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full of a cold HELP !!


weighs a lot less
oh babe i wish i cud tell you dere was something for you to take everything i know of has vitamin c in it and dat wud push you out of ketosis! Peppermint tea, normal tea get all wrapped up in your duvet and veg! Lots of people have had colds and have stuggled through it really depends on how bad you get but as far as i know paracetamol is the only ting that wont effect your weight loss!

Its up to you whether you want to stick with the diet or go off get better and come back on! My opinion is its only a cold you can get by without anything but its really a personal opinion as only you know how bad your feeling!
agree with anne-marie.
get lots of warm fluids into ya which will help soothe your throat too.
take paracetamol and keep ya self warm and sleep when you can.
have hot relaxing baths and try not to worry and you'll soon feel better x


weighs a lot less
thanks ladies , its nice to see that everyone is still so lovely and supportive on here mwah xx, im deffo not gonna stop the LT is been really hard to restart and ive not done my first week yet (day 5 today) so loads of warm water should help , theres no chance of gettin any sleep ive got 2 girls to look after !! thanks again lil xx
Hey Lillie
Week 1 for me, started Monday...and so did the cold!
Both me and the baby were streaming.
Got saline nose spray for her - which I've used too - only water and salt, so shouldn't do anything.
Also, we've both been covered in Olbas oil to help us breathe.

Def duvets, cuddles and bubbly baths to help you get through x
*hugs* Lillie. I feel your pain :( Lots of water/hot tea/coffee/peppermint tea/hot LT shakes or even the yummy LT soup! A hot water bottle, cuddley blanket, plenty of tissues, and if you're really lucky - a hunky man to massage your aches and pains away.

I got diagnosed with swine flu on Wednesday, so I'm a bit poo also. I'm so glad I'm on LT as my throat has closed up, and when I swallow it feels like razor blades are in my throat, so LT and all the water is perfect.

Hope you feel better soon.

Swine flu babes dats rotten! its definitely the season. You all just stay warm and hydrated and you shud be good in a few days. poor huns!
Oh Betsy - poor you! Hope you're being well looked after.
Will you still be allowed to go for WI's? x
Awww I'm fine Trixie, it's my throat mainly, oh and achey body. I got up this morning and feel so much better. My chemist knows, as she was the one on Monday who suggested I be tested. They said they don't usually swab people here, only if they're in hospital. Apparently I have a suppressed immune system (think that's what they said) because I currently have a stomach/bacteria/virus thing going on. So they thought it best to swab me, so I could be treated. It's honestly not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Still don't want it though!

Good question about my WI, I don't know? I'll phone tomorrow and see what she says. Don't care if I have to miss weigh in, as I hate the scales!

Hope you and the little baby feel so much better today. Hope you feel much better too Lillie!


weighs a lot less
well , its swine flu , ive been on tamiflu since monday and my doc advised me to come off LT for a few weeks , to be honest foods the last thing on my mind !!! ive now had to start antibiotics as i have a secondary chest infection and today is the first time ive been out of bed , so thanks for all the advice and betsybotox i hope you are feeling better too , so ladies ( and gents if any are here at the mo ) i will be back as soon as im well xx
awww no!
poor you hun.its an awful thing to have.i was ill about 3 weeks with it.
get well soon x

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