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Gah, so tempting today! (And teeth prob)


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How did everyone manage with Easter? I hope everyone did really well and didn't give in!

Went to visit my dad today and was doing fine until we went to the chinese. Had to sit and watch my fiance and dad tuck into some great smelling stuff while I had my chocolate shake. Smelt so good and tempting but I focused on the film instead. Slipped yesterday and had quarter of a chicken sandwhich (forgot my food while visiting my uncle so figured it was better than 10 hours without eating) so being out of ketosis definitely didn't help with the urge. Made it though and I'm really happy with myself, just about to do my steps for the night and go weigh myself (we're keeping a chart at home to see how it changes). Was nice to have both of them commenting that you can see the weight loss in me already, and my fiance is being great at spurring me on to stick with it.

Really didn't like the soup today or yesterday, it's started to make me feel sick every time I eat it. Definitely switching next week to either flapjacks or another shake!

Looking forward to after my diet now! Fiance has saved me and easter egg, we're going to be going to a great Japanese place and back to my dad's so we can all have some food together.

One problem I'm finding though is my teeth. XP I'm having real trouble with toothache and a bit of gum soreness. Did anyone else get this when starting the diet and did you find anything to fix it? I brush my teeth twice a day but I'm thinking of upping it to three times because I'm not chewing anything.
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Hi Hun! Ooooo well done for sticking it out going for a meal and everything! Thats brilliant you should be so proud of yourself!

As for the teeth thing, yep i had exactly the same, im sure its down to us not chewing anything and so not producing the enzymes n everything that will kill extra bacteria. I still brushed my teeth but extra throughly...took bloody ages but it seemed to work a bit! Mouth wash too just to make sure. If your going to try having the flapjacks you should find it gets better as obviously you are chewing them and producing the saliva to kill anything unwanted in your mouth lol. Sorry thats not very scientific..im rubbish at explaining things but hope it helps a bit!xx


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Definitely proud of myself (another kilo off today according to the scales!) especially now the hunger is gone!

That's a great help, so glad to know I'm not the only one! (I swear I get far too paranoid about my teeth) I'll definitely go and get that mouth wash tomorrow!


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah my teeth got bad during LT

Had a really sore painful hole in my tooth that I had to get fixed!

Mark (who is on hols at the minute) also experience weakening of the teeth
My teeth and gums were kinda sore too. I have added an extra brushing per day and after about a week it improved a lot. hopefully it will go away fo you too.


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My teeth are fine but i have sore gums where my bottom 2 front teeth are - almost feels like the gum is deteriorating but i think its ok apart from being a little sore.

Have also noticed more bleeding from my gums when brushing has anyone else?


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That's exactly what I've been getting summergurl. If you're not chewing though then the gums won't be as used to brushing anymore because you're doing nothing with them during the day. I had this problem a while ago too and the dentist said to just brush your gums too when cleaning your teeth to toughen them up.
I'll definitely start brushing three times and hopefully it'll get better, definitely don't want a cavity!

I had that too, bleeding of the gums, i went to Dentist whom im ashamed to admit i havent paid a visit to in 15 years :eek:

The bleeding of the gums is gum disease, change your toothbrush to something softer and try and angle the toothbrush so brissels gently massage your gums too. I used corsydl mouth wash for sensitive gums but should only use for 2 weeks as it stains your teeth.

I needed nothing done after this, no filings or anything, just a quick clean.

So i shall keep on with massaging me gums and go back in 6 months time. :D
Well done, you have done really well avoiding the lovely food. I avoided the Easter Eggs, I didnt get any :-( but I am not complaining as I probably would have eaten it.....lol.


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Hm i do need a new tootbrush and i always brush waay to hard.
It comes from having a brace and being so paranoid about getting yellow staines from not cleaning properly i used to scrub em lol

New tootbrush here i come .. lol
lol summer

i also stole someone eleses advice and bought Blanx toothpaste :D:D:D:D
Hopefully will be a few shades whiter :rolleyes:


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Blanx - good is it?

I want a whitener - do you use them?
No i havent used a whitner before but someone on here said they used Blanx, its a whitener too, so i thought i might try :D:D:D

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