General: Week starting Mon 14th August

Hi WeMitts

Thanks for all the goods wishes and hugs about my Sis, she is out of hospital and feeling loads better, her Hubby got back from America as well. You can tell she is feeling better as she has already told my Mum to stop phoning her, bit selfish I think as Mum can't exactly jump up and go round to see her coz of the oxygen so its her only way of showing how concerned she is. She is also being really vague about what they said to her so I don't know anymore than I did on Friday - typical her though, but she will let us know when she is ready.

I have lost 3 pounds this week so reasonably pleased with that.

I have also decided to do my first add a meal week, after a bit of confusion with the amounts, one book says 2 oz chicken and the other 3oz and the same for the cottage cheese one says 3 ozs the other 4 ozs, my CDC said to use the higher amounts - what are you guys doing. Bit of a fuss just for the teeny amount you get but boy o boy cottage cheese/cucumber has never tasted soooooooooooo good:eek: I have chicken and pickled cabbage tonight and salivating at the thought, I used to have that combo between a couple of slices of granary bread but will have to do without the bread for the time being:(.

Just realised why this thread is so quiet, I need to go back and read the weekends posting...

Hope everyone is having a good day
Jellybabe....I'm here! But where are all the other Wemitts??

Well my first day of ssing is nearly over 2 packs down, 3 litres of water and looking forward to my 3rd pack in a few hours time....mmm I think I'll have my fav choc & coffee but warm as its so cold outside.

Kamilla x
Good Evening Wemitts

Jellybabe, I'm glad your Suster is feeling better. Well done you for still having a loss this week after all that worry!!

Kamilla, Well done for reaching and almost finishing day 3. Yor determination is amazing and inspiring.

It is very quiet on here today. I hope everyone is ok.

Jazzy xx
Jazzy...only end of first day! Mmm not sure I could ever be classed as inspiring but I'm certainly going to give it one hell of a go! I hope all you Wemitts are okay too? Jazzy maybe its just you, jellybabe & me and all the other Wemitts are on their hols?? :confused:
Hope you both had a good day on to tomorrow.
Night all.
Kamilla x
Hi Kami.. I restarted this week and before I knew it I was munching on that cheesecake. Helppp please I need to get rid of one last stone. Got a date comming up, with someone of my dreams lol..N i want to look my best. Please someone give me some advice, my will power has packed its bags and left me :(
Hi wemitts!!
Thanks for starting this weeks general thread Kam - I was running around like a headless chicken today as my youngest daughter's friend from Yorkshire was coming down to stay for the week and I was shopping, tidying Sophie's room etc etc.

Jellybabe - well done on the 3lb loss: another chunk bites the dust!! Enjoy your AAM week - I haven't done one yet (20 weeks into the diet!). I just didn't feel 'ready' after 4 weeks and now I just don't fancy it: I like my sole sourcing but I've heard so many good things about AAM that no doubt I'll have a go at some point .... knowing me, it'll be the week before I reach goal!!

Sal - Hiya: glad you found the group (and the wemitts especially!). We have a 'stone before Sept 23rd' Challenge going on amongst the wemitts at the moment: why not join in and we can all lose that stubborn stone together :D

Kam - Keep up that fab effort and you'll be a stone lighter in just a few short weeks! With our current challenge well uinder way, won't it be great that a whole bunch of us will be a whole stone lighter in a few short weeks too!! We're sure to have reached that collective 100st lost by our next wemitt meet in November! I forgot to put my starting weight on the challenge: I'll go do that now!

I went to Tescos today to do that shopping I was on about and whilst I was there, me and my 18 year old were trying on jeans in the changing room together. It felt very strange indeed that I was in a 'normal' shop trying on clothes with one of my daughters.
I was able to squeeze into a size 18 but it was major 'muffin top' city. However, the button was fastened and zip done up so it'll only be another few weeks until I'm a comfy size 18.
The size 20 was comfortable: a size 19 would've been better! I didn't buy the jeans partly because of that - they wouldn't have lasted more than a couple of weeks and also ... they were too long as usual! I'm afraid standard length are too long on my wee short legs!

