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Hi All!!!

Hope ur ok,

I have been on LL and then changed to Cambridge so been on LCD since october!
Well a couple of time I have woke up with the most horrendous pain in my stomach and tonight I got in bed and got the bad pains and have still got them.
Do you think I could have gallstones as heard ppl can get when loose weight quickly and i dunno what else it could be im in agony :(
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Just a thought have you been to the loo, im sure you have already considered this if its not the case, deffo go see your doc, hope your feeling better soon

Louise R

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i have gallstones,i got really bad pain with them when i was pregnant with my last child, the pain was right at the top of my stomach and the pain was so bad i felt like i could not breath, i ended up doubled up on the floor in agony one night, i felt really hot and dizzy and couldnt breathe properly, at the time i felt like i was gonna die it was that bad, i managed to get my husbands attention and told him to ring an ambulance straight away, when i got to hospital they did a scan and found gallstones, they were going to operate to remove tham which was risky during pregnancy but due to a lowthyroid level they werent able to do it, i took ibuprofen for a couple of days (not recommended in pregnancy but it was all that worked) after a few days i was fine and although i still have gallstones, they do not bother me so they dont need to take them out, only if it flares up again.are you taking anything for the pain? i suggest a couple of days of pain relief, if it makes no difference i would definately suggest going to your gp.


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hi all!

Well finally got to sleep after about 3 hours pain! Im not sure what it is at min but its the 2nd time I have now experienced this in last week and I dunno if im just jumping to conclusions or not but my friend did LL for a long while and she got gallstones and she said she had stomach pains and was in agony. This is what I had last night so dunno if Im jumping to conclusions or It could just be a bug or something...dunno!
Gonna have to see how it goes and mention it to CDC friday and also see GP if it persists.

Louise R

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S: 15st0lb C: 14st0lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 34.7 Loss: 1st0lb(6.67%)
i think thats the best thing, i didnt get mine due to dieting, it was i'm afraid to say too many fatty foods, good job i am sorting that now!!
Hiya, just to be practical....

we should ALL remember that although VLCD do have side effects, it by no means causes everything..
Any onset of sudden pain to that degree should never be ignored and self diagnosed...
I know constipation, IBS etc can be really painful but so can appendicitis etc, also whilst gall stones can sit happily in your gall baldder not really causing probs, if they are causing that degree of pain, then they could be stuck in your bile duct or something and you need to be looked at.... You really need to see a doc if you have sudden unexplained and prolonged pain.
Hope you feel better


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Go to your Doctor!!! a few weeks ago i had 3 nights on the trot of pain several hours a night (felt like indigestion) went to the Docs she felt my abdomen said yep probably just indigestion anyway week later I was in absolute agony felt like i was having contractions i was sweating, faint really agitated couldn't keep still didn't know what to do with myself, this pain lasted 10mins doesn't sound long but was hell i can tell you. Next day went back to Docs and she referred me for a scan said it could be gallstones! 2 weeks later had scan and yes I have gallstones the doc said the pain was probably one trapped in a duct!! no surgery needed though she said unless i get another attack haven't had pain since thank god and don't particularly want surgery. Oh yes i also had a liver function blood test because the doc said gallstones can upset your liver when you are in pain this thankfully came back clear. Sorry for waffling on hope this helps!


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I had gaul stones in 1997/8 when i was 21 and the pain you are describing is nothing like what i had in that the pain is not stomach area,,,,its more central..like between your ribs and around your back :( its a pain you cannot live with being honest.

I had my gaul bladder out at 21 when i had a proper 'attack' and its was pancreititus (sp) so was very bad ..am in full health now but i would see your doc anyway as pain in your stomach isnt good besides g/s

Good luck


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Hi - just got out of hospital after having my gallbladder removed. I can honestly say that if you do have gallstones playing up you can't ignore them!! I had intravenous morphine before I got any relief!!!

I have been told that losing 3 stone in 3 month could have caused them but it's very likely that they were already forming because of a high fat diet!!

I fully intend to go back onto CD when I am 6 weeks clear of the operation to lose the remaining 2 stones. I have never felt better and the gallstone episode has been well worth the pain if they were due to my weight loss diet.

Best to check out any pain that doesn't move with simple pain relief medicines or keeps popping up!

Good luck with your weight loss - I have never felt (and looked) better


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I fully intend to go back onto CD when I am 6 weeks clear of the operation to lose the remaining 2 stones.
I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this hun but it's not 6 weeks after an op it's 3 months. I had my gallbladder out last summer and CD rules clearly state that you have to be off of CD for 3 months after any operation I'm afraid.


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Oh no!!!! I will have to be so careful then!!! Any suggestions???? Did you regain any weight in that 3 months?? I remember you from when I first joined MM last summer - hello :0)


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Will your CDC let you go and see her/him still every week to get weighed to keep you on track? I believe you can still do the 1500 plan after an op but nothing below that.

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