General wemitt thread W/C Monday Nov 13th


Carpe diem

A new week: a new start .... let's get posting!! :D
Afternoon all...:)

well, I nearly burned the house down just now!! I decided to make a "popadom" out of the oriental chilli mix thingy wotsit and whilst that was merrily doing it's thang in the micro I got on with unloading and reloading my dishwasher.:)

Next thing I know there are huge flames licking at the mocrowave door - and in total pillock mode I open the door and blow with all my might! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

1. slight damage to my lungs I'm sure!!:eek:
2. Microwave full of soot:mad:
3. "popadom" that you could skim across a lake or give to that bloke in the Bond films to use as a decapitating frisbee
4. stench of burning in the kitchen
5. smoke detector in the spare front room having an eppy and
6. A huge part of my dinner in't bin!

Not a raging success this one... ho hum... where's that toffee walnut mix???;)
LOL I shouldn't laugh FF&F but that sounds like the type of thing I'd do!!!

The trick with the poppadoms is not to take your eyes off it and when it starts to bubble open the micro until it settles down, repeat as often as necessary until cooked through.

Hope you and your lungs recover darlin xx
Have a good week everyone. Not sure when I'll next have access to internet. But looking forward to seeing some of you in Birmingham. Cat and I are definately coming on the Friday night until Sunday

Irene xx
That's great news Irene, see you there. Anyone else who can make it, PLEASE come, especially new WeMitts. I will be staying at the Jury's Inn Hotel, and will be in the reception lounge at about 3pm for a chat, and to decide what to do in the evening.
My photo is on the sticky thread at the top of the WeMitt thread (me and my "before" trousers) so you know what I look like! I'll also try and get a new WeMitt t shirt done.
Come on everyone, get up off the nice warm sofa - come and meet us.
Ann x
PS sorry, my photo is my avatar as well - forgot.
I'm glad your still going to Birmingham...although can we sort out another meet for all us skint Wemitts in the New Year too? Then we can all get our hotel rooms booked sooner rather than later!

Well it was weigh in day today and I am pleased to say I lost 5 1/4lbs! was hoping for more but hey I'm I'm over the moon! Doing 790 cals is the way forward for me I think I'll stick with it now until goal!

Hope everyone is good fine on this grey and rainy day.

Kam xx
just wanted to say hello to everyone today and to keep up the good work! im not starting CD till nov pay day (2 weeks away) so not coutning losses (haha!) till then, hope youre all doing well xx
Welcome to the wemitts lizzie: looking forward to sharing your weight loss journey with you once you get started .... but until then, stick with us and keep posting to we can all get to know each other! :)

Hi to all the other wemitts
I went to the gym today, I haven't been for a couple of weeks as I've had a cold and just felt 'under the weather' ... sometimes we need to listen to what our bodies are telling us and mine just didn't fancy thrashing away on a rowing machine with a runny nose and no free hand to wipe it!

Today was great: for starters I was the only person there so it was like my own private gym! I did 15 minutes walking on the threadmill (6 mph on a 4 deg incline) then I did a couple of weights machines, then 5 minutes on the rower and another couple of weights machines and then 18 minutes on the cross trainer (5 minutes at level 4, 5 minutes at level 10, 5 minutes at level 3 and a cool down)
I was certainly red-faced and had worked up a sweat but amazingly I wasn't puffing or panting at all. I could have easily held a conversation straight after.

Losing this weight has made a major difference to what I can manage at the gym!

Anyway, hope you all had a great day :)

If you get the chance, could you take a look at the poem I wrote (in the poetry thread) and tell me HONESTLY what you think (without being brutal though ... I'm a beginner at poetry and a delicate little flower! ;) )

Seriously, it's one of the poems I've written that I'm considering submitting for my summative assessment at University ( we have to write and submit four) - would love some feedback as it's hard to be objective about your own work.
Ta x
It takes quite a stride Ann ... practically a run but not. It's power-walking PLUS!! lol
Hi guys just a quickie whilst I'm passing through hope everyone is ok?

Debbie WOW your poem really touched me! I am not a 'poemy' type of person to be honest and usually find it a bit pretentious or 'arty farty' lol, but your poem really spoke to me It was so lovely and peaceful but sad at the same time.

