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Fry Light

my little book says that 4 squirts of fry light is one pp, now I roast a lot of veggies and give them all a good spritz, half a pepper would be about 2 and considering I would generally have a whole pepper, onions, mushrooms etc, it soon adds up! has anyone got an ideas of how to do my roasties without blowing points like this? xx
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I have the ww oil sprayer which dispenses 1 teasppon of oil which is 1 point. I find that is enough for a tray of roast veg ( tho it depends how moist you like them, I like them fairly dry). To be honest I find frylite has a chemically taste and would much rather have the real thing and count the points.
The other method I have heard but not tried is to put a small amount of oil into a roasting bag and give them a good shake to coat and cook in the bag or you can shake them up in a normal polybag and then out onto a tray-sounds feasable but as I say havent tried it.
ooh thanks for that, i was eyeing it up at group last week! but it'll have to wait until pay day to get it! as for the bag idea, sounds good, but a bit of a fannying around for me! x
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My ww leader said up to 19 squirts of the frylite is 0pp after that you need to point it


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on esource it says 18 squirts is 0pp, 19 squirts is 1pp

i hope this is the case as i use it and don't count it!


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oh bugger!


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My leader says its up to 19 sprays is 0pp anything after that has to be counted.


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i don't think i'll bother using it then if i have to point it, might as well just use a tsp of olive oil x


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I've never pointed it! :-/


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Another one here that doesn't point it....:busted:


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I can't really get on with fry lite. I would rather use the oil and point it and its good for you too. If I make roast potatoes for me and my OH, I use a tablespoon which is only 1pps for half.

I think if I was making roasties I'd probably do this... I've had them with oodles of spraylite and its just... not really that nice :p

Or maybe even use some egg/egg white?
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I dont point it either ... Ohhh poooo ... :confused: .. a point wasted on that is soooo not worth it !!!


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Well that's rubbish if it's a point for so little. I hadn't been taking the points for it either, and really don't think I'll bother using it at all now. I only bought the stuff thinking it was a relatively healthy alternative, but might as well use a little olive oil for the same points.
Not that I fry much. I use frozen roasties, and tend to cook any meat I have on the George Foreman (which I wrote George Formby for at first...not quite the same thing!).

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