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Attack Fudge Spread / Sauce - Confiture de Lait


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi all, after Jo pointed me in this direction I made this at the weekend:
Confiture de lait trop bonne (sans lait concentré), recette Dukan - Recettes Dukan pour régime hyper protéiné du Dr Dukan

The result is - hmm - bit strange, but amazing flavour. Think strong Fudge spread/sauce.

The process is a bit convoluted so I've included pictures at the bottom.

Start with

  • 150 g dried skimmed milk (that is quite a lot!)
  • 12 TB liquid skimmed milk
  • (Sweetener is needed later)
you'll also need a largeish jam jar with metal lid and a pressure cooker, a food blender / mixer.
Mix both milks into a smooth thick milk sauce. I only had 140gr so I used 11 tb. Place in jam jar and shut tightly. See pic 'One'
Place jam jar into pressure cooker, add water to come up as high as the milk in the jar. Close and bring to pressure and cook, for 1h.30min

When the time is up turn off the heat and leave to cool down by itself - this will take quite a while. Open. Now it is likely that some of the milk has escaped from the jar and made a big mess in the pressure cooker. As far as I can tell this is 'normal'. Possibly using a bigger jar / less paste may prevent this, not sure. I have an old aluminium cooker and it's discoloured now.

The stuff in the jar was firm and brown (Two). I had to lever it out in chunks (Three). It smelled like fudge, very very intense, and was dry and crumbly. Tasted like unsweetened fudge. I blitzed it (four) then added more skimmed milk and several spoonfuls of sweetener. Put it in a jar and now I can have it on bread or porridge, yum. (Six)

It's still a sort of grainy texture, but a bit more fluffy from blitzing it. Really the closest is Fudge, I have no idea what 'Confiture de lait' is like in a non-dukan version. To start with I was overwhelmed and could not have any more after making it (and tasting it several times) but now I have a bit every day and it's delicious!!
I do wonder if 1 1/2 hours is too long to cook.
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thanks - sounds very strange and looks a bit like crunchie!


Goat herder(ess)
Wow, that looks so incredibly delicious!

I don't have a pressure cooker, but I wonder if you could just pop the jar into a big pan of water and cook it for longer? Sounds like the kind of thing you do with tins of condensed milk to make the toffee for banoffee pie.
that I couldn't tell you :)... as with most things Dukan it's probably a case of try it and see :)...

most of the better recipes that have been thought up by us dieters and not dukan have been a case of trial and error :) x
As someone who bought a jar of this (a long time ago), can confirm it's like a caramel spread. I think there was vanilla in the one I bought but can't remember (nobody liked it very much so I didn't buy it again) so that's an idea too if you feel like experimenting.

I don't see why you can't use a normal pan of water with lid, just make sure it doesn't boil dry - keep adding water every so often and boil it for ever (well probably about 5 hours if the pressure cooker needs 1 1/2).

I once let a Christmas pud boil dry, was still gorgeous though!
I did that dukandebut :eek:.... it boiled dry...melted the plastic pot it was in to the bottom of the pan and fused with the xmas pud inside! :(....no xmas pud for me that year lol x
Reminds me of the time when I was fairly new to cooking and thought that roasting spare ribs for several hours would make them even more tender.

It didn't. But it did turn the marinade into something that you could tar a road with.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Well I've had another go too:

halved the quantities, used the same jar and this time it did not spill over. Only pressure cooled it for 1 hr and the result was a bit spongy and not as firm and dry as last time. Still tasted deliciously intensive! Whizzed up with a tb of splenda and some milk and it's in the fridge now.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Today I used the recipe to make 'fudge' for Christmas:

Use full quantities, add a teaspoon of splenda and mix well. Spoon into TWO wide necked jam-jars (whatever you're got) and tightly screw on lids. I steamed them on full pressure for 45 minutes. When they have cooled, you get about half a jar each of 'frothy crumbles' that can be made into sauce as before, but the bottom half is solid and can be sliced into little cubes (depending on how well you manage to get it out of the jar). Eat as a treat or sprinkle over porridge , yoghurt etc. As it's already sweetened the whizzing up is not needed unless you want to have a sauce / spread.
Just wondering on this one, are the jars you use pyrex ones? I can only find normal glass jars and I'm a little bit scared of them breaking inside the pressure cooker :sign0007:

Also the only ones I have in currently are the ones with a non screw top lid like this. Do you think they'll be ok?


Dukan Ancestor!!
Erm I can't comment on the preserving jars you've got - esp if they are IKEA ones, and not proper preserving ones which will withstand heating. I have some cheap ones like these from ASDA and I think I would not heat them.

I used normal 'recycled' jam jars, they're not pyrex. You are heating them from cold and also letting them cool down by themselves in the pan so they won't break. Glass can crack on SUDDEN temperature changes, i.e filling a cold jar with hot liquid or standing a hot jar on a cold surface / in cold water...

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