General W/C 30th October 2006

Should I change my name to HAPPYNIX!!!

Morning Wemitts!
Oh boy am I knackered this morning...and so stiff from all the walking and rides we did yesterday at Alton Towers.
Well what a fab weekend....probably won't sound much to some but it was our 'summer holiday' as we couldn't afford one this year. Just 2 days and a night away but as it turned out we had a fantastic time. The kids were all fab and so well behaved it was a pleasure to be with them not a cross word was said.
Anyway, we left here about 9am. Dropped the dog off at my mates then headed for Cadbury World.
Cadbury World was better than I thought it would be and very interesting. Loads free choc! which I am pleased to say although I did sample most of mine is in the fridge...for everyone else not me. I did try the liquid chocolate...who wouldn't! It was devine but very sickly. Learnt loads about how Cadbury came about. Brought a ton of chocolate presents for Christmas presents. Then we went on to Derby....Ann read your message, I'd never have been cheeky enough to ask to stay, but it would have been great to see time, and there will be a next time. We had booked to stay at the Days Hotel, Derby....which I have to say I was very impressed with. And the kids thought it was great fun! The boys shared with DH...I wanted them all to have a some boy time which doesn't happen much in this house....and the did. DH has promised to spend more time with them. In fact he commented on what great company they are....can't believe its taken so long for him to realise but better late than never. I shared with Sophie....who thought the Queen + size bed was a great trampolline!! Went to Damons Restaurant next door. Had full intentions of chicken and salad...which went out the window! Won't say what we ate but we did eat far to much and I'm suffering now.
Up at the crack of dawn....because we forgot about the clocks going back!! So got showered, dressed, had cooked breakfast...I know, I know. Then headed for Alton Towers.
Got there as it opened and headed for a day of excitement.
Still can't believe I went on...Nemesis and Rita. The queues were so long tha we had to give up on Oblivon (sp). But we did most of them. Had lunch...another naughty, ate hot doughnuts...oh dear. Left there at 6pm and got home just before 10pm.
So thats just a brief account I wouldn't want to bore you all with the full one!
So according to my scales I've managed to put on 6lbs! eek :eek: But although I do feel really fat and uncomfortable I do feel great in myself I had such a fab time I really needed to have a laugh and chill out!
Starting 1000 cals today, so sitting here with my peppermint tea and my water bottle in the fridge. And counting the weeks until I can get back to SSing.
Kam xx
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A new week and a new start! Good luck everyone :D

Kam - sounds like you had the fabbest of fab times!! What a daredevil to go on those rides! I still stood and held coats at the theme park on Holland ... not because I couldn't fit on the rides but because I am a chicken :p

I feel quite 'poisoned' by the amount of rubbish I've consumed - I won't go into graphic detail ... sufficient to say I was physically sick on one of the days ( a very bad mix of salad, pate, granary bread and three greasy chicken nuggets!! :eek: )

Anyway - last day of civvie food ... back to SS tomorrow.

Here's my Keane pics if anyone's interested.

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Glad things are looking up for everyone!

Weighed in at 11,5 this morning so have some urgent work to do but so long as I stick to low cal I can be 9 stone by March...

Love to all
Love Anja xxx
:):):):)I WISH!:):):):)

I was second row back with a 4 foot something girl in front of me (which was fine by me as I'm only 5'2"). I took over 100 pics and some videos but what with them dancing/moving & the lights changing/strobing etc. half my pics are out of focus. Very disconcerting to take a pic only to find the lights changed mid take & it's pitch black!

Oh well! Was excellent all the same!

Love xxx
Right ..... well, I've had my 'get back on the wagon' weigh in and all I can say is - OMG THOSE DUTCH PANCAKES DID THEIR EVIL WORST!!

I've gained 17lb .... yes SEVENTEEN pounds in just 2 weeks taking me back into the teens at 13st 9lb.

OK - now that I've got that out of the way, let's try and look at the 'glass half full' scenario.
1. I gained - I knew I'd gain and I know HOW I gained so no shocks there.
2. I gained but have nipped it in the bud: in the past I'd have regained the lot (plus more) before sorting it out.
3. I'm back on SS so it'll be reversed in just a few weeks.

I've changed my ticker to reflect my WHOLE weight loss since my heaviest and not just since starting CD at the end of March - this is an ONGOING journey and I want to see the whole picture.
I've taken down my old wall chart / graph and will do another one with my new starting weight at the top. New re-start date - new finishing date but there still IS a finishing date!

Just bought loads of bottled water and some paracetamol for any potential carb withdrawal symptoms: I'm-a-ready and champing at the bit to get on with the rest of my journey.
I stopped to admire the scenery - it was crap - so I'm back on the CD wagon! ;)

Good luck to all new starters and re-starters! :)
Don't worry hon,

Most of that is more likely to be glycogen & water than pancakes. It'll all be gone again soon. Believe me I know!

