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Gained Half A Pound In My First Week! :(

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by brewanne, 18 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. brewanne

    brewanne Full Member

    I'm really failing to understand why I have gained weight, I followed the Plan spot on (can't post my diary as gave it to my consultant) i cannot find any problem with what i was/am doing. the week before i started SW I hadn't really eaten a whole lot so i'm not sure if that has effected it, but it is really making me struggle now, I'm terrified of Tuesdays weigh in incase i've gained AGAIN it will be mortifying. I think the plan is great, I just wish I was losing and not gaining, i feel healthier and everything, just not sure whats going wrong :/
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  3. kikaroo

    kikaroo Silver Member

    It could be a variety of things

    Did you have enough superfree?
    Did you drink enough water?
    Are you due on?

    Don't be too down about it, your consultant will guide you and be able to tell you if you've been going wrong anywhere. Sometimes it just takes a while for our bodies to realise we're on a healthier eating plan.
  4. hi_shel

    hi_shel Member

    Have you done loads of exercise too? Sometimes if you go above and beyond your usually exercise routine you can retain water which can cause a gain. Keep going though! Your consultant will be able to help :)
  5. Lonestitcher

    Lonestitcher Silver Member

    DON'T PANIC!!!!

    In my first week I gained 1lb.... The next week I lost 5lb... I'm now 5 stone 9lbs lighter. Keep going, it works!!!

    Your consultant will let you know if you are making any errors with your food diary.
  6. brewanne

    brewanne Full Member

    no exercise, well a little bit the day after a naughty synful cheesecake but not enough to make a difference….i'm not one to drink lots of water normally and i think this has always affected my weightless, i've tried to intake more liquids through teas and coffees however although I don't think really has the same benefit as water? i'm worried that it will be the same on tuesday, i weigh myself randomly throughout the day/week and i know it does vary throughout the day and i shouldn't weigh at home before a weigh in BUT The scales never seem to move down I vary between 14st7 - 14st10 and my official last weigh in was 14st8 I can only imagine I will be this or above on tuesday :/ unless I go into starvation mode over the next few days, but then i'm not following the plan :(
  7. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Hi, welcome along.:)

    Lonestitcher is one of many I've heard say they've gained on the first week and then look what happened.....this diet works. You just have to put some faith and trust in the plan and it will work, as dieters we all lose at different rates and there maybe other weeks you may gain on this plan and you just never know why, (however it's usually only the occasional time). Weight naturally fluctuates all the time and it isn't because you've done anything wrong. Just in case it's best to learn how to deal with these weeks as they can be upsetting and frustrating and lead to negative feelings.

    The start is always a period of trial and error judging how much superfree you ate, how many syns you had, planning, reading, working out what you can have for your meals, looking for new ideas to prevent repetition. You need to look at these first few weeks as a learning process as you start to get to grips with the plan. Be honest about what you ate and get constructive feedback from your consultant. Yes, you will get some others who lose loads the first week or two but it doesn't mean they are any better as this diet than you. If you are worried about Tuesday, why don't you email your consultant now and ask for feedback on your food diary? Ask for a call so you can talk things over and put your mind at rest. If you're filled with dread about the weigh in ask that they don't say if it's a gain or loss and just write it down for you so you can deal with it privately?

    Finally, I've never put much emphasis on drinking lots of water either. Not sure how it would increase any weight loss, but it sure increases the need to use the loo. Good luck with everything, stay positive and you'll be just fine :)
  8. wibblefran

    wibblefran Member

    Just the fact that you are not giving up, but coming on here to get some tips to get back on track, is inspiring. Chin up - pat yourself on the back and listen to those who know what they are talking about (I don't yet - I'm a newbie!). Good luck!
  9. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member

    I am so glad to hear this! (I mean that in a good way lol!) I stayed the same in my first week (last week) and I'm so nervous for WI this week :eek:
  10. Was the cheesecake within your syns? They are not usually low in syns, so this might have been the cause.

    However, I think you are getting yourself into a state unnecessarily. If you have been going wrong in any way, your consultant will tell you and you can put it right. Listen to what people here are telling you - it's all good advice, based on experience.

    And put the scales away! They are not doing you any good.
  11. lovehearts

    lovehearts Silver Member

    Try not to weigh yourself throughout the day/week. Your weight can fluctuate up to 5+lbs during the day which can be disheartening to see. Just weigh on weigh in day and hide your scales. Don't go into starvation mode, this could lead to a binge which won't make you feel any better. Keep going x
  12. brewanne

    brewanne Full Member

    thank you everyone for the support/comments, weigh in day tomorrow so fingers crossed
  13. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    Good luck for weigh in!!
  14. Aesa

    Aesa Full Member

    Good luck at your weigh in!
  15. Derbynanny

    Derbynanny Gold Member

  16. Barbie Girl

    Barbie Girl Full Member

    Good luck!!
  17. brewanne

    brewanne Full Member

    thanks everyone. lost 2.5lbs :) must have been doing something wrong, was a big shock seeing as my home scales didn't even move!!!!! same again this week!!!!!!!! :D
  18. Aesa

    Aesa Full Member

    Excellent news, well done!
  19. Barbie Girl

    Barbie Girl Full Member

    Well done!!
  20. lovehearts

    lovehearts Silver Member


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