Anyway, it was a boost just to have had the little trying on session: to think my size 28s were getting too tight just 20 weeks ago!
I really must get some more photos done and stick them in my photo box. I'm almost a stone lighter than the last ones that were taken at my college certificate day so I'm sure there must be a visible difference by now. I'll get onto it! Might even have one done in my 'training' gear! ;)

Catch you all later!
Hi all

Kamilla, I'm sorry. That will teach me not to pay attention when writing posts. I was writing and read your 3 litres of water and 3rd pack as day three. Doh!!!! You still deserve the "well done" anyway. And I think you ARE an inspiration, with everything that you have been through, you keep going!!!

Debbie, I know how you feel with the standard length trousers being too long. I even have trouble with the short length. I bought some crop trousers last week and they came all the way down to my ankles. Perfect length. They looked stupid though so I can only really wear them around the house where no one can see me, except the post man and gas man when they call unexpectedly. Goodness knows what they must think of my dress sense.

Hope all other Wemitts are ok.

Jazzy x
Wow x 1000!!!!!!

That is an awesome loss - you must be absolutely over the moon! Over a stone gone - just like that! That's what I like about that first great week's loss ... it rewards you for all the grit and determination needed to get into ketosis and drives you on into the second week!
Keep it up - week two here you come! :D

WOW - PAM - 16.75lbs is amazing!

Have finished with the 11s finally, having been in them such a long time. Have left 11,4 on tracker as that was last Thursday's evening weight so still a loss of 3 stone 2lbs from January. Still 10,13. Have just checked my targets; starting at 11,0 and losing 2lbs per week on 1100 cal with WLR I should be 10,0 for the Sept. London meet and 9,12 when I go on hol. Pretty excited about that. Was fidgeting about still being 10,13 but I have until Thursday night/Friday morning for the first week of WLR to be over so I'm getting a bit ahead of myself wanting to lose another lb before that. I've now been in the 10s 3 days running - so far SSing I always dipped into the 10s then gave up as I wanted food so this is nothing short of miraculous and I don't feel even a tiny bit deprived. I can do this this time; it feels different.

I'm also sort of doing the challenge as I aim to lose nearly a stone by that date but putting my name down each time has jinxed it so I will do mine unofficially! I'm going to the London meet & my hol is 7th October so aiming for my losses about the same time.

Hope Ann & Michael are having a great holiday! It is quite quiet at the moment on here.

Thanks so much for all the encouragement!

Better do some Spanish as I have been incredibly lazy this weekend & frittered away one of my precious 5 weekends before my dissertation is due! 1 month exactly today until the due date!

Love xxx
Debbie,well done on getting into the size 18 jeans u must feel so chuffed with your self xx

Pam that is amazing well done on your great loss and sucseeding on your first week at cd,hope u have a great week xx

Morning Kam,how r u doing, well done for getting back on CD day 2 is here for u and from the sounds of ur post last night u are well on the way to ketosis with the neasty taste in ur mouth,hope u have a good day xx

Jellybabe, well done on your weight loss,how are u enjoying your add a meal week, hope u have a good day xx

S 786 and Jazzy hope u have a good day xx

Morning all,well have not been posting the last few days have been feeling really emotional and down,have had a few days where i have found it very hard to even get out of bed and all i wanted to do is cry.
I am really missing Aaron,at the moment he is on a school trip with his school to Kenya to do voluntary work with under homeless children,it is so weird with him not being here,the house is so quiet,i have spoken to him a couple of times, but today he is going on a camping trip to the biggest scout camp ground in Africa so wont be able to talk to him for 4 days as his mobile wont have a signal there.
Its not jsut him being away that has made me feel down its jsut the realisation that as i cant SS for the moment that my weight loss is going to be slower and it could take me possibly till dec 07 to get down to a normal weight.
Anyway enough wingeing,hope u all have a good day, chat soon xxxx
Hi all

It does seem very quiet on here at the moment doesn't it - lets hope they are all off somewhere hot and fabulous.

