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General WeMitt Thread w/c 9 April


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Another week already. A special hi to all new WeMitt members and it doesn't matter how you are trying to lose weight it is the fact that We Mean It This Time.

And I hope our other WeMitts are enjoying the Easter holidays and doing well on their diets.

And Ann - I saw you were online earlier - I hope you have enjoyed your holiday and are you back home yet?

Irene xx
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Hello Irene, hope you are well...!
I cant wait for saturday.....still dont know what to wear yet......do you think we will be doing much walking...? As im only comfotable in my trainers if doing a fair bit of walking...lol.


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Sorry - I have been missing in action...

Was on holiday and now have Maths assignment on the go & decorating at home again so no time for anything these days.

Weight has crept up again a bit. Was 12,3 again this morning - still aiming for the 11s then the 10s then...

Love to all

Anja xxx
Hi everyone - holidays wizzing past and doing my usual trying to cram everything into the last few days!!!!!
Had a day off the diet on Sunday but the temptation to binge has GONE!


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Hiya, I'm around. I was a good girl through the weekend, even on my treat day when I was allowing myself some treats - well I could barely bring myself to do it but then had a slice of apple pie and omg it sent me into craving city. so I have come to a big decision, I am addicted to food and I am going to go to OA meetings locally and continue CD 790 plan and swear off processed sugar and flour for life - they are my drug of choice and so they are from now on gone. sounds extreme I know but seeing as how they drag me into the pit of craving so quickly I can't have them around. so that's me. really pleased to have made my way through this issue and waiting for wi on Monday. looks good on my scales but we will see. oh and I have a nice new avatar.


I STILL mean it!
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Emma, I am just the same, and have taken up residence in craving city for about the last month. Anyway, it's done, and I am on DAY 2 of Sole Source to repair the damage.
Ann x


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Glad you are back on track Ann ~ or I will be weighing you with a big stick behind my back he he


Trying Hard!
S: 25st0lb C: 22st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 49.7 Loss: 3st0lb(12%)
Hi Ann, welcome back. good luck with getting rid of the cravings and the extra gains with the ss.

Shaza - just saw your goals - really cool!


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Hi emma

Why dont you do mini goals?? happe advised me to and they really help when you have alot to loose, I keep thinking of better ones now so I might add a few


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Have redone my ticker to get everything in focus again... Oh dear!:eek::( I have 3 months until my main holiday this year. I have the bikini BUT there's no way I'd wear it in public yet & since my special summer dress didn't fit last year I really need to pull my head in & get it on this year!

1st goal: To get in ketosis (this doesn't sound like much but you'd be surprised at the number of times I've tried!) The more you do it, the harder it gets!

2nd goal: To STAY in ketosis!

3rd goal: To lose between 1 1/2 and 2 stone before my hol.

Good luck to all the WeMITTs!

Anja xxx


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Hi Anja,

Welcome back!

How is all the study and exams:confused:

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Mini

Got 93% for the first Maths assignment of 7, 2nd one went in yesterday as 13th is the cut off, 3rd due 25th May and I have 5 textbooks to skim read before then. I physically don't have time to read/do all the work for each monthly assignment so I'm going to be stuffed for the exam which is October 9th! There are whole sections, sometimes whole books that I haven't touched, revision's going to be fun.

How're things going for both of you? Irene - AKB said you were looking well at the meet.

With summer approaching & warm weather I feel more back on track. Today will be a finish off day. The eggs are gone, just need to use up my fruit etc. in the fridge and tomorrow should be the day. I hadn't realised I'd managed to put 21lbs back on! I was down to 150 last summer and only 10lbs from goal. I'm technically obese again despite still being in size 12 trousers!

Oh well! Here we go again!

Love to everyone!

Anja xxx

PS Forgot to say - I went & got my Beauty Fayre pics taken on Saturday so should be choosing the resulting free picture from the photoshoot this Saturday. Am looking forward to seeing all of them! I also got sent a free entry in the post to the same April Beauty Fayre this year so April 20th I will be at Whitbread Hop Farm if anyone lives in Kent and fancies going! If there's another photographer I may do the same again for a photo session after all the weight has gone rather than one midway!
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Hi wemitt buddies

I'm back :)