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GDs food diary

Hopefully this will help me see what goes well and doesnt work for me!

Here is yesterday:

Breakfast: Glass of milk

Lunch: Bread roll filled with tuna (in brine) and 1tbsp salad cream plus salad.
Bag of low fat crisps.

Tea- Heinz big soup (chicken and vegetable) with 2 slices of bread.

Snacks- 1 alpen light bar, 2 satsumas, bowl rice krispies and milk for supper whilst watching eurovision.

I used 24 points in total according to the point tracker on WW.
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Today's menu:

B- 2 pieces of toast with a little spread
Milk for tea.

L- Weight watchers chicken hotpot ready meal (I love them!)
2 pieces of bread

T- 1/2 tub dolmio pasta vegetable stir in
Large portion pasta
Added veg (peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, carrots)

Extras- Milk for tea
Alpen light bar
Sugar free raspberry jelly and 2 scoops skinny cow cookie ice
Total: 19.5 points (still have 4.5 left
for any emergencies lol.
And here's today:

B- Glass of milk

L- Bread roll filled with lettuce, tuna and salad cream.
Sugar snap peas
Alpen light summer fruits bar
2 satsumas

T- Tilda basmati rice
1 chicken breast in 1/3 jar seeds of change tikka sauce
1 naan bread

Snacks- 1 apple
1 scoop skinny cow ice cream

Total: 25 points (Yes I used up an AP to have the naan bread. *tuts*)
Todays menu:

B- Bowl rice krispies and milk

L- Small can tuna in 1tbsp salad cream in a white pitta bread with salad.
low fat cherry yogurt
alpen light bar
2 satsumas

T- Tin ravioli
2 slices toast
2 eggs scrambled
2 battered fish fingers

Extras- 1 digestive biscuit
1 skinny cow smoothie lolly
Sugar snap peas and carrots
Today I'm eating:

B- Bowl rice krispies and milk

L- WWFH beef hotpot, 2 slices toast and spread

T- Vegetable and potato bake, chicken breast and salad cream.

Extras- pack strawberry fruities, 1 yogurt, 1 apple, 1 alpen light bar.
And another day:

B- Glass milk

L- wwfh sweet and sour chicken
1 low fat yogurt
1 alpen light bar
2 satsumas

T- Pasta bolognese

Sn- Skinny cow ice cream

(4 points left still...)
OK I'm back on track so here's today's menu:

B- none (Bad I know but I slept in)

L- WWFH chicken curry, 2 slices of toast and spread

T- Tuna salad roll with salad cream, 1 portion batchelors chicken pasta, 1/8 tube pringles

Sn- Low fat ice cream split, 45g floral gums

total: 23.5
Today's menu (still undecided on lunch)

B- 2 slices toast and spread
Milk for tea

L- not sure yet

T- 1 grilled chicken breast, large salad, few new potatoes, 1tbsp light coleslaw and a bread roll

Snacks- Melon, Cherries, skinny cow mint ice cream, ww crisps
B- an apple at midmorning

L- wwfh beef hotpot, 1 apple
1 muller healthy corner yogurt, 1 alpen light bar

T- 2 grassingtons veggie quarter pounders, 1 portion ww chips, 1 bread roll and salad plus salad cream.

Sn- ww chocolate profiteroles, cherries, 1 bag of ww potato hoops

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