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frozen food

My boyfriend is one of those lucky types who manages to be a really picky eater (no fruit/veg etc) and still stay lean. He basically only likes frozen chicken things like dippers and nuggets etc for tea with chips.

I don't mind making SW chips and mash that we can both eat and i could have loads of veg but does anyone know any low syn frozen chicken products that we could both enjoy because i'd rather not have us eating totally different food/ have to cook 2 different dinners.
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Hiya, the Birds Eye Chicken Chargrills arent bad at 3 1/2 or 4 dependent on flavours and the Birds eye cracked pepper seasoning are 3 1/2 so there not too bad (extra easy values)
Hi Sarahsparkle, best of luck with the plan.

I'm afraid the only frozen chicken thing I can think of that's low syn is the barbecue chicken chunks that you can get from Iceland - I think the whole pack is 1.5 syns on Red or Extra Easy. I'm sure someone will be along soon who's more knowledgeable than me!

I believe there are a lot of Quorn chicken-style products that you could have instead and still cook them in the oven in the same way but I don't eat them myself so can't recommend any in particular I'm afraid.


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the quorn southern style strips are 1.5 syns each(i use 3 or 4 per meal so 4.5 or 6 syns)...they are divine and well worth the syns every now and then!!!


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They aren't frozen but if u look on the marks and spencers syns brands and search chicken breasts there are a few come up free like Cajun and I think in red wine and mushroom sauce is either free r really low :0)
My husband is a picky eater & I sometimes do two separate meals but if not I just plonk food down in front of him & tell him it's that or nothing but make sure that if he won't eat that then I can freeze it & take it to work!


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I have the same fussy eater...must be a man thing :giggle:

I just cave and do 3 different meals! i have my SW one, he has a meal he wants and i do our daughter a mixed variety. I think it may be easier buying fresh chicken breasts and getting him to eat that!


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OMG there are more of us out there!!! Thank heavens. Isn't it a pain in the back side!!! I blame the parents myself lol!

Anyways my lovely bf :p also wont eat anything green or healthy looking. But i have mastered a few dishes that he has sampled and likes. Regular meals include

chicken stuffed with garlic laughing cows served with sw chips
Omelettes (putting veggies in just mine)
Spag bol (he doesnt realise i use tin tomatoes lol)
Chilli (again doesnt realise that beans are healthy!!)
Fish and sw chips (without batter)
gammon, sw chips, egg
Full breakfast using joes sausages, bacon, egg, beans
pasta and sauce

Failing that i keep a frozen pizza in the freezer alongside some other bits and pieces but not much as SW takes priority in this house!!! LOL
Thank you so much guys all those ideas are great! We should have a competition of who has the pickiest eaters haha. Boyfriend won't eat: Lamb, Pork, Pasta, Potatoes (except chips), any fruit or veg (except bananas), tomatoes or anything in tomato sauce, eggs, cheese, beans, bread... the list goes on!


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LOL you win! my OH does eat some fruit but no veg! It makes cooking so hard doesnt it?!
omg that is very fussy indeed

my oh eats everything that put infront of him .. he didnt used to he used to only eat microwave foods :( boke

now he wouldnt touch them
i know it's a nightmare i try to be healthy but when i cook his food as well i can't resist pinching a chicken nugget or a couple of chips and it all adds up... Don't get me started on the sugary drinks!


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im ok with that, its pepsi max in this house! I do ok with picking at food as well, i always tell myself it just isnt worth it and it seems to get me through! :giggle:
I cook different meals for OH most of the time. He's very picky and faddy so if he gets a fad on say chicken and rice, he'll eat it every day for weeks on end until his next fad comes along.
I must admit to cooking different/ separate meals. I don't really have a problem with it as I can't really see what difference it makes if you've got the oven on!
My other half isn't particularly picky, he eats most things but doesn't really like diet equivalents and seeing as he doesn't have a weight problem, I can't blame him for wanting 'the real thing'!


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yup but they're grown men and you cant force feed them...though i do try :giggle:

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