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From the Dukan site....


Got to do it this time!!
....about Yoghurt....

Like all dairy products, yoghurts provide lactose which provides slower sugars and alleviates ketosis with artificial protein packet diets. Between 40 and 50 calories per yoghurt.
fat free yoghurt is a real godsend for my diet and I am grateful to the manufacturers who have made it into a universal popular food. When I first published my protein diet, fat free dairy products were only at an experimental stage. Nowadays, they are almost better than ordinary yoghurts, by definition they contain no fat, no added sugar, they are flavoured, creamy, refreshing, easy to carry around in their pots, rich in calcium and very high quality proteins, low in calories. In my diet having a yogurt is the simplest and most natural way to finish a meal.
There are 3 types of non-fat yoghurts: natural yoghurts, smooth, velvety, with a compact or fluid texture, eat as much as you want of them, flavoured yoghurts (vanilla, coconut, lemon, lychee etc…) again, you can eat as much as you like, fruit yoghurts (there is such a myriad out there - it would take an army of experts a year to test them all). The instruction for fruit yoghurts is simple: they are not allowed, but if you are absolutely stuck they can act as a back-up, but only if with the instruction giver's permission.
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bloody hell, I'm even more confused now...

so can we have the smooth toffee / vanilla mullerlight or not??? :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
the yoghurt debate runs and runs. I have mullers every day, one used in muffins and sometimes one as a snack if I need it. I have come to the conclusion that I have them but if I show a stall then I will stop eating them. I do however only have vanilla, toffee and rhubarb ones


Got to do it this time!!
Well - if you keep losing using them then I don't see the problem - on the ingredients list for the muller vanilla there is fructose which is an adder sugar I think - but we are none of us stupid eh? If we stop losing we'll stop using!! :D
my sentiments exactly!
I've had a toffee ML every day since starting Dukan a week ago and lost just over 8lb so cant be doing much harm.
But, if i have a stall I will refrain from having them and see if it kickstarts the loss again...


** Chief WITCH **
I agree wholeheartedly (and reckon that article was probably taken word for word and translated from the French website as they specifically mention the lemon, vanilla and coconut flavoured yoghurts which come in a mixed pack here and are recommended for the diet.)

Eat whichever yoghurts you please, but be aware...

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