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Fruit to keep me going??

S: 19st6lb C: 18st3lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st3lb(6.25%)
Hi all,

I start CD ss/ss+ tomorrow, I've been low carbing and giving up diet coke all week and I had a full CD SS practice day on Friday (CD porridge for brekkie, CD shake for lunch and tea) was DYING!! lol!

I know this is going to be SO hard so I am planning on ss+ing if I find it too hard....but would fruit, like an apple, or some grapes or one of those mixed fruit packs from tesco hurt if I was really struggling?? Or would it really affect ketosis?

What's best to have to keep me on track and not having a massive binge?? Surely fruit is better than turning to a chinese/burger/chips....or will it seriously affect weight loss?

When I have one of those packs from Tesco for my lunch in work I FEEL like I've had lunch....so I'm sure its just psychological and then maybe I could drop it in a few weeks time but I just wondered if it'd be OK for now??

Thanks xxxx

P.s if anyone has any motivational tips/advice of how to stick to SS/SS+ for a long period of time please share! I'm going to be on it for MONTHS and at the moment am feeling a bit despondant and "I cant do this" about it all!
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Hi there

If you need to have something fruit is best avoided as it has carbs which will affect ketosis. Better to stick to a small amount of protein like plain chicken.



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I'd say my best tip is to be positive about it. Instead of saying how hard it will be and worrying, admit that it will be a challenge but one you are willing to take on. After 3 or 4 days of SS I am sure you'll be 'in the swing of it' and you'll find it ok.
I was a doubter pre diet, 'I'll never be able to do that' I thought. However, after a long weekend of tears and desperation, I decided I WAS going to do something and went into it with the right frame of mind.
Set yourself some small goals, maybe write yourself a list of the things that your current weight/size restricts you from doing and then write a list of all the things you will be able to do when you are slimmer. The first time I did CD I made myself a motivational poster (sounds a bit Blue Peter but it did help!) with a photo of me at my biggest and a picture of how I wanted to look (from years ago when I was slimmer), then I wrote down all of the things i wanted to achieve on my weight loss journey, like being able to wear my engagement ring, fitting on the plane nicely when we went on hols, taking my son swimming, rekindling my 'love' life ;) etc etc.

If you are positive about it and have the right frame of mind, you'll be just fine!


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Also, I would suggest (and this is ONLY my opinion) trying SS first and then adding a SS+ meal if you are really struggling. It's easier to introduce food than it is to take it away I find. Having done the diet for a while now I occasionally add a SS+ meal of chicken and cucumber but only if I really feel like I need it, not just because I want it, if that makes sense?

Also, find a new way to reward yourself for achieving your goals - I love 'Lush' bath products and when I feel I deserve a treat I have a gorgeous fluffy indulgent bath with either a good book or a trashy gossip magazine! Previously I would treat myself with food but it's a habit that needs to be broken
S: 19st6lb C: 18st3lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st3lb(6.25%)
Hmmm.....I DO want to do it! And I DID have the right frame of mind last week.....but I think I'm starting to feel negative now! I really want to do it, but I lose weight so slowly with other diets so I guess I'm worried I'll try so hard and then not to lose anything/lose 1lb would be so disheartening and just send me back to the binge eating/comfort eating cycle!

I'm planning on doing SS 100% for the first week to see how much I lose, I just would rather know what foods were "allowed" on SS+ INCASE i feel like I can't cope so that I've always got an option there, if you know what I mean! So I dont just reach for the takeaway menu! lol!

So If I know that on SS+ i could have say a small salad without it affecting weight loss too much then I've got an option there.

I'm not PLANNING on failing, in fact quite the opposite, I want to PLAN to have healthy foods around me that do relatively small-to no damage to the diet incase I NEED real food.

So any suggestions for suitable 200cal SS+ meals would be fab!

Best to avoid the fruit then! Is veg ok? Salad?

I heard pickled cabbage is ok?? I could take a carton of pickled cabbage and lettuce to work with me as my "lunch" with my shake and then I feel it would be much more bearable!!

But as I say I'm going to do first week totally 100% SS and by then I'll prob be 100% spurred on by my weight loss!!

On day's when I think Oh gawd I'm so hungry I try and glugg more water and I have my emergency tin of tuna in the cupboard, I had it once last week but most of the time I'm ok. Once ketosis kicks in you will have more energy. Do it hour by hour and before you know it you will be a few day's in.

As jabbathehut said set yourself small goals and non food related treats! I have bought new nail varnishes and nice shower products and i am really trying to get back into the habit of using body creams. And of course coming onto minimins, especially in the evening :) good luck xx


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G: 12st7lb
Out of my pink book it says this for SS+ meals:

EITHER (preferred)
4 servings of Cambridge Diet (regardless of gender/height) PLUS 200ml of SKIMMED milk
3 servings of Cambridge Diet (regardless of gender/height) PLUS a 'green and white' 200 kcal meal
An extra 2.25 litres minimum (4 pints) of fluids (as with SS)
Nothing else!

Then on a different page it says 'Sole Source Plus Meals'

a) 120g chicken or turkey breast without skin
b) 190g cod, haddock or other white fish
c) 250g steamed tofu
d) 200g quorn
e) 180g Tuna (in water)
f) 225g cottage cheese (reduced fat)

Then add about 2 tablespoons of any of the following vegetables (cooked or raw)
lettuce (all kinds)

Hope that helps you out xx
S: 19st6lb C: 18st3lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st3lb(6.25%)
Thanks so much Jabbathehut!

Whats the "pink book"?? I dont think I have that??

That sounds fab! An emergency tin of tuna in my work bag with the pickled cabbage and lettuce and I'll feel mentally stronger! lol!

Thanks for all the tips! Def am going to take it one step at a time! One shake at a time!

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!

I'll log on tomorrow evening and let you know how I coped day one into it!



This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
The pink book is the diet 'handbook' explaining SS and SS+ options - your CDC should have given it to you x


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Hello STBYM, I felt the same as you when I started...I have done every diet under the sun. WW, SW, atkins, cabbage soup, GI, Slimfast and now CD.
My brother told me about the diet, he lost 2 stone in 3 weeks so I thought I'll give that a go...then after speaking to my husband and knowing it will cost me £50.00 a week I knew/know I can not fail on this diet. I have decieded this is my final diet EVER!!

I was negative before I started the diet thinking I have 5 stone + to loose but after 2 weeks I have lost 16lb, 2 inches off my chest, 2 inches off my wasit and 2.5 inches off my hips there will be no stopping me now until I get to GOAL!!

Good Luck, keep us posted x x


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Oooh I don't know about pickled cabbage. I have a vague recollection of vinegar being bad......but I may be wrong. Can anyone advise?


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you can do this!! be strong spoke about this via fb but thought would post here aswell. take it hour by hour, and like jabba said dont go into it despondent as you will set your self up for a fail immediately.

we have all been there at the start but i promise a few days in you will feel good good good :)
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you are only allowed the foods on the list. no other foods. so no pickled cabbage... sorry!


Gone fishing
Pickled cabbage is allowed.

It was in the book until very recently, and though not in the new, it is allowed :)

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