I really enjoyed it, I can't give you any constructive critisism or praise as I don't know the first thing about poetry, but I do know what I like and I liked your words, so Thankyou hun.

Anyhow wemitts I will love you and leave you now as I am feeling pants I have a very sore throat and am finding it difficult to swallow, so am feeling v sorry for myself atm:( lol hope you all have a lovely day xx
Debbie WOW your poem really touched me! I am not a 'poemy' type of person to be honest and usually find it a bit pretentious or 'arty farty' lol, but your poem really spoke to me It was so lovely and peaceful but sad at the same time.

Thanks for taking the time out to look Mrs T - I really appreciate it. And thanks for the positive comments: it's nerve-wracking inviting people to comment on something that you've 'created' ... a bit like doing a dinner party and scanning the guests to see if anyone screws their face up!! :)

I'm glad it invoked those feelings of 'peaceful but sad' because that was the emotion behind me writing it ... I thought it was really sad how people who were once so loved and mourned no longer have anyone to remember them.

Thanks again! :)
Hello everyone...
well having started our adoption course.. Graham and I are back on atkins together! Ok I know cambridge was better loss wise but I can't stick it in this weather and Graham just can't stand the shakes.. lol
So... we're back on the wagon tonight.. not tomorrow or next week... we've just been shopping!

I'm so glad you guys kept prodding me now and then. I'm a bit heavier (will know more tomorrow morning) but we're going to go by BMI rather than weight...

Anyone know of a good BMI conversion site? or is there one on here?

Thanks all! ((Hugs))
Hi PH glad to se you posting again, good luck with the Atkins diet, *mmmm drools at the thought of.... well food* lol It's a good diet but to be honest when I did it I ate that many eggs that I still feel a bit queasy at the thought of eggs haha (mind you I am a greedy piggy and probably overdid it a bit, it's sooo not constructive to tell me I am "allowed" to eat until I am full .... I'm not sure I've ever been full LOL and I think I took Mr Atkins literally lol I seemed to be always eating .... ) however my friend did (is still following) Atkins and she has lost LOADS of weight so it definitely works!

Hope to see more of your posts soon hun xx
Good morning Wemitts, Hope everyone is feeling ok?

Can anyone advise on what I can use for a sore throat? It has been getting steadily worse over the past few days and today I have woke up feeling awful :( it almost feels septic and is sooo painful, even to swallow. I took nightnurse caps last night at 10pm and didnt get to sleep until 4am (usually those nightnurse babies knock me out cold within minutes of taking them, but last night was just awful I was coughing and spluttering and.... well you get the picture) Please can someone offer me a miracle cure, or at least a suggestion or two lol

Going to go and gargle with salt water (bleeeugh) *will try anything at this point*

You could try gargling with soluble aspirin - this will take the pain away, at least for a while.
If it's got a bacterial infection, sorry Mrs. T, but you'll need antibiotics, and in this country, that means a trip to the GP. or at least a phone call. Practice nurses can prescribe antibiotics now in some surgeries.
(When my brother in law needed some in Spain in October, we called at a friendly pharmacy and bought some for just inder £1.50)
Look after yourself. Ann x
Hope everyone is feeling better. Get well soon Mrs T.

Sorry for slacking & being missing in action for a while. I have to admit I haven't even been pretending to diet the last 2 weeks or so... Went back to 11,5 with TOTM & am now 11,2 after that's finished but have been eating rubbish by the bucket load as Mum & Dad are back with lots of nice wine, chocolate, biscuits, sweets, garlic butter etc. from Spain.

However Mum & I are going to water aerobics tonight for an hour so maybe that'll help! I still haven't been but Mum went in Spain so she's looking forward to it. (She saw her physio about her back pain yesterday & she's signed her off the physio so long as she does the aqua aerobics as that beats any physio exercises this lady could give her...). Should be good.

Hope you all have a lovely time in Birmingham next weekend. Will post up some of Mum's Spanish pics soon too - she's got some excellent ones of me swimming in Ann's pool!;)

Love to you all!
Hi guys, thanks, I will definitely try the soluble asprin (will try just about anything before having to see the doctor lol)

Anja, hope you have a lovely time at your water aerobics tonight, sounds like fun.

Hope all the wemitts are ok, catch you all later xx