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Fuffs VLCD joyous journey


This is really the time!
Hi ladies and gentleman

I have a diary of the wlsurgery sister site of minimins and thought that I would do one on here.

This one will be more focused on my VLCD journey.

So, I am under Weight Management with the possibility of having a Gastric Bypass.

I chose when I started community wm in April (having been disappointed with hospital wm and gaining lots of weight lol) to try my hardest to lose weight.

Since then, through various diets, I lost 4st, gained 7lbs and now I am back on a VLCD.

I did Exante last year and loved it.

This year I have collected together a few different meal replacement packs and bought some more, so I am not on any particular plan. I just keep note of Cals, Protein and carbs in the MRP packs to make sure they are suitable.

I have dietimeal and CD packs mainly. Then some Atkins products.

Anyway, Saturday I came off Atkins and started drinking celebrity slim shakes and having lots of homemade soup.

My weight went down 2lbs saturday-wednesday. Wednesday I started Dietimeal products. Thursday I was down another 5lbs and this morning another 1 lb.

So I am 8lbs down which is great :)

As I didn't start VLCD until wednesday, that will be my official weigh day :)

Wed 26th Oct: 23st 4lbs

Then next wednesday I will officially record whatever I weigh then :)

Really am enjoying it so far :)
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Feeling great in 2012!
So are you doing the VLCD in order to avoid having the gastric bypass or in order to make it safer when you do have one? I just wish I could get my head into a place where I didn't overeat. I'm ok when I'm losing weight and 'in the zone' but am pretty rubbish at maintenance it appears since I put the 7 stone I lost 6 years ago back on (all but 1 stone of it anyway). Now that I've returned to lose the weight (6 stone stone this time) I hope I can do a better job at maintenance.


This is really the time!
I originally began dieting to have the bypass. Then 3 stone in decided maybe I didnt need it (and because I was getting hassle from my hospital), then I decided I do need it and want to be as healthy as I can e to have it. Problem being if I lose too much, they may say I dont need it. Some may say that is not a problem lol

Like you, I wish I could be better with food. I have never been at goal weight as an adult. I pile on weight stupidly fast. Like in July 2010 I was just under 23st. In April 2011 I was 26st 13.5lbs!!! Worse is Summer 2009 I was 17st 11lb ish! In these times I diet, then gain more than I lost every time. So I fear losing weight sometimes for when I lose control and end up bigger.

However, seeing nearly 27st was enough to shock the hell out of me. I can never be anywhere near it again. So losing weight this time is like running from that weight lol


Feeling great in 2012!
I go through phases of thinking it would be a good thing to have a gastric band or something, and other times think that I don't want to compromise my life that much in terms of the sort of meals I can eat going forwards. I don't think it helps food cravings does it, just means you can't eat much? Really I just want to be able to have more control over my weight when I get to goal. I really am going to try harder this time to stay on track. I set myself an upper weight last time I did this that I wouldn't go over. Then I went over it and just said to myself that I'd do a VLCD again to get back down at some point, and then my weight went up and up and it got to the stage where I was almost back to where I started over a period of 6 years. I guess at least it took me 6 years to get there and it wasn't a few months. So this time I really am going to try to set my upper weight and stick to it. I've found this VLCD much more palatable than Lipotrim and as I don't absolutely hate the products (Lipotrim was like taking medicine to me) I think I could go back on this again to lose the odd stone if I had to (fingers crossed!).


This is really the time!
The band restricts what you eat. The bypass restricts what you eat and reduces your appetite. Though many still suffer from head hunger.

You seem to have come to a point of understanding you where food and weight loss is concerned. Seems like you have set yourself up for success :)

Well, I weighed this morning (I know I shouldn't lol) and I am down 2lbs. So thats 10lbs since last saturday, but 8lbs from my official weight day.

I am soooo happy :)

Spent the day working at my Halloween Psychic Fair in my God Families pub (Godmother and Co I mean lol). I had a CD shake this morning, I took an Atkins meal replacement bar with me and bottles of water.

