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I have searched high and low and FryLite is not available out here unfortunately.

My OH reckons it's the act of spraying the sunflower/olive oil that makes it low fat and that it would be much the same to spray normal oil over things... so long as I used it sparingly...

I'm not so sure though, I seem to remember it had other stuff in there, not just oil...

What do you guys think? my idea was to use extra virgin olive oil in a spray bottle, as 1tbsp of it is a heb on green... do you think so long as I called it a heb, and sprayed very little over my chips, it would be alright???

Hating the idea of slimming world without my free chips lol.... what else am I gunna dip in me egg? :p
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Frylight isn't pure oil but is diluted so you actuall get very little oil in each spray and that's why it's syn free. I know some people have bought their own sprayer and mixed oil and water but I don't now how successful that is to be honest or what they syn it as. But to answer your question you can have EVOO as a HEB and how you use it is up to you I suppose, so if you want to spray it I think it would be fine. There are websites that sell british foods like frylight to ex-pats living overseas so that would be another option.
Can't believe how much that ebay shop is charging for it! Have you no friends/relatives who can post you one over?
Thanks guys, I used the olive oil as a heb and assumed it would be ok as i don't think i sprayed anywhere near a tbsp over the potatoes tbh lol...

now i know it worked okay ill stick with it, happy to use a heb for chips, and not going to have them that often hehe....

thank you for the links xxx
Have you looked to see if you can get a different branded one there? I assume your probably have, but just thought I would say just incase.

We can't get frylight here, but they do Pam spray and non branded ones which are also 0 calories.
Frylight has an emulsifier in it, water & oil dont mix so doing it that way wont really work. Hopefully you can find an own-brand over there or something! Id be lost without it :)
I feel for you, until today, I haven't been able to find it here either - the way I got around this for SW chips was to put the blanched, dry potatoes into a ziplock bag, add 1/2 tbsp of olive oil and my seasoning, close the bag and shake it well - that way all the chips get coated!

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