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Fuggedaboutit's diary - support desperately needed!

Hi anyone who has a read of this. I have been doing terribly over the last few weeks and everytime I put a goal date in mind I blow it big time by sabotaging myself.

So I have decided to just commit to one day at a time and use this as a kind of accountability. Here goes...

Today I commit to:

- drinking at least two litres of water
- having one shake, one soup and one bar
- to do at least 15 mins on my exercise bike.

Will report back later :)

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Best of luck - you can do it!!!
you can do it hunni you can see from my chart that i do shorter goals and differnt things work for different people some times setting a goal of a solid 6 weeks is way to hard 7 days are much more acheivable. then once you hit that 7 days youll realise actually it went quite fast and u can easily do another 7 xxxx
support offered if you want it :)

h x
Small, achievable goals are the way to go when the big picture just seems insurmountable. The feeling when you tick those achievements off - even if it's something as simple as "I'm sticking to the plan for today" is amazing. You show yourself YOU have control and that's priceless if you've been feeling like you have none when it comes to food.

Good luck with today - let us know how you get on :)
Best of luck. You can do it! We are all here to listen and support you when needed. ;)
Well done for starting and good luck :) I've just started (Day 10 now) and just taking it one week at a time. We can do it together! :D

Thank you all for your replies of support. You've given me a great boost. Today was an unusual day as I went to work (don't usually work during the week) and I took my bar and a huge bottle of water, so I could keep track of how much I was drinking. Came home picked up my 5 yr old and his friend from school with my 2 yr old in tow. Then when DH came home I went to a 3 hour meeting from 7pm. Without your support (which I managed to peek at in between work and school run) I probably wouldn't have bothered getting on the bike at 10.15pm or having my last shake! But I can confirm that I have:

- drunk 2.25 litres of water
- had my tfr quota
- exercised on my brick of a saddle exercise bike.

Feeling quite chuffed :D

Thanks again! Your posts made a huge impact on me.
ps ignore my ticker in last post. I am back to where I started - must update it all but too tired now to tackle the ticker!:zz:
- drunk 2.25 litres of water
- had my tfr quota
- exercised on my brick of a saddle exercise bike.

Feeling quite chuffed :D

Thanks again! Your posts made a huge impact on me.
Well done - you're doing great :)
Thanks Russian Doll :)

Today I commit to:
- having a shake, a bar and a soup
- doing 16 minutes on the exercise bike
- drinking at least 2.25 litres of water

also - not dietwise but just sorting my life out
- book a haircut
- do 1 hour of flylady

Hope you all have a great day!
Keep your eyes fixed on those mini goals - bit by bit they'll add up to a lot! :)
Today's been a good day!

I've managed to:
- drink 3 litres of water
- exercised for 23 minutes on the bike
- had my tfr quota
- got a load of clutter sorted (yeay!!!)
- booked haircut for Friday.

Onwards and upwards :)
Day 3 already!

Today I commit to:
- drinking at least 2.5 litres of water
- having a bar, a soup and a shake
- going to badminton
well done looks like your cracking it...btw whats flylady?

h x
Thanx Harriet. Struggling with the water a bit today. It takes some effort for me to guzzle that amount! Flylady is all about keeping your house in order using babysteps and a timer. The timer bit is good for me as you are meant to do 15 minutes and then when the timer goes you move onto the next room. It helps keep me focused (most of the time). How's the running going? I tried the couch to 5k podcasts in the spring and it went quite well. Have you heard of that/or tried it? You can download them off the NHS website.

Hope you're having a good day?
Keep at it! You seem to have the right attitude. Planning what you will do the following day, brilliant!
Thank you AMW! Yesterday didn't go so good :( I pinched a sultana from no 2 son's scone. Then later I had some sweetcorn and 3 small bits of pasta. Not good but not a massive binge so I'm pleased about that. Got lots of exercise last night but failed on the water too by only having 1.70 litres, although I did drink other fluids such as coke zero and coffee. Oh well it could all have been a lot worse as it's TOTM which usually means a sugar overdose!

Today I commit to:

- drinking 2 litres of water
- having one shake, soup and bar
- doing 16 mins on the exercise bike.

On the plus side I weighed in this morning and I've managed to lose 4.5lbs, which is great.

Hope everyone's having a good day? :)
can be hard cant it :) still itll be worth it once we get to where we want to be goalwise!

h x
Hi fugged, you are doing fab.....This is a really good idea, I might pinch it if you don't mind!!

Need to keep focused myself although I am doing ok this week minus the water! Really struggling with that at the moment. But I'll try what you're doing and it might spur me to have more...Thanks x

Keep up the good work!!!!

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