Frozen tetras


I know ages ago, that I read you can freeze tetras and they are a bit like ice cream. (I can't find a thread about it now).

This is going to sound stupid but do you have to put the drink into another container first before you put it in the freezer? Presumably it expands as it freezes , I don't want the packet to split and waste my 'food'
Also is there an optimum amount of time to freeze it for? If you leave it in there for days does it go too solid to eat?

Sorry, dumb questions I know, but I was just wondering
Hey Suki

I pop the tabs up to give it room to expand then chuck a couple in the freezer. I take it out about an hour before I want it or nuke it in the microwave to soften them (once I have cut it open and put it in a bowl) :)
I freeze the Chocolate tetra's and I love them. I just put them in the freezer as they are. When I want one I cut the carton off and then put the frozen block in the microwave for about 30 seconds, this just starts to soften it. It takes a while to eat and it is lovely!!