Kam, hope you finished your first SS day in a blaze of glory.

S_786, Hope you are having a better day today and the cheesecake is a dim and distance thought. Its just a blip, pick yourself up and dust yourself down and remind yourself why you are doing this mad diet. Set yourself some small goals to aim for and you will be well away.

Debbie, I know what you mean about not wanting to do the AAM week, this is the first time its ever entered my head - and to be honest will probably be the last. Isn't it just an amazing feeling when you think how much we have lost in such a reasonably short time. Well done on getting them jeans on. Its getting close to the time that I need to go shopping but have been living in the stuff I grew out of over the last year or so and huge baggy t-shirts luckily my skirts have elasticated waists so I have just unpicked bits pulled out elastic and sewed them up again. The wraparound skirts are getting to the limit that I can't adjust the buttons any more without walking like a geisha. I think I can say I deserve some new clothes, but just need to pursuade the bank manager:eek: .

Jazzy, at least you have clothes on when the gas man comes etc. They always seem to come first thing and I am usually in a dressing gown.

Pam, I am truely gobsmacked at your loss, I think that has to be an all time best, I certainly don't remember anyone losing that much before. You must be so thrilled and excited. Well done, keep the good work going but bear in mind that the weight loss does drop off so that you don't end up de-motivated.

Anja, well done on getting to the 10's, you sound so determined at the moment I am sure you will be at goal in no time. Get your dissertation done now and then you can put it out of your mind. Don't do what I did a couple of years ago, I was so prepared spent hours and hours doing it, then ended up re-organising it all at the last minute, the system hung and I lost the lot, luckily I had a printed out version but I had to retype it all, I was up all the night before it was due to be handed in - not a great time, especially as I had work the next day.

Roch, BIG HUGS, this thread is for good and bad days, so please get on here and post if you think it helps. If you continue feeling like that you should go and see your GP. Set yourself little frequent achievable goals and rewards (non food related) for achieving them, it truely works. I know its hard but really try and put the big picture our of your head and focus on the journey and your small goals and keep plodding along getting the job done. Hopefully you will be SSing before long but any weight you lose between now and then is a bonus. Try and keep yourself busy, go for a walks, swimming etc and see friends, family etc and try and take your mind off it. Just imagine your Son's face when he comes back to a Mum who is XX pounds lighter than when he left, what an incentive:D. If you need to talk e-mail me and I will send you my mobile number.
Hiya Wemitts,
Well considering I only lost 1/2lb (well sort of! Scales showed a 2lb gain! then I got on a second time and they showed a 1/2lb loss! so I'm going with the loss)! I'm feeling pretty good! Headache & horrid taste still in my mouth but I'm coping with both in the hope that I'll pass day 3 and get in to ketosis ASAP. I am pledging to do a whole week ssing! something I haven't done for ages.
Went for my weigh in and saw Lisa (Weighty Problem) OMG WOW she looked so amazing I was tempted to bring her home and stick her on my fridge to remind me how I also could look if I stuck to this diet! So thanks Lisa for being there on a different day to your normal weigh in day! Oh girl did I need to see you for a big inspirational kick!

Sal..hope today is proving better for you. Re: Cheesecake, now that CD have brought out a crunch bar you could make a cheesecake with that! chop up 1/2 bar and put on bottom of ramekin mix up a 1/2 vanilla shake and 1/2 mix a mousse and stick in fridge...cheesecake! Yummy!!

Debbie...AAM well never really got pass doing a full 4 weeks ssing! but AAM week is quite like 790 so enjoy! Chicken & mushroom kebab is a fav of mine!

Jazzy...Like Jelly said at least you have clothes on! I'm normally just getting out of the shower when the postie calls! or on the loo and the kids anawer the door and tell him! :mad:

Pam...what can I say OMG well done!!!

