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Fruit..can you eat too much?

Hey all!

I was reading one of my lovely trashy mags the other day and there was an article about what Jodie marsh eats every day.
The nutritionist who reviewed her diet said that she eats too much fruit and we should stick to just 2 portions a day - any more and our body struggles to convert the energy and it can end up as fat!!!

I have always relied on fruit for snacks..I often eat a whole punnet of strawberries in one go and my usual fruit intake is 6 or 7 portions a day. I am also currently struggling to lose any weight despite being generally very good on the diet.
I wonder if this woman is actually speaking the truth???
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I don't know to be honest. However I was reading somewhere the other month that had done research on fruit eating primates, and came to the conclusion that the sugars in fruit if consumed in too many quantities can cause you to become bloated and store fat around your stomach.
I suppose it does make sense when you look at gorillas.
Personally i'd try to stick with the lower sugared fruit like apples instead of grapes etc and try to stick to 4-5 portions a day.
(although I'm no expert by far)


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Scatty is right, try to limit it to the 5 per day. Also it is worth remembering to NEVER eat fruit after you have eaten meat as meat takes ages to process through the digestive system whereas the fruit breaks down really quickly and if it is backed up behind meat and other slower digesting foods it will turn gaseous.

So yes, you can have too much
oh dear, the bowl of strawberries after my chicken dinner were not a good idea then?
I have also read this before but I eat loads of fruit every day and so far no problem although it can cause a little wind!! xx


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i stopped eating fruit the past week and my skin has got so bad. so i know it does me good so i always snack on fruit. althought at the most manage about 4 or 5 a day on a usualy day about 2 or 3.

PS... porgeous. what size are the jeans your wearing in the second pic?? they look tiny :p


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WOW... my boyfriend just saw in the background and said 'is that her before and after?' and i said yer and he said 'you look like a different person'
WOW... my boyfriend just saw in the background and said 'is that her before and after?' and i said yer and he said 'you look like a different person'
Aw bless him!! Thanks hun xx


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I personally can't be ars**d to eat fruit. I know I probably should but I find it soooo boring. I prefer Muller yogs and get some fruit from that. The only veg I eat is salad and green beans. I like veg is stews so I eat some then.

I have recently taken to eating the odd plum, but can't say I feel any better for eating them.

I think its far more important to drink water. Without it, you can't flush out the fat. The only downside is Tea and Coffee don't count as they make you dehydrated by taking water out of your cells. (So I read!!)
1 word porgeous - wow.
You look stunning, you must feel fab and spend loads on clothes...
Any tips??

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