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Discussion in 'Dukan Diaries' started by StylesClash0213, 30 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. StylesClash0213

    StylesClash0213 New Member

    Hello and welcome to my diary.

    My name is Gemma and I am 32.

    I have roughly 66 pounds to lose.

    I am a Dukan Newbie.

    Never tried this diet before and I believe this is something I can stick too.

    I have ordered the book which should be delivered today :)

    I have done an online shop and am ready to go.

    I entered all my details into the dukan website and it tells me I have to be on the attack phrase for 6 days.

    So let's begin................

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  3. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    Welcome! Nice to hear from you..well done for setting up a diary :)

    i know I am biased but you will not regret it.

    my only advice is read the book. From cover to cover. I read the basic rules to start off with then read it all. Mine is full of highlighter pen marks & notes!! I'm a bit sad!! But treat it like your number one obsession.

    This is is the only diet for me because the weight comes off so quick compared to other diets I've tried ( I was a slimming world girl) it kept my will power like iron..

    have you tried any other diets before?

    follow the rules and it will not let you down

    good luck Gemma!!

  4. StylesClash0213

    StylesClash0213 New Member

    Day 1 is nearly over....

    I have found today really hard but stuck within the rules.

    Bring on day 2


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  5. StylesClash0213

    StylesClash0213 New Member

    Thanks :)

    I have tried so many diets... weight watchers, slimming world, 5:2, calorie counting, slim fast etc

    How much have you lost with Dukan?


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  6. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member


    well done on on day has been since then?

    i first did dukan in 2011 & lost 47lb in 4 1/2 months. Met my now husband & gained 21lb over a year.

    did dukan again in 2013 & lost 21lb in 7 weeks for my wedding....then guess what...gained 23lb back.

    so here again....the reason I have gained the weight back is not going back onto the last 2 stages of this diet, I just started eating normally, or if I'm honest, very unhealthily,,,,,

    good luck & keep us updated!!!

  7. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Hey Gemma,

    How's it all going? Have you been weighing yourself daily through attack?

  8. MattR

    MattR Full Member

    Good luck and stay focused Gemma!

    Am in the same boat - just starting out to lose a similar amount.

    Some great advice and help on this forum.
  9. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Nice to meet u Gemma!

    Just saying hello and subscribing to your diary :)


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