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Fuzzys Angel LL Journey

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Orginally written on 4th December 2006

Hi There

My Name is Mandi i am 39 years old a wife and mother with 2 grown up children. I've now been on Lighter Life for 35 days and have lost 29lbs...

Like many of you i have had my up & down days, i'm proud of myself as throughtout the whole time i have been good and remained abstinent and will during the Christmas & new Year period..

Do however struggle to drink the 4 litres of water daily, infact my councillor wants us to drink 6 litres ( that's impossible for me) working night shifts 3days on 4 off, 4days on 3 off, makes it difficult sometimes and i constantly can't keep going to the loo coz i work on the hopspital wards and they get very busy at night!!!

I look forward to getting to know you and giving each other the much needed support..

Mandi xx

This weeks update 11th December 2006

Just a quick hello,

This last week i found the diet quite difficult, working night shifts put you all out but i got over it and lost another 4lbs this week. I feel i'm ready to take on the world this week..LOL

I've now dropped from a size 22 to a size 16 and feeling really proud of myself.

good luck to everyone with your weign ins

:D "may we all get what our hearts desire":D

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Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Just thought i'd pop in for a little while before i start getting ready for work. Not feeling that great (sicky) so not looking forward to a long 12hr shift. Just having a hot raspberry & choc mix......ummmm lovely (half a pak of each) I'll have the other half at midnight when i get a break..

Have a good evening, i'll be popping back in when i get home tomorrow morning..

Nite Nite xxx
Hiya Mandi,
well done on your fantastic weightloss to date :D

Hope your'e feeling better today than you were yesterday, and managed to get through your long shift ok..

So long as you manage you're 4 litres anything else is a bonus... it's def true that the more you drink, the quicker you'll shrink :p

Keep on shaking girlie, you're doing great :)

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
well done you !!!
i thnk its amazing that you are managing this on nights, i hope it all keeps on going well for you
well done ...having worked many a night shift as a nurse ......toast at 5am never tasted soooo good....i always found i lost weight on night duty as i slept so well !! have a good night xx

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

Rushing our to work tonight i forgot to take my bottle of water, i'll have to drink the hospital tap water (tastes like cr*p) but better than nothing. the most important thing i forgot though is my LL food pack, not had on since 3pm and not goona keep one until 8am tomorrow morning, when i get in.....Arghhhh 17 hours without anything. They say you can't get hungry on LL but you can after going 17 hours......


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Hi There

Are you having a good week? Weighed in on Sunday another week down and another 5lbs off... Went through my wardrobe again today and took another load of clothes to the charity shop. I'm over the moon now wear size 14-16 (depending on the cut) thats a drop from size 22 in just 7 weeks.

I've tried so many diets and this is one that realyy, REALLY works! The nice thing it is also coming off in the right places i finally beginning to like my shape.

My 19 year old son said to me the other day " It seems strange seeing you slim...." I take that as a compliment from my son, it made me feel really good.....



Hair today - gone tomorra
Hi Mandi,

Dead impressed with your willpower and progress. Looks like you should make your goal in the 100 days if you can handle Xmas. Imagine you are working over the holiday period - in a strange way that might help although every shift change there will be another bunch of people wanting to say 'Merry Xmas'.

So hats off to you - me, I'm a chicken and opted for starting after the holiday

Good luck and much fortitude
Hi mandi,
wow, what a drop in clothes size, you must be over the moon ! Yes I would take that as a compliment from your son, bless him !

Hope working those shifts over the holiday period goes well. The place where I work seems to be full of choccy, mince pies and all things bad ! But I am resisting!

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
I'm really upset, had my weigh in today and it only showed a 2lb weight loss over 2 weeks, the biggest problem was that i weighed at a comletely different time to usual.

Whats the problem you may ask???? You see i usually weigh at 4.30pm on a sunday afternnon after waking up following a night shift but this week i was weighed on a saturday morning before i had a sleep but had already been awake for 18hours.