I watched people eat chips, cakes, drink alcohol, drink pop, eat celerations and try to force it all on me lol

I came home and had a dietimeal soup, added some herbs and spices and it was like a banquet to my tastebuds lol

So, the conclusion of that is I am very proud of myself lol


Feeling great in 2012!
You're doing very well although I must admit I've lost the plot as to your official start date for this VLCD and when your weekly WI is ;). Maybe you can show what diet you were following in your signature so that people can equate your losses to a particular diet?

I just looked up some of the posts in the WLS sister site and although some of the losses are quite impressive I don't think I'd like such a restrictive diet. Lots of posts saying people can't cope with eating bread, chicken, any meat but mince, rice, pasta, fizzy drinks etc etc. I like all of those and don't want to cut things like that out for good, but need to learn to eat certain things in moderation.

How are you doing today?


This is really the time!
Lol...My signature would be all over the place if I put what diet I was on.

Since April its been low calorie, atkins, low fat, you are what you wat, slim fast, celebrity slim and VLCD.

The VLCD started Wednesday 26th Oct....I will put that in my sig :)

I get what you mean about WLS. I was studying some of the posts myself last night and there were some where people are gaing weight despite a bypass. That worries me more than what foods I can eat.

I am doing fine thanks. Still sticking to plan. No loss this morning, but got to stop daily weighting (yeah right....maybe...I will try lol)

Going to try the cottage pie for the first time today. Should be an amazing Sunday dinner lol

I do also have half a childs cup of sugar free jelly each evening. Feels like a pudding and is low carb and cal.

How are you doing today?


Feeling great in 2012!
Blimey, you must have done about every diet going ;) lol.

I'm not a lover of the cottage pie to be honest - too bland for me but it's not too bad with added curry powder to spice it up a bit. We can have certain veggies / salad on the S&S plan so I tend to have my spag bol and cottage pie with those veggies to make it more of a banquet :). I much prefer the spag bol though. That does taste like proper food to me. At weekends I go off plan a bit and have about 100-150g of protein (chicken or fish or Quorn) with the veggies or salad instead of one of the packs. I know that's not strictly to plan but it helps me stick with this and better that than caving and having bad things. Tonight I shall probably have a small chicken breast with veggies. It tends to be a few more calories than during the week when I have the mealpacks but it's not hundreds more calories - maybe another 100-200 or so per day as I also usually have a cup of coffee with milk at the weekends that I don't bother with at weekends. I accept that this may slow my losses but I'm ok with that as most diets are only ok if you can stick with them and this helps me to do so. I reckon I had about 700 calories yesterday. It's probably closer to 500 during the week.

I can't stop daily weighing - I'm as addicted to that as I was to food previously :). It can be a positive experience but can be bad like this morning when I put on a whole pound since yesterday morning for some inexplicable reason. But I know that the trend is downwards and I shouldn't focus too much on daily weigh ins. I'm doing ok today so far - had my shake for breakfast, bar for lunch and am about to hit the beach with the dogs (we live opposite the beach) so that should whet my appetite for my chicken tonight :). Last weekend it was TOTM and I struggled big time and had a few extras but carefully chosen not to kick me out of ketosis. I always feel starving and rubbish when it's TOTM. We girls have a harder time than the guys ;).

I know all the packs on many of the plans are the same - I tend to buy mine from wherever is cheapest at the time. Most of the plain white packs are made by Bariatrix and then marketed by different companies such as Slim and Save, Dietimeal and many others. I bought from the Low Carb Megastore last time as they came out cheapest for what I wanted. I also got a cheap Nutrisaveurs meal to try out and I've bought the Proti Chilli in the past too to make a change. I think they use the Nutrisaveurs meals in plans such as All About W8. I just like a bit of variety. I'm not hung up on sticking religiously to one particular plan 100% and I mix and match a bit. I tried the omelette mix once too - didn't like that at all! Looked really good when cooked but tasted rank! :).


Feeling great in 2012!
I've seen things in the press where people are liquidising 'bad' foods so that they can eat them post WLS. I've no idea how true this is or whether just tabloid rubbish but I could see how that would affect weight loss.


This is really the time!
I think the way you are doing your diet is great :) The weekend meals are low carb, so still in ketosis. Plus under 800 cals. I read on here the other day that as long as you are under 800 cals, the weight loss remains pretty consistant.

