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Gem99 Food Diaries

I just thought I would start to keep a record of what I have been eating as my weight losses each week dont to seem to be great, Any advice is welcome.

Friday 27th August EE

Breakfast - 2 quorn sausages, bacon no fat, 2 slices of wholemeal bread 400g leaf HEXB and beans.

Snack - Apple, banana

Dinner - Jacket Potato beans, millerlight

Snack - stawberries, kiwe, blackcurrents, raspberries.

Tea- lamb bugers sw style, yorhurt sauce, feta salad HEXA and savoury rice.

Dessert- fat yorghurt mixed half an option sweetner with meringue 4sysns

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Well did'nt stick to the plan 100% this weekend so here we go again back on the plan.

Monday 30th August EE day

Breakfast - 28g Fruit and Fibre HEXB with half a chopped banana with 350ml skimmed milk (not used all the milk) HEXA.

Snacks 1/2 Grapefruit, the rest of banana and an Apple.

Tea -
Tuesday 31st August EE

I will stay on the plan.

Breakfast 28g shreddies 350ml skimmed milk 1/2 chopped bananna.
1/2 Grapefruit.

Snacks Bananna, 2 green apples.

Dinner - Slimming world soup bacon and red lentil and FF chicken and chilli noodles.

Snacks Mullerlight and melon, stawberries, Kiwi fruit.

Tea - Slimming world Chicken Rogan Josh, with courgette, onions, mushrooms, passata, tinned toms.

Snack- Blue Ribbon 5 syns
Wednesday 01st September EE

Weight in night and I have put 1 1/2 ibs on, I now forcused again.

Breakfast - 1/2 Grapefruit, Cheese 1/4g 1/2 HEXA with mushroom omelette and beans.

Snacks - Fibre plus bar HEXB two apples and a bananna.

Dinner - Ham, cheese other half of HEXA 14g Salad, pickles and vingerette dressing.

Snacks - Millerlight, melon, strawberry's & kiwi fruit chopped up.

Tea - Spicy Savoury mince (from meal for under fiver receipe book) with mashed swede and potato.

Syns 5 blue ribbon.
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Thursday 02nd Sept EE

Breakfast 28g shreddies HEXB with 350ml sk milk HEXA not all my milk was used. 1/2 grapefruit.

Snacks - 3 apples and one banana.

Dinner - Tuna mixed with 1tsp of light mayo 1.5 syns and FF Formage frais and salad.

Snacks Millerlight and melon, grapes and kiwi fruit, thai mug shot 0.5 syns.

Tea - SW Moroccan lamb with butternut squash and rice.

Snacks - Asda Curls 4.5 syns and blue ribbon 5 syns

Total syns 11.5
Got some nice variety going on there. Only thing i will say is my c said that its very important to have your 1/3 with your meal not an hour or so later.
Maybe try doing that and then maybe you wont feel like you need to snack and maybe the weigh loss will be better?
I know theres a difference of opinion on this though. Its working for me though.
Friday 3rd Sept EE

Breakfast - 2 weatabix HEXB with 350ml SK milk (not all of it used) and 1/2 a grapefruit.

Snacks 2 apples and a banana.

Dinner SW bacon and lentil soup from the EE cookbook its really nice.

No Snacks

Tea - Pasta salad with some chopped ham.

Syns - Asda curls 4.5 syns and one chocolate option 2 syns =6.5 syns

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