/2 cup dry), reduced fat cheese (hexa) Unfortunately this meal was ruined by the addition of a stock cube, it was more salt than any person could handle in a small dish :jelous:

Snacks- Quelle suprise it was 2 fibre plus bars (1 hexb and 6 syns)

I have decided that I am going to weigh/measure my portion of bulk carbs in every meal. Following advice from on Minimins, it would seem that I am eating far too much pasta, potato, [insert carbohydrate here]

I am also getting concerned that I am currently replacing my chocolate habit with a hi-fibre, low calorie, chocolatey flavoured bar habit. I definately need to get out of eating 2 a day, start reaching for the superfree first :sigh:

Oh well, I'm going to take an SW recipe book to bed and see if I come up with any good ideas for meals this week. It seems a bit unlikely, I'm far more likely to fall asleep while reading it and hurt my nose. On that note, I'm going to say Night Night xx
What a turn in weather here! This morning, my dog and I went out a cycle (obviously I was on the bike and he was running along side) and we got soaked through to our skin. But at least I got some exercise and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tomorrow I shall be going cycling with my new wee bike computer to see how fast I go etc (simple things for simple minds and all that)

This afternoon, I was out for lunch at lovely little bistro round the corner from the pharmacy. I planned to eat a baked potato, salad and healthy fillings, unsurprisingly for me, I didn't stick to this plan :confused: I'm now severely panicking about weigh in now, think I'll pull some extra exercise for the next couple of days and really maximise the superfree.

So today's food is

Breakfast- straw, black and rasp-berries, muller light yog

Lunch- cheese burger (15.5syns from SW book), thick cut chips (10.5syns), salad (hah, like it matters cat) and coleslaw
As if that wasn't bad enough, it was then followed by
Chocolate cake with squirty cream (10syns and 1 syn)

Snacks- apple and fibre plus bar (hexb)

So syn count stands at 37 and I did 4 miles of cycling

Decided that I am not going to have any dinner in an attempt to rescue this god awful food day :cry:But then again, I am quite hungry, mmmmhm, what to do?!
So today's food;

Breakfast- raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and muller light yog (do you see a pattern emerging with my breakfast?)

Lunch- rice, chicken tikka, broccoli and carrots

Dinner- pizza chicken (passata, cherry toms, red pepper, rf cheese (hexa)), sw chips and salad.

Snacks- 2 fibre plus bars (hexb and 6 syns)

Exercise- banish fat, boost metabolism (30mins)

All in all not a bad day, was hoping to make it more superfree as WI is tomorrow :eek:
Today consisted of:

Breakfast-Raspberries,strawberries,blackberries, banana & muller light yog

Lunch- chicken breast, spring onions, cherry toms, carrot, yellow pepper

Dinner- flat mushrooms, v.lf cottage cheese, parmesan (hexa) spring onions
Sw chip and satsumas

Snack- hifi bar x 2 (1hexb &syns 12) 2 satsumas xx

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Right, what I didn't mention in yesterday's post was that I had my WI last night and I lost 2.5lbs. Now I was both delighted and gutted with this, delighted that 2.5 came off and a bit annoyed, because only 0.5 more and I would of had my Club 10 award. Anyway, with more renewed vigour again, I'm ready to make sure that my week is 100% so today my food has been;

Breakfast- muller light yog, apple and fibre plus bar (hexb)

Lunch- very random concoction of baked potato and heinz tinned ravioli (2.5syns)- Kind of missed my 1/3 Superfree :eek:

Dinner- fajita chicken (chicken breast, spicy refried beans, red pepper, onion, courgette, mushrooms, spices) and cup of boiled rice

Snacks- hi-fi bar (6syns) and fibre plus bar(5.5syns)

Total syn count- 14 syns

I don't really have anything exciting to talk about at the moment, what a boring life I lead. I was given a bunch of flowers at work today for helping a lady last weekend, got really hacked off at one of my staff and having a nice time with NSV and clothing.

On another note, I bought myself a wee cycle computer for my bike to keep me motivated. I can't believe how much harder it's making me work :cool:

OH and I are on holiday in 2 weeks. Nothing too exciting, up to Skye for a week of hill walking and healthy eating. I am hoping to have another half a stone off by then and that will mean that I've lost just under 2 stone since I was last there in April. This might not be a massive change for me, but the last time I was there I felt horrendously fat, unhealthy and was the heaviest weight that I've ever been. I'm looking forward to seeing friends there and being a dress size smaller.
Sunday Update time.......well my Saturday was fairly non eventful. Had one of those days where all I wanted to do was eat so I did. It was all fairly SW friendly, just not really a specific plan.

Breakfast- fibre plus bar (hexb)
Lunch- baked potato, spaghetti hoops, rf cheese(hexa)
Dinner- chinese, oops!! Beef with mushrooms(6 syns-i did weigh it and calculate :) boiled rice, prawn crackers(4 syns)
Snacks- fibre plus (6 syns)

Syns- 16 in total- not great but given I was desperate for wine and chocolate I'll take it.

So as I said, not really off plan but not really on it.

I love Sundays, Lie in, walks with OH and puppy and a chance to catch up with paperwork and crappy tv. We did all of the above today and I squeezed in a Zumba dvd as well.

Breakfast- short grain rice, muller light yog, banana, strawberries, blackberries

Lunch- pasta in sauce tomato, red pepper, tinned mushrooms

Dinner- chicken pie- chicken, broccoli, spring onions, onion, mash, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese rf (hexa), chicken stock, carrots

Snack- fibre plus

So plan for the week;
100% SW food week, exercise every day and get at least my half pound off!! Oh and make sure that I keep this up to date. Please comment/scold/encourage as appropriate, I would love to make some minimins weight loss buddies xx

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About to go a 4 mile cycle with my lil sister(not that little, she's 21) and am bricking it because she is so much fitter than me :( wish me luck xx

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Hello Cat!
Just popping by to say hello and Congrats on the weight loss so far! I have been stalkering around on here for a while but decided to get posting, and may even start a diary of my own soon!

Hope the cycling goes okay - I haven't been on a bike for years. My Pa always used to say when we went on bike rides I rode twice the distance as everyone else because I wobbled around so much :)

Keep it up anyway! I've got WI tomorrow and dreading it already!
Hello Cat!
Just popping by to say hello and Congrats on the weight loss so far! I have been stalkering around on here for a while but decided to get posting, and may even start a diary of my own soon!

Hope the cycling goes okay - I haven't been on a bike for years. My Pa always used to say when we went on bike rides I rode twice the distance as everyone else because I wobbled around so much :)

Keep it up anyway! I've got WI tomorrow and dreading it already!
Hi Lauren :wavey:

Thanks for popping by.....is it your first weigh in tomorrow? How are you finding SW? What days are you mainly doing?
I still get excited by WI's, I know, I'm weird. I like seeing where my eating is taking me and seeing the number go down and hope that I'll never see it again xx

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