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General question about sweetners...


I am not a fan of anything particularly sweet, but I made a veggie burger earlier ( as suggested on the recip thread)....it required some tabasco and a sweetner...I found some Silver Spoon sweetners and put one in.
My question is are all sweetners ok? And do we have a limit on LL as to how many or which brand?

Thanks. :)

PS..The veggie burger was gorgeous! ;)
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I will do this!
you are allowed tablet form only, not the powder.
I use 2 each day in my hot chocolate and it's been fine :D
It says that your allowed as many as you want as the tablet sweetners, I have about 5 to sweeten the taste of the shakes up :)


Gotta Make A Change
I have sweetner in porridge tastes delish
Many Thanks all...can rest assured I have not made a boo boo now! :)
foxtrot said:

At the beginning, I found the shakes to be quite bland, but over time they've started tasting sweeter to me; I certianly can't imagine putting sweetner in them now! Hopefully it's because my sweet tooth has been put back in check :p


Gotta Make A Change
How you make the veggie burger can't find it on recipe thread
How you make the veggie burger can't find it on recipe thread
I made it by putting 100ml of hot water in a bowl with the pack of veg soup.
Add one sweetner and tabasco sauce ( I wasn't sure about that, but trust me, it really makes it nice!)

Stir it all up and put in microwave for about 1-2 mins, stirring in between once or twice, and it gets a bit doughy and drier.
Then shape the ball into a flat patty/burger and grill on either side for a minute or until looks grilled.

Have enjoyed one for 2 nights now...very nice! :)

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