Well?? Usually when i work nights i bloat up and weigh heavier that i would following a days sleep, therefore when i had my weigh in i was bloated and full of loads of water i had guzzled through the night.......I went home feeling very upset as i hadn't eaten over the christmas and the scales didn't really reflect this, after a good sleep i weighed myself at home (my scales weigh the same as the LLC scales) my scales showed a 7lb loss, i wish that had been the official weight loss.

the thing is i'm sure my counsellor and other group members think i cheated throughout christmas because of my naff weight loss, hopefully it'll show a huge loss next week and put things right.

i hope this makes sense to you all......


You should always get weighed at the same time of the day to reflect a true weight loss. It will show on the scales next week and those who thought you cheated can eat their words!!!!
I'll bet almost anything that its only your own crooked thinking!

When someone in your class previously has only lost a little did you assume they cheated? probably not. I have had weeks on this diet when I have been weighed at the usual time and its only showed a pound. I actually had a three week stretch of 1 pound, 2 pound, 1 pound and at no point did anyone suggest I had been cheating. The fourth week I lost 5 to my great shock and surprise. My LLC said thats just how it is sometimes.

Don't be down on yourself you know you didn't cheat so the weight loss will show sooner or later, and don't think the others think badly of you, I'm pretty sure they don't! Especially your LLC as she will really understand how the diet works and this happens.

Don't let it effect your motivation over new year!

Just think, this will be the first christmas and new year for many of us (me anyway) we weigh less after than before!



Hair today - gone tomorra
No need to beat yourself up

I'm really upset, had my weigh in today and it only showed a 2lb weight loss over 2 weeks, the biggest problem was that i weighed at a comletely different time to usual..............................

.................................the thing is i'm sure my counsellor and other group members think i cheated throughout christmas because of my naff weight loss, hopefully it'll show a huge loss next week and put things right.

i hope this makes sense to you all......


Dear Fuzzy,

You have already nailed the problem - there are cycles within a normal day of weight particularly with water intake so high. So don't go beating yourself up about it because as you said (if you are back to sunday 4.30pm that is next week) you will stun them at next weigh in.

As to whether they thought you cheated .............. I bet they don't. They will go through the big week/small week syndrome themselves - at worst, they will just think this time it was your 'small' week.

So go smile at yourself in the mirror - incredibly proud of yourself at getting though the festive season without slipping - becasue the most important person to know that is YOU.


Mandi, Mandi, Mandi,

I truly do not believe that you cheated. It didn't even enter my head until I read what you posted. I didn't even know what your loss was at the meeting. I think we all felt sorry for you being on antibiotics. You look fantastc!!! and like I said to you at the time you know your losses by your clothes and trousers. To be honest I go more by my own scales every morning when I am naked than when she weighs us in an afternoon after we have all drank and had our packs. My naked weight this morning reflects a further 4 lb loss from yesterday morning fully clothed after 2 litres of water!!!

One of the weeks (day 47) I hadn't lost any weight and infact put on one lb!! I felt awful but put it down to the time of the month!! I wanted to give up. But didn't and we have all stuck with it.(apart from the two ladies who didn't turn up yesterday!! maybe....)

You are doing so brilliantly and you can really notice the weight loss. Be happy Mandi and keep positive we haven't got long to go now.
Lots of love and hugs.

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
sorry for the delay in reply, been very busy at work this is the first chance i've had to get on line....

Thanx for the kind words, i think i was just being paranoid but i'm over that now. Weigh in today i'm sure it'll be a good one!?


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Hi girlies & guys

Really happy ha my weigh in today and lost 7lbs.....Yipeeeeeee that bad loss last week showed up today like you all said it would, i'm a very happy bunny at the time with a big grin.

Thank you all for your wonderful support...

Its easier said than done, but try to remember how you feel. Next time you have a slow week keep the faith!

Well done Mandi!!!

Well Done Mandi!!!!

You are doing brilliantly and you look fantastic. Keep up the good work and hold on to this great feeling!! You deserve to feel like a very very happy bunny!!
Your BMI is amazing!!
Well done hun!!


Hair today - gone tomorra
well done - hold onto that feeling and bottle it if you can

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