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Gaining despite calorie counting and exercise?


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Hi all,

I have been calorie counting for two weeks now, having 1200 calories per day, spread across the day between breakfast and 7pm, eating healthy foods (no chocolate, crisps etc) including lots of fruit and veg.

I have also introduced myself this week to power walking (every other day) and netball (1 hour a week), and go for a swim once at the weekend.

Yet I have gained 1lb both weeks.

I am so confused as I have been soooo good and following all the tips about carbs in the evening, balancing my diet, doing cardio that will not lead to weight gain etc. etc. but I am STILL gaining.

Can anyone offer some words of advice/encouragement? I feel completely helpless and gobsmacked that my weight continues to creep up and I am now well into the "obese" zone which mentally I am finding very hard to deal with.

Thanks in advance

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53 views and no replies :( can nobody offer any words of wisdom?! :cry:


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oh hun so sorry to hear this, how are you keeping track of your calories?
Maybe you are not eating enough and you body thinks its starving so is holding onto everything?
If your calorie counting is right, the gain can't be "real", it has to be fluid retention. (Due to time of cycle, carbohydrates, muscles retaining fluid after excercising and lordy knows what other reasons!) I notice you have already lost quite a bit of weight- how did you do that?
If you are confident about your calorie counting, you just need to keep going, and try to stay off the scales. The pounds will drop, probably quite a lot when it "turns around" Keep up the walking, and if you can stand it, try to only weigh fortnightly or monthly. Perhaps measure yourself instead, or just leave out all monitoring your progress for a while.
If you need motivation to persevere for the next few weeks, have a read of the last month of Tamzy's diary, fantastic!
You are doing everything right, just keep going!!!


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Maybe you could try upping you calorie intake by a few hundred and see how that helps? s cupcakeKatie mentioned you might be entering into starvation mode


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Lol maybe you are gaining muscle!? ;) or everything else minusfour said...i gain quite a bit at that totm - all water that disappears again though. Even with standstills, the less I think about it, suddenly, I begin loosing again. And sometimes it helps, just to eat normal for a bit, show your body and mind, you're giving it what it needs and it will let go of that pounds again ;)
You have lost quite some pounds already...maybe you could loose some more in the same way? As Sarah said keep at it :)
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i have that its annoying i eat between 1000 and 1300 cals a day depending if im working or not, but i noticed every second week i gain 2lbs and lose nout all other weeks i lose about 3lbs so ur not alone in the weird weight gain , altho i highly suspect its water retention..... evil sneeky stuff


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Thanks so much guys! You have no idea how helpful you've been.

Unfortunately my ticker is not up to date... I lost a heck of a lot of weight on Cambridge but gradually it crept back on over a year or so, then I'd lose a stone, regain, lose it etc. So now I am back at a weight I swore I'd never be again, despite my best efforts the last few weeks!

Will take on board what you've said about fluctuations etc. I will give it another two weeks and continue to log everything - if things don't improve I think I'm going to go to my Sister-in-law who works in a clinic where they have a nutritionist and can do a detailed BMR reading, to make sure I'm doing it right or find out where I'm going wrong.

Thanks again for your encouragement - it's nice to hear I'm not alone. I guess it's just the fact that I've gained 2 weeks in a row and hit a dreaded milestone that I really never expected to reach, was hoping that by getting my act together I would avoid the very thing that's now happened! :(

Still, I must persevere, otherwise no doubt about it I will continue to gain!



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Like everyone has said, I think you'll start losing soon :) I weigh myself every day and it does go up and down, possibly those were just bad days for you as far as water retention goes? I'm sure if you stick with it you'll see a downward trend sooner than you think :)
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Keep going, and try not to worry about the scales too much. If you know you are eating less than you need to maintain weight, your body will soon start to lose. As mentioned above, check out Tamzy's diary - inspirational! A few of us use online calorie counting websites to keep track of what we are doing, are you using one to keep tally for you? I know that when I kept count in my head (or piece of paper) I didn't lose anything, but changed to an online site and have not looked back. I was obviously making the calories up as I went along, although i thought I was being accurate!!! I notice a few people, myself included, have had weeks where we have had the odd 'bad' day due to birthday celebrations and the like, and more often than not have still lost weight. I think sometimes it is good to vary the calories you are eating, so your body doesn't get too complacent and hang on to them! Best of luck, you can get there x


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Nothing to add as to why you might be gaining, but best of luck with it. It sounds like you're doing your body a goodness by eating right and exercising - keep at it hun!

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