Anja...oi skinny! well done you too for getting in the 10's

Roch...chin up Aaron will be back before you know it. Toby my middle child is going away on Saturday to Scout camp for a week.....and as much as I'm so proud of him going without me for the first time I'm going to miss him loads.

Well off for a much needed haircut! Was trying to wait another 5 weeks but its driving me mad!

Hope your all having a good day.

Glug glug

Kamilla xx
Where are all the Wemitts gone......

I can't believe I was the last one to post! :(

Anyway, mouth still smells and taste revolting! even the dog turned his nose up this morning!! Headache still there too but not as bad as yesterday. Upping my water today to 4 litres been doing a litre extra a day. 1 shake down with added physilluim husks(Ssp)...mmm weird but nice!

Better get everyone up! hate waking them but boys on courses this week and Sophie & I are going shopping! Only wish it was for me I so need some clothes! Got to get Toby some stuff for camp.

Have a good one all.

Kamilla xx
Morning wemitts,did something stupid today jumped on my scales today for the first time since i started sw,and it said i had not lost any weight,i feel dissapointed and upset and dont know where i have gone wrong as i have not cheated once this week.
this last week has been so hard for me emotionally and i was really looking forward to being told i had lost 3 pound,i know i lost 14 pound last week but at the weight i am i should be losing a decent amount each week.
I have probs with water retention and am on water tabs,and i do want to stop them but in the past when i have stopped them i have gained weight over a period of days,and i know if i get a negative weight loss it will make me feel even lower than i have the past week.
Sorry for wingeing xxx
Hi Roch,

If you are doing the diet that is all that counts...

Your weight will fluctuate up and down that is why it is so important to go by the monthly weight loss, as it will give a more consistent picture of your progress.

Keep a record of your morning weight and when Pierce adds the graph chart next month you will have it there so you can enter your record into this...

As a slow loser myself I know how you feel as it the scales can be your worst enemy at times or feel like that.

This is not a one day diet, but it is one day at a time...

Leave the scales alone if they are going to upset you and keep a food diary...I have found it priceless as I was kidding myself about what I was denial:eek: by writing everything down I could see what I was eating.

Ask yourself what can you do for yourself today to bring you one step closer to your goals in life.

Love Mini xxx
Yes Roch, dont' worry too much about the scales, they fluctuate up and down all the time! I jumped on mine today and they showed a gain of 1.5lbs!! But I know I haven't cheated, it can only just be water rentention or something so I'm not phazed by it at all! If you're doing everything right, don't worry about what the numbers say.. :) Keep up the good work :)
Hi all

Kam, sorry to hear you are suffering with headaches and bad breath, the headaches pass as you know but the bad breadth doesn't, when ever I have had to talk to anyone for the last six months, I have been putting my hand over my mouth as I am totally paranoid about it - lets hope its not a permanent habit I am forming:eek: Must try your cheesecake idea - sounds yummy.

Roch, try not to weigh yourself mid week, its so de-motivating when the scales haven't shifted and you will get a better surprise at your official weighin - all scales are slightly different so you may be doing better than you think.

Well my AAM week has knocked me out of ketosis, is this normal? I know that I haven't religously stuck to the weights for the chicken & cottage cheese and probably have overdone the salad (how do you work out what 2 tablespoons of salad is:confused:). But can't believe that would do it. So not expecting a loss this week - if I gain I WILL BE VERY VERY ANGRY:mad: AND I WILL SQUEEM AND SQUEEM UNTIL I TURN VERY RED AND MAKE MYSELF SICK!

To be honest this will be my first and last AAM break, I won't be doing it again unless I get desperate for food, the temptation is just to great and it makes me think about what I am missing, especially as I am already out of ketosis, I found myself thinking, oh I might as well have a curry now and get that craving sorted for a while... not a good idea and have kinda talked myself out of it (for now;) ).