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General WeMitt Thread W/C 20th November


I STILL mean it!
Hi everybody. I'm up late, so thought I'd start the thread for this coming week.
On Saturday it's the "meet" in Birmingham, and it will be so nice to meet some of you. Don't know if I'm staying over or not, but I'll definitely be the on Sat afternoon and evening. It's only 40 mins for me on the train, so reasonably near. I've got a "what shall I wear" feeling coming on. I stocked up on clothes for the summer, but have very little in the winter department, except the size 30+ stuff waiting to be put on e bay.
Is everyone on SS who is coming to Birmingham??
I'm going to have my hair coloured tomorrow, for the first time in my life. It's gone so light (oh alright it's almost white) that it's stopped being blonde and started to look "old ladyish" to me. I'm nervous about it, a lot of "what ifs" floating around my head!!!
Have a good Monday.
Ann x
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What colour are you having hon?

Mine's dark red again at the min & I have a green jumper on so I look like holly!

(By the way - you've got me hooked on crocs! - have got 2 pairs of Mary Janes for work; black & burgundy & two pairs of Caymans like yours in shocking purple & turquoise for weekends & evenings!)

Aqua Aerobics was great. I seem to have stopped dieting & settled about 11,4 but since last Jan I was 14,6 I don't really care that much so will carry on with renewed vigour when I feel like it & keep an eye in the meantime. (Still definitely want to be 9 something but low 10s would do at the min!) Booked for A A again this Thursday.

Hope all is well with you & all the Wemitts. Have a fantastic weekend next weekend!

Love xxx


I STILL mean it!
Pleased you're a "croc" fan Anja. Once you've worn them, there's nothing quite as comfortable is there? even my trusty birkenstocks take second place now.
Just got back from the hairdressers. It's not such a change as I imagined, but it does look better. Sort of blonde, (where before it was white!) but with different tones in it.
The bill was a shock though - never having had my hair coloured before, I didn't know what to expect, but it was £54 (just colour, no cut)- and that's in a suburb of Derby - goodness knows what it would cost in a top salon in London or somewhere!!! Mind you, this hairdresser is good - he's booked up until the middle of January already.
Might go a BIT darker when I have it done again - already booked for Jan. 15th after I get back from Spain.
Love to your mum.
Ann x
Yikes £54! Ouch!

Have recently been home-dyeing with salon cuts as found that cheaper. Schwarzkopf (I think!) does the tonal boxes with base colours & wands to put lighter streaks through & they're quite cool!

UK wash, cut, dry, colour etc. VERY expensive! I tend to get mine done when I can afford it for about £60 - £70 ish in Spain for the full works plus ammonia stripes so part of my hair is dark red & the stripes come out "Cat-coloured" i.e. very bright red!:)

Have even got Mum hooked & am waiting for her hole-free crocs to come from the US at the mo!

Love xxx

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hi Girls,
I am busy busy busy this week. part 3 and 4 of our adoption course for Toddler A.
baby A is now 8 weeks and doing well.. thankfully sleeping from 11pm till around 6 most nights (not last night but i won't moan)! lol

We are getting a new puppy on Wednesday! it's my xmas present, a JR terrier. he's 7 weeks just now, and we're naming him Iggy Pup ;) :p There is a brand of clothes for dogs called pup and Erin immediately asked if we could get him a coat with Pup on it! lol

I'm collecting him Wed night and as it's really busy and we'll have been doing our course too i'll be shattered come bedtime... lol hope our current 3 year old terrier takes to the pup! We'll crate train him so that'll give them a bit of seperation time. :rolleyes:
Jane, thanks for the PM.
Hope all ok with you and keeping my fingers crossed for all to go as planned for adoption of bay A.
Not really posting much as in and out visiting Dad in hospital. He's in for at least another week! Had a heart attack on Friday night.
Feel in total limbo its awful.
Kami x


finding my way again !
Can anyone tell me how i join the WeMITTS, am fairly new to the site & so far all i seem to have found out how to do is read what you have to say, i don't know how to start a diary or anything, am i just being thick?
Cheryl xx:)
Just posting here is all you have to do - so long as you "mean it this time" about losing weight once & for all!.