May have some brocolli with my cottage pie today and add some seasoning to the hot blandness lol

I have bought mainly from the low carb megastore too. The things do work out good price :)

I am going to order some bolognese. I ordered the cous cous meals, but they were sold out, so I got refunded :(

I am not fussy about mixing and matching aslong as I get the right nutrients etc :)

I have changed diets often as my body is now fussy and I am trying to listen to it and seeing what suits. So far no pain or discomfort.
I suffered on refeed with Exante. My gallstones went made. So I maybe will have a meal at weekend too to avoid that this time.

Some people who have weight loss surgery have slider foods that are high calorie and slip past. Makes it pointless in having the surgery.


Feeling great in 2012!
I think I got the last cous cous meal ;). I ordered 4 but they delivered one and refunded the other 3. I'm not expecting it to be great to be honest as it didn't have great reviews.

My gallstones play up a bit too sometimes, usually resulting in me throwing up after a few hours of pain in the night. Not had an attack at all doing this diet though and I do know mainly what the trigger foods are for me - chocolate, cheese and fatty meats. Trouble is most of the time I can get away with eating those things and on the odd occasion I have an attack. If it was every time I ate it I would probably avoid it but as it's infrequent I usually just take a chance. Of course on this diet there's no reason to eat any of the trigger foods.

Will have to watch out when I start refeeding properly though as I also had more attacks when I finished Lipotrim and started introducing the trigger foods. Not sure if they lie low when on a VLCD ready to attack you big time when you start eating again or what! ;)


This is really the time!
With Exante, when I was on refeed week, even skinless grilled chicken and brocolli set them off. Ended up in hospital by the 5th night.

I can do even Atkins with mine. Seems to be a build up of fatty carbs that are bad for mine. Like if I had SFC chicken for lunch and a byriani for dinner, I would end up in agony.

I think with Exante it was 4 weeks of no fat, then even the tiniest fat in the grilled chicken set me off.

I am like you though. I do not have many attacks. So not enough to put me off anything for life. But when the attacks come, OMG they are bad!!
I originally began dieting to have the bypass. Then 3 stone in decided maybe I didnt need it (and because I was getting hassle from my hospital), then I decided I do need it and want to be as healthy as I can e to have it. Problem being if I lose too much, they may say I dont need it. Some may say that is not a problem lol
If you don't need it, seriously - don't have it.
my fiance had one and is regretting it big style; she can't eat what she used to, gets sick sometimes and farts often because of another op she had to have done after, for those ball thing's that gastric bypass gives you.


This is really the time!
Thank you for that :) I hope your fiancé feels better soon. I have gallstones already. Need to get to under 17st to have the gallbladder removed. I don't have that much bother from it, so may leave it.

Talking of gallstones, I am thinking of doing two packs and a small low carb/cal meal each night. Remembering ending up in hospital on refeed last time, so want to make sure I don't piss my gallbladder off this time. I am going to watch my weight closely trying things and see what to do.

On a light note, weighed this morning and I had lost another 2lbs :) 2 more days until official weigh day x


This is really the time!
It is hard to go back to old habits. Hope you are able to put it behind you and get back on track.

And thank you :)

Well official weigh morning. Nothing off since Monday. So 11lbs off this week. I think adding a little low carb meal has slowed me down. So back to full meal packs for 3 weeks until my 30th birthday celebrations.

I am very happy though :)


Feeling great in 2012!
11 pounds off is great! I know what you mean about the low carb meal tho and am going to try to cut it out if I can. So you'll be getting into the 21s this week. Always a good feeling when the scales drop down that extra number :)


This is really the time!
Well, I had some strenuous work to do yesterday and felt very tired, down and unwe. So I reached for some dreaded carbs (I love ketosis, so this wasn't done lightly lol)

So today, the dreaded hunger is back. So going to eat low carb for 2-3 days to get me back into ketosis then get back onto my packs. I am sad that I have set myself back, but the carbs helped me a lot. Just happy to have a plan and not go off the rails like old me would have done.

So, I'll be back! Lol


Feeling great in 2012!
Good luck on returning to the VLCD fuffs.

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