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Gained and feeling disheartened?


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I wasn't going to share anything about gaining. It was something that I wanted to keep very quiet but thought maybe it would help someone. It's happened, no point hiding it or being ashamed because I'm ok with it really.

Well, last week Wednesday was my WI and I weighed 227.8lb, which was a 3.2lb loss. It all went to pot after that though, it was my first anniversary with my boyfriend and so we went away, which meant off plan. So I had 4 days completely off plan - breakfast (cooked!) and dinner at the hotel, lunches out, an easter egg each, drank alcohol... not S&S friendly at all! We just ate what we wanted and to be honest, I don't feel bad about that because it was planned, it has been for months, and when we got back we got straight back on plan. I'm sure you all know how hard restarting is to get back into ketosis, I've felt shocking the past couple of times! So I've been looking at it day by day and so weighing myself each morning to try and remind me that it's worth it. Monday morning I weighed myself and I weighed 236.2lb... a massive 8.4lb gain!!! I was a little surprised but just put it behind me and knew I had to move on. By Weds WI I was down to 232lb, so officially a 4.2lb gain. Yesterday I was 230.6lb and today I'm 228.6lb, so I've dropped another 3.6lb in two days! It feels like all the motivation that I need to stick at this.

Anyway, I just wanted to share. There have been times in the past when I've done VLCDs like S&S and for whatever reason had a big gain and what has my reaction been? "Bloody hell, how did I manage that?! Well I can't be bothered now!" I've really got disheartened by it and lost motivation completely. Sometimes those gains feel impossible to get over, like it'll take weeks just to get back to where you were before. I felt like that a bit on Monday morning but this time I refused to let myself give in because I knew that if I did then well that voice inside my head that says I'll stay fat forever and that I won't get the gain off for ages will be right, I won't get rid of the gain and I'll probably put on more. So this time I ignored it and it seems that voice was very, very wrong!

So, we all have gains over the course of this diet, just don't let them make you give up!
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You're absolutely right Caz, and have worded that so well. It's important to move the focus away from the scales a little with a ketogenic plan and try to believe that not all weight gain is fat or failure. I was looking at my completed 4 stone of flowers on my fridge this morning, I filled the last petal in on 24th January and haven't printed another one off yet - but still, it's now 6 weeks later and on the scales I've only dropped another 6lb since then - but my body shape has changed hugely and I've dropped almost 2 dress sizes - within that I've had some gains and STS - but the end result of sticking with it - only half a stone off my planned target and in a size 12/14.

Don't give up anyone! And happy anniversary Caz :)


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Completely agree caz, it's silly to get disheartened but still very easy... So well done for fighting it, and well done for not giving in and throwing it away...

its funny that you posted this today, because last week my loss was a little lower than usual, (3lbs) and i knew that i had been getting a little free with the old boiled eggs in the evenings... so I gave myself a little kick up the bum and this week have been positively angelic, made sure that I drank at least 4 litres of water a day and NO EGGS!! And this mornings weigh in was the lowest yet at 2.5lbs... I was a bit disappointed standing on the scales. However I decided that if I was at WW that I would have been really happy with that loss, so I gave myself another kick up the bum and refuse to be disappointed... It's working, there will be gains, there will be slow weeks, but at the end of the day it's all moving in the right direction. We just need to keep the faith!