To start a diary you go to the diary threads section and just start a new thread.

Hope this helps & welcome to the Wemitts.

Love xxx


I STILL mean it!
Hello there Pandora, and a very warm welcome to the WeMitts. We will be there every step of the way for you on you weight loss journey - as long as you Mean It This Time, you're one of us.
Post often. Look forward to getting to know you.
Anja - have you got any jibbitz for your crocs yet???
I've bought a dress from e bay today, and a very special dress too. It's like the one Princess Daiana wore - the drop shoulder black number. Never, ever in my wildest dreams would I have thought one year ago that I would buy, hoping to wear, a dress like this. I have a porcelain figurine of PD wearing it, and have always thought it was gorgeous. Hope it fits. OMG, ME in a dress like Princess Diana's, I shall feel SO GOOD - it will make all the weeks of SS worth while that's for sure.
Ann x
PS If you'd like to have a look, it's item number 230051196571 on e bay.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Jane, thanks for the PM.
Hope all ok with you and keeping my fingers crossed for all to go as planned for adoption of bay A.
Not really posting much as in and out visiting Dad in hospital. He's in for at least another week! Had a heart attack on Friday night.
Feel in total limbo its awful.
Kami x
Kam, I'm sorry he's in for another week but they are right to be careful. Really hope you are able to get some rest, and your head is bound to feel all over the place, this is natural after such a shock. good thing is.. they know a LOT about treating the after affects and preventing further attacks. ((Hugs))
As I said in my PM, I'm here for you... just give me a yell! ;)

A has been running around like a mad child all day! she's sooooo different to Erin, and much more like a boy than a girl! lol I must be mad!! :rolleyes: :p :D but she's a loving toddler, and has come on so well from the baby she was when she arrived.

One day when she's legally ours i can show you how gorgeous she is! :)

Well, am off to bed, up at 6 dropping Erin off at 7.30, babies off at 8.15 and then off to the course.

Hi Ann

Lovely dress.

Jibbitz: Yep I'm afraid so but I only wear them on the home ones not the work ones! Got a ginger cat, a black cat (like ours at home!), a blue flower, a purple flower, a ladybird, a blue turtle, a blue & pink butterfly & a pink & purple butterfly!
(I got them from an online shop with free postage not individually on Ebay!)

How sad am I?!
Which ones have you got?

Love xxx


I STILL mean it!
I've got sunflowers, orange flowers, daisies and butterflies. Jibbitz aren't sad - they're FUN! I'd like to get some ladybirds. Did you get your crocs from e bay?
If anyone doesn't know what we're talking about, Crocs are the most comforable shoes/sandals you can buy. They're made of some kind of plastic, and look a bit odd, but when you try them, you get addicted. Then you buy the little things to decorate the holes (called Jibbitz) and then you end up like Anja and me!!!!!!! I love them.
Ann x
Good morning wemitts, just popping in to say hello and hope everyone is having a great day!

Welcome to the wemitts Pandora, hope you have a lovely day.

PH good luck with all that adoption stuff, (she sound lovely)!


p.s. Ann that dress is gorgeous, you are gonna look smashing!
bit late in adding to this thread but good morning all, hope you are all well. ann - i am a huge crocs fan too, ive gothte cayman in fushcia (only wear round the house as theyre a wee bit brighter than i expected but i love them) and the navy colour too, youve got me wanting ot nose around for jibbitz now! never seen them

Hi everyone,

Have lost 2 of my stress/holiday lbs so only 6 more to go... 11,2 again so creeping back up on the 10s for about the 6th time now... Keeping going in & dropping down them & then something happens; exam, essay, holiday & I come back out!

Also my blood test results should be back by now & I have an appointment with the Dr on Monday morning to find out; they were checking for anaemia & thyroid probs. I can't remember if I said on here but I've been having circulation problems for about 4 weeks with feeling the ketosis cold but being unable to do anything about warming my hands, feet & nose no matter what I do. Have noticed it gets much worse whenever I eat or drink anything coolish but since I can't give up my fruit, cereal, sandwiches & water I need to get it sorted so hopefully they'll have some sort of answer for me on Monday.

Love xxx