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Gammy foot


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Yesterday I had such good intentions. I told the OH that whilst the sun was here I was going to go out walking every day. So yesterday I put on my most comfortable walking sandles (they've seen me around all the parks in Disney Florida...3 times) and walked and walked and walked. I had the ipod on and as I walked down country lanes I let myself sing along in the knowledge that no one could hear me....i hoped :eek:
This Morning I took the little one to school and on my way home felt a twinge in the side of my foot. I got home did a few housewifely duties and decided to put my foot up whilst I had breakfast and no doubt it would be ok in an hour or so. It wasn't, it hurt even more :cry: I had to go to the shops and by the time I was walking home I was in agony. There's no bruising or anything to indicate that I've damaged something in my foot, but it hurts to put it flat on the floor. The only shoes I could wear to work today which didn't hurt my foot were 4in heels :confused: I've just come home and as soon as I took my shoes off and tried to walk, pain shoots through my foot again.
I don't know what I've done, but I'm really annoyed that I can't carry on with my sunshine walks like I wanted to :(
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That sounds oddly similar to what I've had the past few weeks. I've been signed off work for a week with tendonitis in the side of my foot. I couldn't get the foot to lie flat without the toes raising up off the ground and the side is all swollen.

Strange that heels make it better. Suggests it could be a tendon or a ligament that straightens the foot.

If you can raise it up, put some frozen peas on it and take ibuprofen to reduce any swelling. Good luck!


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sounds painful. Is it on the inside of your foot to the back of your arch? I had problems with my foot last year like this and
had to wear low heels. I can't wear totally flat any more. if it doesn't improve see your GP:)


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i'm off to the GP in 5 mins. A friend is taking me as even though it's only 10 min walk away I can barely get to the end of my street.
I had to take my little girl to school this morning and the closer I got the more painful my foot became. I was looking around frantically for a parent I recognised to ask them to walk her the rest of the way to school. Thankfully someone came along and took her to school for me :sigh:


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Sounds like tendonitis, just keep your foot elevated and try to keep off it as much as you can for a few days, hope it will clear up soon.


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I have to go and get an x-ray. Doc thinks it might be inflammation of the bone (can't remember the correct name) caused by diabetes :( If it is I'm looking at 6 months in plaster :eek:
Ohh poor you. I hope it turns out just to be tendonitis, although that is pretty fustrating it wouldn't be as bad as 6 months in plaster. Best of luck with everything and hope you get the best result possible x


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I've had the X ray and I still don't know. I've got to wit for the results to be sent to my GP which will take 3 working days :rolleyes:

I've been told if it isn't Charcot joint which is what I'm being Xray'd for then it's probably a stretched ligament. I hope it's the latter.


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ooh poor you! I had the stretched ligament problem, ended up having inserts- orthotics made for my foot to try to support it. Bloomin hurt for ages! Hope your xray is ok for you, the ligment prob sounds the better of the two probs.

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