The Queen of Restarts!
Kam, it's soooo good to read your upbeat post the joy just jumps right off the page! Lovely to read about your mini holiday with your family, good luck with your 1000cal week xx

Anja, wow you lucky thing *feeling envious* looks like a fab night out!

Debbie, just wanted to say welcome back (you were missed) and don't worry about what seems a big gain, most of that will undoubtedly be glycogen and will be gone in a week of ssing, believe me when I fell off the wagon I was devastated when I got on the scales and thought I'd gained 2st :eek: luckily it was mostly glycogen with an actual gain of only a few lbs !!

check you all later - BE GOOD xx
Kam - glad to read that you had such a fab time!! I am so in awe of you going on those rides!!! :eek: Well done you - and good luck with the 1000 cal plan (you'll get there, honey ... I'm confident!! :) )

Anja - what a brill view you had! One of my clients was at the Keane gig too and said it was brill! :D

Debbie - No recriminations, no regrets, no looking back OK? What matters most of all is the 'here and now' - and where you want to get to in the future. And if I know you even a fraction (which I hope I do by now), you'll tackle this next stage with the same determination as you've shown all along (the odd Dutch pancake notwithstanding of course :) ). You'll truly be amazed how quickly that 17 lbs will vanish - as quickly as it went on probably - and then it's all wheels back on that wagon :D

Mrs T - just a big MWAH!!! :D

Hope all WeMitts have a fantastic week. Just remember the 'Tricks' that your mind can play on you - and that the 'Treats' are for the kids, not for you! :D

Much love
Gosh Debbie, you sound brilliantly determined and organised, I wish I had that about me at present. I seem to be swinging from one difficult situation to the next at the moment and my iron will is turned to candy floss! I almost feel I have no right to be on this site, this thread, this laptop! But, I know this is a temporary feeling and I will be back firing on all cylinders, so in the meantime I want to keep up with my miniminers news and try to work back into the right frame of mind. Lots of love to all the wemitts,
Hi Barb
Just read your post .... can't answer right now as I'm about to shoot off to Uni but I'll get back to you.

Hang on in there ... you have EVERY right to be here - you're a wemitt and a friend!

Catch you later.

Debbie...wishing you all the best on your restart today. I know you'll do it...we both will. Restarting as well. Want to lose 56 pounds :eek: by March would be fantastic but I'm being realistic as on 1000 cals and aiming for a slim Summer 2007! Talk later. xxx hang in there. I know you can do it we all can and we all will. You've done so well so far. Hope the family are all ok now.

Sharon...thanks hun we had a blast! I'm still buzzing from going on Rita! And the kids and Andy are well impressed. Proof in my avatar!

Mrs T...oh thanks. I am feeling really good and spurned on by my weekend away! Maybe those fast and furious rides have jogged my mind back to diet land!

Right all....Kamiknix is starting 1000 cals NOW! wish me luck and keeping kicking my backside until I lose thoae pounds!
I've ajusted my tracker so that it looks like I'm starting again! Still just under 4 stone lighter than this time last year in fact its a year today that I started WW! Moved to CD at the end of January. I've reread all the booklets...hadn't lifted them up for ages. And feel like I'm a newbie again of sorts there were bits in there I'd forgotten!

Kam x
Good luck on your restart, Kam....see yer' later! :)
Thanks Diva. Need loads help from my CDC on this one. Toby's upstairs asleep being puking all night so unless I can get my Mum over for abit to sit with him I won't get over to you. Was hoping to speak to you yesterday but didn't like to ring again I know your rushed off you feet.
Talk later...I'll be in all day!
Kam x
Yesterday was a bit of a mare as it was Mum's birthday, had a couple of deliveries and also quite a few clients plus the group in the evening.....

Will speak to you later!
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Good to see you back TG - glad to hear you had such a fab time!

Day 1 of my restart almost over .... I'm starvin' Marvin at the mo but I know it'll all get easier once ketosis kicks in.

With less to lose, I have to say I'm not as doggedly, red-hot enthusiastic as I was in March but part of that might be down to the fact I'm absolutely wrecked because of too many late nights (catching up on Uni work etc after Holland).

Maybe I should just listen to my body and catch some ZZzzs :)

Night all xx
Well done on getting back on the wagon again Debbie - and you know that it WILL get so much easier in the next few days.

The last part of our journey is always tricky as we become more comfortable with the way we look - but, for me, it's a matter of personal pride and satisfaction to get to my goal weight. That's what keeps me going anyway - sheer bloody-mindedness and a determination to be able to say "Yeay!! I've done it!" :D

Sleep well honey!

Much love